Tuesday, March 03, 2009

From Panic Storms to Rainbows and Back Again - Full Moon in Virgo

Like a manic episode from the Lord of the Rings when Helms Deep is stormed by 10,000 strong Uruk-hai in the pouring rain, we might feel like we just can't take it anymore.
Ever since Comet Lulin came through our solar system on the last new moon and touched by Regulus, mystery and craziness have accelerated. We are seeing the modern ruler of Neptune starting to dissolve our crumbling forms of reality.
The Pisces Sun is rushing to meet Uranus keeps and the paranoia bubble is building. Rumors of FEMA camps set up to take everyone away...Whales and dolphins beaching in Tasmania. About 194 pilot whales and six or seven bottlenose dolphins began stranding on Naracoopa Beach on King Island, about halfway between Tasmania and Victoria, from 7.30pm AEDT on Sunday. Are we approaching another massive quake like the last Magnitude 7.2 Kepuluan Taluad, Indonesia on Feb. 11th right after the last Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius on Feb. 9th. Or the call for more security and tougher measures in Pakistan after yesterday's devastating attack on the Sri Lanka team bus in Pakistan. Attack leaves all of us in peril, says Strauss Fear seems to be rampant.
Not to mention more and more NWO shills like flat head Glen Beck
putting out more fears into the general public by Fox Friends.
The other side of the affects of the Pisces new moon is the legalization of drugs or at least marijuana. The issue of Pot being legal has taken the states by storm ever since Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco put forth a proposal on Feb. 24th His proposal would regulate marijuana like alcohol, with people over 21 years old allowed to grow, buy, sell and possess cannabis

It is the Economy Stupid!

The economy seems to be imploding daily as we rush toward the March 10th Full Moon in Virgo in virtual retracement of that time back in Sept. 15th when the Moon was full in Pisces near Uranus that shocking culprit of all this massive fracturing.
Ray Merriman makes it clear that we should: pay very close attention to is the full moon of March 10. This is a particularly powerful full moon, for the Sun will be in conjunction to Uranus and the moon in conjunction to Saturn. In other words, it will fall upon the Saturn-Uranus opposition, the most important of the long-term geocosmic signatures in effect November 2008 through July 2010.
Yes not only does this lunation loom as a real dark shadow of doom but Venus now stationing retrograde (exact on March 6th) does not bode well for the eoonomy of "middle earth."
Sabian Symbol for 21 Virgo: "An anarchist with wild, curly hair throws a bomb into a government building."
This symbol mirrors the current Saturn-Uranus opposition and worldwide discontent with big government. This is not just a revolutionary image or about chaos or destabilization but also confronting ugly truths about society and geo-political situations.

Venus stations retrograde on March 6th @ 9:17 AM at 15 degrees 27 minutes of Aries with the Sabian Symbols for 16 Aries: "Brownies dancing in the setting sun." or "In the red light of the setting sun, harvesters put down their scythes and sheaves and strike up a song."
This symbol augurs a celebration of nature and beauty vs. day to day routines of work and speaks of marking the death of an outdated system.
Fated Moon that seems to breed drama and hoaxes has the nodes on MC/IC of the chart set for Washington, DC @ 10:38 PM - 8 degrees Leo 55 Minutes for the South Node: Sabian for 9 Leo - Glass blowers shape with their breath glowing forms. Well that seems benign enough till we see that South Node is contraparallel Pluto and that forms are turning dark.

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