Friday, April 04, 2008

April's Aries New Moon: Leaving the Old for New Deeds and Visions

New Energies Rise from Earth to Sky and Back

Update: 4-5-08: Just three hours before the spontaneous combination of fire in it's most cardinal form combines with earth represented by capricorn to produce LAVA or Molten Earth - Capricorn with Jupiter expanding the powers ambition - a veritable steam roler. On the other side of this Lunation is another cardinal Cancer where Mars-Warrior planet of driving assertion has been making things highly personal So Mars ruler of Aries has been considered exalted yet in Cancer in its fall. Yet with the Red Planet in Cancer: in Cancer we protect those that we love and those whom we consider members of our clan or patriotic lineage. As new powers of evolutionary change are almost palpable, the drama surrounding tomorrow's fierce new moon intensify. With Sun-Moon @ 16 Aries 44 and exact @ 8;55 PM PDT or 11:55 PM PDT
a plethora of symbolism of the rebirth of spring and leaving the tired, archaic ideas for fresh visions dominates the landscape. From Zodiac by Degrees, the Sabian speaks loudly with an an adolescent image: "An old couple sits in stony silence, while their daughter, suitcase in hand, walks out the door to live with her musician-boyfriend." This is an apt image identifying the impulsive, passionate actions unfolding around this lunation. It is no secret that han 80 percent of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction,
Other top news both Friday and today involves this heavily clannish Mars in Cancer running afoul of Aries Sun-Moon-Nercury and Jupiter in Capricorn with more news of Warren Steed Jeffs (born Dec. 3, 1955) and his breakaway Mormon sect. Texas officials investigating a potential child abuse case said on Saturday 183 girls and women had been removed from a ranch associated with the renegade Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints... Here we see Cancer (mother-children) interact with Aries representing Adolescence since the 183 removed consisted of 137 girls and 46 women. You might also say that Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius opposing the Dragon's Tail in Leo (children-teenagers) is coming to resolve as Old Fundamentalism begins to give way and dissolve amid new energies.

Symbols of Patriarchy and Reptillian Royalty are Dying
Another clear example of the NEW bottom up movement for change - knowing that the quickest changes come from the Cardinal, imperative motion forward...Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (born Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark, 10 June 1921) been admitted to a hospital with a chest infection, Buckingham Palace said Friday. This Gemini Sun-Mars-Pallas ruled by Mercury is dealing with the Cardinal transits from Mars-Sun-Jupiter TSQ his hatal Pluto-Mercury conjunction in Cancer - medically an unkind affliction to the lungs ruled by Mercury-Gemini. But he is also being blasted by the Uranian forward movement in Pisces which could mean that something sudden could be triggered by this lunation and he may get something a LOT MORE SERIOUS then suffering from a cold for three or four days without showing signs of improvement.

Early morning over 12 hours before the lunation, we haD a sensitive Moon-Mercury meeting where our emotions are expressed candidly without boundaries. Then in the afternoon a Moon-Mars SQ so conflicts began and ended quickly unless they were long standing like the situation in Tibet . Chinese authorities say they have issued arrest warrants for 16 Tibetans allegedly involved in a riot on March 15 that killed five people.
By April 10th two powerful cardinal aspects perfect (1)Applying Mercury Square Mars where tensions can bring quarrels, accidents, and protests (2) Applying Sun Square Jupiter which takes us over the top involving moral and legal debates and battles.
Looking at the lunation chart for DC
An Aries Stellium preceded by Venus at critical 29th degree ready to change signs form Pisces sits in the 4th house

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