Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mysterious New Moon in Pisces Opens Dimensional Pathways and Earth Changes

Mars-Pluto Opposition rips layers of 3D resistance.

Before we launch into any analysis of this lunation which followed two major eclipses: one a partial solar @ 18 Aquarius back on Feb. 6-7th bringing the need for
total freedom to the planet's heart and soul...the other back on Feb. 20th @ 2 Pisces-Virgo opening up the Earth itself to multiple earthquakes and a major ascension process along with repudiation of past ages of war. Look what has happened via USGS for the last 7 days! (Worldwide phenomena around oceans:PHILIPPINE ISLANDS REGION, KURIL ISLANDS, KEPULAUAN MENTAWAI REGION, INDONESIA and even the OWEN FRACTURE ZONE REGION near Saudi Arabia and Yeman...
Tension has been building and releasing on lots of levels as Mars-Pluto have been moving closer to an exact opposition on the Cardinal Axis known as quake catalysts. It will not just be Mars-Pluto in hard aspect on the cross of matter but Sun-Uranus conjunction, Venus-Neptune together and parallel which are huge indicators of massive quakes.

Now for the far side and I do mean far side of the Moon ruler of Mars ingress. Notice NASA's focus on Moon exploration - "The south pole of the Moon," says Cooke, is going to be "a beautiful place to explore." This current Lunation also deals with the opening of stargates for humanity to finally understand the multidimensional nature of our plane of existence.
Below is a presentation by William Henry taking again of how the ancient doctrines and especially the parable of Christ's "The Eye of the Needle" relates stargates.

Illusion and Politics
Pisces has always been associated with mystery, deception, ambiguous meanings shrouded in illusion yet we are seeing definite power plays made out in the open before the March 7th lunation. Politics is the new star search with Jupiter in sign of Recognition and ambition Capricorn expanding popularity of the selection process yet minimizing the election right. With Neptune modern ruler of this Lunation and Venus (considered the lower octave)in a tight SQ from 22 Aquarius to Ceres in Taurus (nurturing thru physical security) we are about to be disappointed. Getting back to this highly sensitive yet shocking new moon @ 17 Pises 30 (Sabian: "Inside a huge tent, a populist politician stirs up the crowd with damning facts about government corruption." with this symbol we have the average people asking for honest self representation while the slick, oratory is really about packaging. I mean how could a black man not represent something new? Yeah like a New World Order..
Notice his seal "Z PLURIBUS UNUM"! We know that "E Pluribus Unum" is Latin for "Out of Many, One" Here we have the implication of taking NWO from the 2-D world to 3 D - THE NEW WORLD ORDER SEAL..

Friday's nova Pisces event has both lights moving close to a conjunction with Uranus @ 18 Pisces with the Sabian for 19 degrees of the dual mutable fish - "A master instructing his pupil." striking a chord with the secret societies and illuminati conspiracies. Also a modern sabian for 19 Pisces has even more revelatory meaning:
"A beautiful and charismatic woman exhors a crowd of citizens to settle their differences and rebuild a tumbledown cathedral. " Here is the other side of getitng all to find their vision and began to materialize that truth vs. persuasiveness that can turn followers into minions of slaves.
Economic Realities Rock with Mars-Pluto at Angles
Let's back up a bit just 8 hours before this lunation set for Washington DC, we have the culmination of cardinal opposition between violent Mars @ 1 Cancer and manipulative Pluto (ready to destroy in order to transform) @ 1 Capricorn setting up the axis of Matter-Spirit and crossing the Federal Reserve Sun-Pluto opposiiotn (Dec. 23, 1913). This new moon is not just going to involve politics but the heart and soul of this January's Pluto ingress into Capricorn: Total Economic Transformation spiraling down from the housing crisis, stagflation, rate cuts and bankrupt by war! The chart above has Mars near the Ascendant and Pluto near the Descendant now separating into the Pisces-Virgo axis of Victim-Service.

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daryl spears said...

hi. fascinating site. wish i'd found it earlier this month. never mind. have arrived here timely. have been following aquarius papers for a couple or three years now. the recent mars-sun-moon issue made for a troublesome weekend. you really seem to know what you are talking about, so i'd like to stay in touch somehow. i've a feeling you might be able to help me. not sure what i could do in return. praps we'll find out. thanks too for the gamma ray burst notice. why that hadn't registered as news is a bit odd.
hope you are well.