Thursday, March 19, 2009

An Eruption of New Possibilities for our Species: Spring Equinox 2009

Something new and magical is being birthed in time with tomorrow's Vernal Equinox. The celestial equator (i.e. declination 0) and ecliptic intersect when the Sun enters Aries @ 11:44 AM UT or 4:44 AM PDT. After todays's tremendous show off power with a violent 7.9 Magnitude quake and strong after shocks we should be getting the impression that something big is happening. A spectacular undersea volcano that has been erupting for days near Tonga continued to shoot smoke, steam and ash thousands of feet into the sky.
This area of the South Pacific off the main island of Tongatapu, has 36 undersea volcanoes clustered together.

Sabians Speak Loudly
The sabian symbol for the Mid Heaven @ 23 degrees Pisces where explosive Uranus is conjunct is quite appropriate: Sabian for 24 Pisces " An inhabited island" or even more defined: "A European scientist living on a South Seas island among the natives." This last image speaks clearly about the dedicated pursuit of truth as evidenced by Mercury applying to a conjunction with Uranus exact on March 21st. We are in a distinct time of innovative, futuristic thinking (Mercury-Uranus) that is leading to far reaching discoveries for the entire human species. This equinox brings new relationships (Juno) of knowledge that are being forged as man's true galactic origins from the gods and godddess are coming to light.
The fact that the current Aquarian stellium for the Equinox chart shows Jupiter-Chiron-Juno and Neptune all in the 8th house of hidden secrets and the power of life and death is significant to say the least. All of these planets are ruled by Uranus creating
a magnetic power of pure reception here to earth's fields of resonance. Having the moons nodes of destiny at the 1st and 7th angles also helps balance these energies since this is the Aries/Libra continuum of I and you working together.

Juno-Chiron Together

As Juno joins Chiron exactly in Aquarius on the Vernal Equinox, all forms of relationships that have been wounded need and desire healing. With Aquarius we are speaking of relationships to not only our human brothers and sisters but galactic and exogalactic visitors from deep space.
Most prominent of these Uranian ruled planets is an exact Juno-Chiron conjunction @ 23 degrees and 48 minutes of Aquarius charging the healing process for wounds in all our relationships. Juno also symbolizes women in the arts and the tragic death of Natasha Richardson reflects Juno-Chiron together. Also transiting Juno in Aquarius has been pushing the envelope of independence in all related situations and has led to just ideals as the state sovereignty movement.
Now with Juno embracing Chiron in the 8th an emotional peak of intensity is felt and people just want to embrace freedom and pure experience. The Sabian for 24 Aquarius:
"A man turning his back on passions and teaching from Experience! "

Certainly with Pluto now looming in the picture there as been some extreme days of passion with Mars sextile the Lord of the Underworld. The upcoming Venus Square Pluto (April 3rd) which has been a time of force cooperation and participation.
Then an exact Mars Opposition to Saturn on April 4th where serious conflicts, controversy, collisions of will and accidents can and will occur - this is the same day that Pluto stations retrograde should be even more emotionally eruptive. First we have Sun (Aries) Square Pltuo (Capricorn) and extremely willful time when authorities feel that might makes right. The elite are not only trying their last ditch takeovers and fomenting revolution to be sure they beat incoming cosmic energies which only want us to evolve peacefully.

Since we are deeply involved with the energy of Pisces with Mars-Mercury-Uranus ruling farther reaches of our psychic senses channels have come out the wood work to speak
of this Equinox as: The Cosmic Trigger of March 2009
'The Return of the Firmament of the Dove' Here is a quote that seems right out of the Keys of Enoch.
Indeed, this equinox will initiate an incredibly intense energy for 21 days in fervid momentum through the post equinox full moon on April 9th. Dear Ones, all of you will discernibly feel the piercing frequency generated. It will be the most powerful and compelling magnetic wave-force released on the planet since the fall of the Firmament in the antediluvian age ( an era in which the earth's magnetic field was exponentially stronger than in current times). This release will be triggered by a download of cosmic crystalline energies received in specific pyramidal transmitor complexes . The purpose of the download is to reseed and activate ancient magnetic codes across the length and breadth of the planet.

Last but not least consider that Chiron (the maverick healer) is drawing close to Neptune in Aquarius the signature aspect of the current Mayan Galactic Underworld moving toward 2011 and 2012. As Barbara Hand Clow notes: "Now Chiron is activating it (Neptune) by coming into conjunction-and this will end Earth's quarantine within the universe. [See Exopolitics by Alfred Lambrement Webre.] Our species will begin to re-enter the Universe in stages that will begin this April."
Well I have been waiting for this moment since 1987 and many of you long before the harmonic conversion. Finally the imposed net around our planet is being lifted and the Vernal equinox marks the start of a real adventure far beyond the silly paranoid fantasies which the illuminati have so deftly been pushing into our subconscious recently.
Now we as a new species of human are moving beyond the need for war and greedy motivation
and as we head into the eye of change (Aries rules the head) the time of purification and renewal has begun.

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