Friday, June 26, 2009

Neptune Strikes Again - Ark of the Covenant Not To Be Revealed After All

From EthioBlog - after Mercury and Saturn have separated and Moon in Virgo will Conjunct Saturn tomorrow
and things get a whole lot more serious as the mysterious announcement from Rome is diffused into dissapointment.

Ethiopia - Ark of the Covenant Not To Be Revealed After All EthioBlog - Ethiopia - Ark of the Covenant Not To Be Revealed After All

This incident of more than misunderstandings bordering on lies reflects the elements of Venus Square Neptune (exact July 1st) where both lovers Venus-Mars in the sign of the great voice to be in difficult relationship to Neptune-Jupiter two planets relating to ideals both religious and political. Being in Aquarius along with Chiron, Lord Neptune and Zeus (Jupiter)are highly impractical and magnify illusions.
This transit bring up strange feelings and emotions. Resignations and defeats, deceptions, disappointments, and unexplained losses may occur now.

Ethiopia - Ark of the Covenant Not To Be Revealed After All

If initial reports were to be believed, the patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia would have unveiled the Ark of the Covenant by now. Friday June 26, is almost over in Ethiopia. According to one blogger's account, it appears there is some misunderstanding between what was first reported in Italian and later translated to English. It appears that, adnkronos, the Italian paper that first reported the news, run a clarification in Italian, which you can read here.
Lost in Translation:
"I am not here to give proofs that the Ark is in Ethiopia, but I am here to say what I saw, what I know and I can attest to. I didn't say that the Ark would be revealed to the world. It is a mystery, an object of veneration."

Drilling down on Mars in the sign of the Bull Square Neptune in the sign of Man, where suspicions have been aroused on everything from the results of the Iranian election to
the motivations of Gov. Stanford who appears close to resignation. Resignations as you know from Venus square Nept. is a sure indication of thses aspects. With Mars actions from sex to sudden disappearances seem to mark the shady initiatives and highly questionable motivations. This is a time when some people are driven more by ideology or beliefs than by reality. Like Abuna Pauolos, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church,

In another mythical Christian tradition, this time Coptic -
In Coptic tradition he is identified as the first Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria. Traditionally, Mark is said to be the man who carried water to the house where the Last Supper took place (Mark 14:13).

The bull image on the left side of the throne. Notice the absence of any palm trees in the corners.

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jacob said...

Who cares about a fake ‘Ark of the Covenant.’ Stephan Huller has an academic article coming up which proves that this:

is the original Episcopal throne of Alexandria, mentioned in the Acts of Peter the Patriarch, Origen, Clement and other sources and dated to the first century.

I read the book. I loved it but I want to know what everyone else thinks? I think its very important but I am not an expert.

I found his blog with additional information:

Maybe you can tell me if this for real.