Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pastor Shot During Service - Darkness Expands, Mars conjunct Neptune plus Sun/Uranus Opposes Saturn

On a day where unexpected reversals and rage was unleashed towards symbols of power right before the Moon turns Full
on March 10th. This coming new moon is heavy with Uranian shocks and hitting the high points with religion as Mars (action-violence) meet Neptune (ruler of Pisces).
Also the Sun is applying to a conjunction with Uranus (exact March 12th) and Applying Sun is Opposite Saturn today exactly @ 12:53 PM PDT. Sun Opposite Saturn creates difficulties for authorties and leaders and with Sun in Pisces, religious leaders from pastors to priests are affected.

ABC News: 'No One Can Fathom a Motive': Pastor Shot During Service
The Rev. Fred Winters was at the pulpit at the First Baptist Church in Maryville, Ill., at 8:15 a.m. local time when a man wearing dark clothing (chart above has Pluto in Midheaven) approached the pulpit, exchanged words with the pastor and then fired four shots, Illinois State Police Director Larry Trent said at a news conference late today.
From my standpoint another sign of darkness expanding with lessor known asteroid Persephone - the Queen of the Underworld. in exact conjunction to Jupiter (beliefs) today

Before we dissect the chart above with it's obvious and direct references to unexpected violence with Aries rising and Sun-Uranus near the ascendant, notice my description of
the February 24th New Moon in Pisces back on this blog on 2-23-09
New Moon will be ...exactly 6 degrees Pisces 34 minutes and the Sabian Symbol: "A cross lying on the rocks" or a more modern version - "A minister invites a dirty urchin into the church for a bite to eat. The boy stares in wonder at the opulent surroundings and the beautiful woman singing a hymn." Not only will the upcoming Piscean lunation stimulate levels of compassion but it will focus on the wealth and hyprocrisy of Big religion. This recurrent theme of the common man attacking religion's control and manipulations throughout the Piscean age is coming to a head on the Full Moon.

Chart Above as Rulers of Sun and Ascendant together.

Aries rising with ruler Mars now conjunct ruler of the Sun in Pisces - Neptune
This was a recipe for risky activity to say the least along with danger.
From a horary standpoint the 7th house representing the shooter or open enemies has Libra on the cusp and ruler of Libra Venus is now in Aries creating harm.
Plus this huge 11th house had much audience participation once they got over the shock of the shooting. "After his gun jammed, the shooter injured himself with a knife and subsequently was restrained by parishioners...Approximately 150 people were in the church at the time ...Two parishioners who "tackled" the shooter received "non-life-threatening" injuries from the knife, said Trooper Ralph Timmins of the Illinois State Police,. "

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