Saturday, December 07, 2013

Killer Freeze and Ice Storm Hits Hard with the New Moon - An Astrological View


Since the New Moon arrived on Monday, December 2nd., severe and dangerously cold weather has created havoc and even from four homeless have died from exposure in the Santa Clara County. Santa Clara County officials announced Friday that four homeless men had died over eight days of hypothermia-related causes, including three in the previous 48 hours as a cold snap sent the region into a deep freeze. Records were broken in the San Jose Area: Temperatures throughout the greater San Jose area reached a low in the mid-20s in the overnight hours Thursday, according to the National Weather Service. The low at Mineta San Jose International Airport was 30 degrees, breaking the previous record of 32 degrees in 1931. Cold weather records were also broken in Livermore, 26 degrees; Mountain View, 33; and Oakland, 37. There was also a rare dusting of snow on San Jose's Mount Hamilton on Friday evening. Generally it is the planet Uranus which is responsible for breaking all types of records including those involving cold temperatures. As we will see below.

Astrometeorology and the San Jose Freeze
 Looking at a chart set for the New Moon on December 2nd @ 4:22 PM for San Jose, California and the Big Freeze,  let's examine some of the reasons for hyperborean chill  using Astrometeorological techniques are used with solar ingress (spring, summer, fall winter)  lunation charts (either new or full moons).   Primarily we use the 4th house as the  main indicator followed by the sign and planets on  the first house and the 10th. In other words 50% of the overall prevailing conditions are described by the planets in the 4th house, their sign and the aspects they make to other planets, This is then followed by the sign on the cusp of the 4th. and its ruler. At first glance we only see an asteroid, Pallas intercepted in Virgo. Virgo tends to indicate cold, a dry cold which is on the cool side with winds; blustery but there must be something else going on?. Then we see that Pallas is also opposing Chiron and Neptune in Pisces intercepted at the top of the chart. Neptune indicates cool, wet, fog, mist along with peculiar, freakish weather events and since Mercury in the last degrees of Scorpio tends to intensify the action of the rest of the chart and never fails to bring an extreme of some kind we look at the movement of this winged messenger. Bingo, Mercury moved into Sagittarius on Dec.4th. @ 6:42 PM. to square Neptune, the coldest temperatures were felt on Thursday morning. In fact skipping ahead, Aquarius is on the cusp of the MC. (Medium Coeli) or Midheaven located midway between its ascension on the eastern horizon and descension on the western horizon. The ruler of the MC is Uranus always a record breaker and big indicator of this sudden cold snap. Leo is found on the cusp or IC. or Imum Coeli (Latin for "bottom of the sky") The ruler is the Sun conjunct the Moon in an angular 7th. house. The moon considered chilly and wettest of all planets being in Sagittarius is in mutual reception to Jupiter in Cancer. It is said that when the Sun in combination with the Moon is in mutual aspect to other planets, this can also result in extreme weather conditions.  Jupiter is also in an opposition to Venus in Capricorn and Capricorn is related to some of the  lowest temperatures in winter.   Venus is still Out of Bounds by declination which tends toward not just low temps but augments snowfall and  freezing rain.

 Let's continue in our analysis of the New Moon chart for San Jose, California and  examine the remaining 25% of the prevailing conditions.  We start by looking at the 1st house - using the same formula. Gemini was rising at this New Moon thus ruler Mercury as we said found in the last degrees of Scorpio in the 6th house a major player. Mercury at this time was applying to a square with Neptune, intercepted in the 10th house in Pisces adding to theis freakish weather event. The remaining 25% from the rest of the chart puts the focus on the MC or Midheaven at 14 degrees Aquarius relating to the unexpected and ruler Uranus, which brings sudden reversals and breaks records. We also have to take in account that Mars was in the last degrees of Virgo heading toward an opposition with Uranus, the progenitor of cold, dry air masses resulting in winter freezes.   Uranus is still in orb of a square with Pluto, a planet known for violent extremes and cool temperatures.
Note that squares and opposition are regarded as  storm breeders. Squares and oppositions between Mars and Saturn or Mars and Uranus can engender some very powerful storm systems.
  Near the MC is also the asteroid Juno transiting in Aquarius. Juno (an asteroid usually known for partnerships) is associated also with the atmosphere and brings storms. In Aquarius, Juno brought unexpected and bitter, arctic temperatures.

Ice Storm Continues From Texas to the Ohio Valley Today's weather news was filled with accounts of ICE Friday and the deadly ice storm in U.S. which knocked out power, halts flights. This is severe cold weathe ris happening all over the country as some forecasters say is the worst to hit the United States in years slammed the nation's midsection Friday, snarling travel and knocking out power for hundreds of thousands of customers.
A dramatic announcement that The ice storm cut power to hundreds of thousands of customers from Texas to Tennessee after the New Moon. The Oncor Power Company, which delivers power to more than 3 million customers in Texas, reported more than 260,000 power outages at the peak of the storm early Friday.

Astrometeorology and the Dallas Winter Storm 
 Below is a chart set for the New Moon on Monday Dec. 2nd in Dallas, Texas @ 6:22 PM CST Gemini is rising, like the chart set for San Jose, CA but @ the last degrees thus the ruler is also Mercury posited in the 6th. house in Scorpio. Mercury in this case represented cool, frigid air coming from the north. Plus Mercury in Scorpio brought extremes, that were destructive. With the dangerous ice storm that crippled Texas, the Mercury-Neptune square was even more intense since Neptune, which can bring torrential downpours and wet weather was moving toward the MC. Using the same formula as we did for the San Jose chart where 50% of the overall prevailing conditions are described by planets in the 4th house we notice first that Virgo is on the cusp. Virgo tends to indicate cold, a dry cold air adding blustery winds. Pallas conjunct the IC or or Imum Coeli closely opposing Chiron and Neptune in Pisces adding danger to the residents. In the 4th house we find Mars in Virgo near Vesta and Ceres in Libra and they all oppose Uranus. Thus Uranus, the record breaker at the top of the chart and in a T-Square Pluto adds up to hyper freezing and acute extremes. Squares and oppositions between Mars and  and Uranus can engender some of the most aggressive storm systems.  The important communique is that it ain't over yet. Winter Storm Dion, the fourth named winter storm of the 2013-14 season, will result in more snow and ice for some of the same areas impacted by Winter Storm Cleon. This monster storm Dion is just getting started and will  spread snow and ice from the Midwest to the Mid-South, Ohio Valley, Middle Atlantic and Northeast Saturday night into Monday. 

The lingering frigid air will not only lay in the path for more icing this weekend but will also delay recovery in communities dealing with widespread power outages and thus no heat. This storm system dubbed "Winter storm Cleon" moved east, parts of several states from Texas to Arkansas to the Ohio Valley will see rapidly changing conditions as rain changes to snow or ice with falling temperatures. Mars enters Libra on December 7th. @ 12:42 PM Pacific which coincides with vigorous and potentially deadly Winter Storm Dion. With the ingress of destructive Mars we began to see a perilous and super active cardinal cross take shape. So far as of early Saturday, there have been 11 fatalities from the cold, ice and snow in the USA. 

Ice Age Starts in 2014?
As the cardinal cross develops into 2014 with Mars opposing Uranus adding swift and sudden weather extremes along with Pluto/Venus in Capricorn opposing Jupiter in Cancer will bring  mega-energetic storm systems.  In fact we may want to look at a recent article from This article discusses how regional, rapid climate change occurred 12, 140 years ago after major volcanic eruptions. 

Everyday we hear about new eruptions and volcanic activity form perennial spots on the Ring of Fire. Mount Marapi in  West Sumatra which erupted Saturday resulted in a column of thick, gray ash 350 meters high while  Kamachatka’s Klyuchevskoy volcano the highest active volcano in Russia discharged a massive 6 KM high ash cloud. We currently have 35 volcanoes erupting in the world presently adding to the potential for a new ice age to develop similar to what happened with the Younger Dryas or Big Freeze at the end of the Pleistocene period.