Monday, June 22, 2009

New Moon Crash as Trains Collide

DC trains collide, killing 6 and wounding scores

Today's New Moon in the active, cardinal sign Cancer has not been all nurturing and flowers by any means especially with a nasty Sun/Moon opposition to the lord of the underworld, Pluto.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two Washington, D.C., subway trains collided during the Monday afternoon rush hour, killing four people and injuring 70 in a mass of tangled metal.
A day filled with confusion, now has another tragedy in the US capital to add to Iran's woes. A fatalistic shadow
was formed when the Moon's Nodes in Aquarius/Leo were in 150 degree quincunx to Sun and Moon.

Washington subway crash kills 4, injures 70 | U.S. | Reuters

"What happened at approximately 5:02 or 5:03 (was) one train was stopped waiting to get the order to pass because of a train stopped at the platform. The next train came up behind it and for reasons that we do not know collided into the back of that train," John Catoe, general manager of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, told reporters.
From Catos description above we can see a pure perplexing situation with no time for misunderstanding which reflected the Venus/Mars conjunction in the sign of the bull Taurus posited in the 6th house of the daily commute in hard aspect to
Neptune in the 4th house. Anytime Neptune aspects are involved with our conscious motivations, out actions and initiatives are questionable to say the least.
Topping this off was the fact that Mercury in rapid thinking Gemini in the 7th has been in hard aspect to Saturn - a classic aspect of transportation problems involving restrictions and delays.

The Chart below is set for 5:03 PM EDT in Washington DC

Ascendant Scorpio is ruled by both Mars (difficult aspect in the 6th) and Pluto (on a collision course in the 2nd house). Mercury ruler of the 8th house of malefic events and death is the almuten of the house where Sun/Moon are separating in Cancer
All reports say that the dead included the female operator of the trailing train (Moon in Cancer and Mars/Venus in Taurus indicated women)

As Mars applies to an exact 90 angle to both Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron by July 6th. and Uranus stations retrograde on July 1st, we should expect to see other large scale crashes and accidents.

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