Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Too Much Mandela or Jupiter in Cancer opposing Venus in Capricorn?


Today marks one of the Colossal Staged Events in History. With the passing of Nelson Mandela, along with the start of a mourning process both in South Africa and further afield, comes the launch of one of the country’s biggest ever staged events as it gears up to bury the beloved father of the Rainbow Nation 91 world leaders, heads of state and dignitaries from around the world were there. To satisfy the hungriest "Celebretard" a brigade of superstars who each take pride in calling Mr Mandela a friend. This included luminaries like U2 frontman Bono, singer Annie Lennox, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, talk show host Oprah Winfrey and supermodel Naomi Campbell. So what is the astrological reason for such an historic event? Why did some of the whose who of the whose who of the NWO schlepped over to South Africa with their bodyguards and entourage?

 Jupiter, the King of Gods stays on the average one year in each sign on this passage around the Sun.
When Jupiter, the planet relating to expansion, is in that sign, we generally are inundated by way too much of the symbols, qualities, nuances and keywords of that sign. Jupiter made the ingress into Cancer on June 25, 2013 and remains till July 16, 2014. Currently Jupiter is traveling in the sign of the Summer Solstice, Mothers, Babies, Baby Bumps, Africa in general, breasts, cooking, families, stomach, nutrition, boats, ponds,silver (why price has been down), toilets etc.

This type of expansion also relates directly to famous people born in that sign, like Nelson Mandela (born July 18, 1918) With Jupiter now transiting in Cancer and retrograde is trine Saturn in Scorpio, the sign relating to death, funerals and extremes. Jupiter in a positive angle and the second passage of this trine Saturn marks a time when political leaders reach accords and agreements around economic matters. This is also a time when TPTB tend to rely on more traditional means to seal these deals. One such agreement which is being rammed down the throat of many leaders is the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP These ongoing negotiations have drawn criticism and protest from the public, advocacy groups, and elected officials, in part due to the secrecy of the negotiations... Again we see forces of Saturn in Scorpio at play. Jupiter is also opposing Venus now in ambitious, controlled, restrictive and colder Capricorn. More importantly with Venus opposing Jupiter, some of the biggest celebrations and gatherings can occur. Plus since Venus is stationing to move retrograde on December 21st this opposition will again become closer as Jupiter continues retrograde till March 6th. When Jupiter, the planet relating to ethics, morals and corruption is retrograde don't expect the light of day to shine on virtuous activities by those in charge. The Big Mandela Memorial is all about utilizing touchy, feelie emotional reaction (Jupiter in Cancer) to control and parse out the worlds resources. Africa is particularly vulnerable now that Mandela has passed. Jupiter is also opposing the planet of Fat Cats,the Notorious, Oligarchs and Power Players, Pluto in authoritarian, responsible, traditional Capricorn

To reiterate this is one  most staged events of the year and decade.
91 World Leaders for Mandela Memorial in Pretoria December 10th
List of Famous and Royal Attendees (royalty?)
yes it is true he was descended from Thembu royalty (one of Mandela's ancestors was paramount chief in the 18th century.

 Here is a list of High Profile Attendees to praise 'giant of history' at Mandela memorial

President Barack Obama - United States of America
Prince Charles - United Kingdom
Prime Minister David Cameron - United Kingdom
President Francois Hollande - France
King Philippe - Belgium
President Raul Castro Ruz - Cuba
President Mamnoon Hussain - Pakistan
Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz al-Saud - Saudi Arabia
Prince Felipe de Borbon - Spain
Pope Francis
Princess Victoria - Sweden
 Prince Federick - Denmark
 Queen Rania al Abdullah - Jordan
 Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour  and Jordan's  President
 Robert Mugabe - Zimbabwe
 Grand Duke Henri - Luxembourg

Once again,  Nelson Mandela was born  on July 18, 1918,  with Sun-Pluto-Jupiter all in the sign of the Crab and the protector.  We  see that all those cardinal transits from Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and the most expansive of all , Jupiter in Cancer are   translating his legend, the myth and blue beaming, social media style a mega dose of Public Relations.
A Ceremony of Remembrance is expected to be held in the Soweto football stadium that previously hosted the soccer World Cup, known by locals as the Calabash after its resemblance to a traditional beer-drinking pot.
Looking below at a BiWheel Chart below:
with the Ceremony of Remembrance (romanticism and nostalgia are primary qualities of the sign Cancer) set in Soweto for Dec. 10th. on the outside of the wheel and Mandela's Natal Chart inside, there are so many planets lining up that  fire works will break records Mercury-Uranus style.
First the Sun in ostentatious Sagittarius near Mandala's natal N. Node,
ruler of Sag. Jupiter now in Cancer over his natal Sun and trine his moon in Scorpio
expanding all the memories, celebrations and a ongoing traditions related to his life
transiting Mars, Vesta (devotion), Ceres (nurturing) all in Libra over Mandela's natal Mars in the sign of justice, compromise and charm
transiting Saturn in Scorpio adding depth and passion with a conjunction to his natal Moon in Scorpio....

Will this celebration over take the Obama Peace Prize, Norway Spiral in 2009? Undoubtedly over the next few days leading up to the December 15th. private ceremony, there will be some type of faked supernatural sign appearing in the heavens... Nelson Mandela funeral: what happens now One thing is for sure don't expect full scale world-wide revolution till end of January/February.

What we will have is the staged reconciliation of world leaders in their overly pretentious and congratulatory manner. with Barack Obama in the center of the action. This picture says it all along with Michelle's long face and with the comments from mashable. Here is an example of how Saturn-Jupiter works together in the appeasement process: showing him shaking hands with Cuba's president, Raul Castro, at this memorial service. In fact now that the NSA spying scandal has reached critical mass as Mars continues in Libra wanting to write wrongs so to speak, the USA has to appease. We see part of that process to placate those who are genuinely angry about the mass surveillance techniques. Obama was greeting a line of world leaders and heads of state attending the memorial in Johannesburg. He also shook hands with the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, who has clashed with Obama over National Security Agency spying.

It is best to watch this event with a jaundiced eye and those that follow. Remember that other huge natural and man-made events are coming just as Uranus stationed direct on Dec. 17th.  Pay attention  for some unexpected sleight of hand activity  as all these dignitaries assemble in the Southern Hemisphere while the rest of us freeze our tails off here in the North.