Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stellar Explosions, Floods, Financial Meltdowns an Enticing Libra Moon

Early Easter This Year - It is about the Moon
It is known that Easter falls on the Sunday after the first full Moon of the Spring Equinox. This year, Spring arrived on March 20th or March 19 @ 10:49 PM PDT, the full Moon followed on March 21st, thus--we have Easter on March 23rd. Mars which begun it's second journey into Cancer (ruled by the Moon) on March 4th triggering the economy with conjunction to the Federal Reserve's Pluto and opposing the US Chart's Venus and Jupiter is one of the player in this time of Major Firsts.
It should also be noted that in light of the inundations in the nation's heartland: the last time Easter occurred as early as March 23rd was 1913, an Easter remembered in Ohio for the Great Dayton Flood. This flood water from the Great Miami River, causing the greatest natural disaster in Ohio's history. At the time of the Dayton Flood Sun-Moon were TSQ Jupiter in Capricorn with Neptune in Cancer (moon ruled) closely opposing Vesta in Capricorn.

Cardinal Cross of Action and Reaction
Watching the afterglow from the tonight's unreal moon in Libra exactly opposing Jupiter in earthy Capricorn
reality seems to be quite flexible like the string theory which presupposes extra dimensions. Like the string theory yesterday's full moon deals with basic energies of action-reaction or building blocks which could even be described as one-dimensional extended objects called strings, rather than the zero-dimensional point particles that form the basis for the standard model of particle physics. In a sense this Aries-Libra-Cancer-Capricorn axis is now offering tangible proof of other dimensions of existence.

Yesterday the news hit of powerful stellar explosion that has shattered the record for the most distant object visible to the naked eye. In fact on March 19th A Gamma ray burst of incredible force at 2:12 a.m. EDT and pinpointed the coordinates in the constellation Bootes. According to Neil Gehrels of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. "This blows away every gamma ray burst we've seen so far." "No other known object or type of explosion could be seen by the naked eye at such an immense distance," says Swift science team member Stephen Holland of Goddard. "If someone just happened to be looking at the right place at the right time, they saw the most distant object ever seen by human eyes without optical aid." Aries rules the head and yes eyes!
Bootes is connected to the star Arcturus The "Herdsman", or "driver of oxen" and he Arabic name; Al Haris al Sama, the "Keeper of Heaven," came from the star's early visibility in the twilight. Bootes is the cultivator or Ploughman who drives the Bears, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor around the Pole Star, Polaris. On the Euphrates it was the Shepherd of the Heavenly Flock, or the Shepherd of the Life of Heaven - sort of relates to Easter.
More importantly Gamma ray bursts (GRB) are akin to the newly ingressed Aries Sun SQ Mars shined briefly with the intensity of one million trillion suns.

Floods, Cancer Mars and Pisces Stellium
Even though I am weighing on this lunation a little late being caught up in the Cardinal Cross with my own Capricorn rising, everyone is agreeing that this is one freaking historic full moon. Floods in the US Midsection triggered by the Mars-Cancer opposition to Pluto that just keeps on giving we know of at least 16 deaths and hundreds of residents who were forced to flee their homes in the flooding. The storm dumped up to 30 centimeters of rain over a two-day period that ended Wednesday. With Mars applying to trines with Mercury, Venus, vesta and Uranus we are in the midst of massive inundations in other parts of the world.
China punished for repressive action against Tibet by 7.2 Earthquake which hit Xinjiang, China
This lunation also has brought destruction from the earth elements too. Multiple strong quakes all over 5+ Magnitude in the XINJIANG-XIZANG BORDER REGION all occuring soon after the big 7.2 Event. So far in this sparsely populated region of western China we have only seen the collapsing some houses, but no reports of injuries.
Cardinal TSQ keeps us on edge waiting for the Big One!
Yet here on the West Coast increased quake activity from the ANDREANOF ISLANDS in Alaska to the WEST CHILE RISE and of course closer to home Dublin, California or near the Salton Sea just WSW of Obsidian Butte, CA where literally hundreds of small tremors have registerd.

Despite all these elemental changes the March 21st Full Moon marking perhaps really hopeful movement for humanity to embrace his true Galactic presence. I love the old sabian message for 2 Libra = The light of the sixth race transmuted into the seventh. Here we see that Dr. Jones was talking about an idealized vision which is based on truth - current sixth race of global mankind on the threshold of a new vision a real leap in conciousness for all of us. The newer Sabian seems to refer to the negative side of this image with references to avoiding dangerous even erotic undercurrents: "Odysseus and his mean are sailing through a channel to an unkown sea when they come upon a whirlpool and, behind it (HERE IT COMES) a beautiful siren playing harp. Shades of Elliot Spitzer and the American voter so
disenchanted with the last miserable years of Bush-Cheney and Iraq war that he would either fall sway to the seduction of Obama or defer to the fright generated by senile, pre-Alzheimer's McPain who even talks to himself. Oh Libra sign of the indecisive mind yet one to balance all must decide on a better way then the current financial dramas and crisis with a Major TSQ on the Fed Reserve Sun-Pluto oppositon. Just a few days ago almost a week when the Federal Reserve's rescue of Bear Stearns averted a seizure of the $516 trillion derivatives system.

War What is it Good For? Nothing
After 5 years of horrors - a million Iraqi dead, an ancient culture destroyed and a violent maelestrom in the middle east that keeps on blowing up - we now have 4,000 Americans officially dead. Even the heavily fortified Green Zone was hit by a sustained barrage of rocket or mortar fire early this morning, one day after a March 21st roadside bomb killed three American soldiers north of the capital, pushing the US death toll in the five-year conflict to nearly 4,000.

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