Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tibetan Uprising on the 49th Anniversary - Uranian Shockwaves Amid Mars-Pluto Violence

Exact transit from Uranus to Tibet Uprising Sun in 1959.

With up to to 80 killed in crackdown in Tibet by Sunday March 16th and the world beginning to take note as the issue of Tibetan Independence gains world wide prominence, many ask why now? Even in New York at the Chinese consulate, Tibetan activists protest Beijing's deadly crackdown on demonstrators in their Himalayan homeland. As we look back to March 10th when this started when the morning of 3-10-2008 (used 7:00 AM to correspond to Natal Uprising Chart) when just a few hundred monks begin a protest on the 49th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising against Beijing rule, which led to the exile of the Dalai Lama, now living in India.
Notice inner wheel of the chart below with Sun @ 18 Pisces 42' when a major uprising occured against Chinese occupation almost 9 years after the first invasion of this free Buddhist country on Oct. 7, 1950. The Sabian Symbol for 19 degrees Pisces: "A master instructing his pupil" or a more modern revolutionary version: "a beautiful and charismatic woman exhorts a crowd of citizens to settle their differences and rebuild a tumbledown cathedral." If ever there was a cause that reflected a need to
set in order a social or spiritual condition which deeply affects all humanity it is to FREE TIBET.

Aries Moon on March 10, 2008 triggred the natal Moon-Nodes-Venus from the first house of action that day. Most notably was that Mars was on the IC (roots of the original uprising) opposing Pluto on the MidHeaven. On this day when 300 monks from Drepung Monastery were seeking the release of fellow Drepung monks, who apparently were detained as they tried to celebrate the Dalai Lama's receipt of the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal in October.

Deep Wounds Are Opened as Chiron is Overwhelmed by Need for Freedom.
When we look at the chart above and focus on the 11th house which represents community groups and the national purpose or purpose of these group as well as its hopes and dreams and friendships. We see can almost feel the shock waves as Uranian ruled Aquarian triumverate: Chiron, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and North Node of destiny all passing over natal Chiron - a wound that has cut deeply into the religious community @ 24 Aquarius. Sabian: "a chrysalis that opens after a probe or a butterfly with a right wing more perfectly formed." So finally with Pluto ingress into Capricorn and grassroots movements have even more power, the magnificent right brained butterfly that is Tibet is flying forth.

The Dalai Lama (born July 6, 1935) with Cancer rising and Pisces MidHeaven (now transited Uranus just as Jupiter moves over his 7th house of open enemies) who is the center of much of this controversy said Sunday that he would not instruct his followers inside Tibet to surrender before Chinese authorities. Dalai Lama has described feeling “helpless” in preventing what he feared could be an imminent blood bath.
By March 18th the Tibetan government in exile has said at least 80 people were killed by Lhasa police, but local authorities (including Xinhua) who have been repressing all You Tube videos are only 13 people died. The Dali Lama himself said he will resign as leader of Tibet if violence there worsens. He also denied Chinese government claims that he was orchestrating the pro-freedom protests. Currently the
continued Mars-Pluto opposition (separating) is crossing Dali Lama's Ascendant-Descendant with a TSQ to Pallas in pugnacious Aries (protesters and response from Chinese Govt. push ahead) plus with his natal Mid Heaven @ 21 PIsces the Uranus-Vesta transit in PIsces is moving close to that point. The world is now in the heart of true Non-violent Protest as Governments will began to topple from leaders downward.

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