Sunday, December 22, 2013

From Fireballs to Weird Weather the Winter Solstice Arrives with Mystery and Pandemonium


It has been a colorful and wild ride since the last Full Cold Moon rose above the eastern horizon on December 17th. This was the same day that Uranus stationed  @ 9 degrees Aries: Sabian Symbol " A seer gazes into a crystal ball in front of him."  A symbol like this reflects some we may begin to glimpse flashes of intuition, clear sight and the ability to penetrate hidden mysteries.
While others may get confused by the literal meaning of symbolic messages similar to when the moon (in Virgo) opposes Neptune.  When Uranus stations and moves forward so do sudden, spontaneous events from accidents to  blizzards to strange weather to  electromagnetism to reversals to complete overhauls in power and eccentric utopian thinking etc.


So on December 21st. when I started this report, it's official the Sun is now in active, earth sign Capricorn as of 12:11 PM Eastern Time and 5:11 PM Universal Time for the Winter Solstice and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Thankfully the moon continued in Leo which adds some fun and joy to the more serious elements today. The Sun (our identity, ego and will) entered more patriarchal and responsible Capricorn to add a resilient father figure to the already transiting Pluto (shadow) and Venus (lover). In fact on the next new moon on January 1st. the Sun will meet Pluto in an annual conjunction but this time the With the Sun now in cardinal Capricorn the ongoing Uranus-Pluto waxing square of major upheaval is triggered. Below is a chart set for Washington, DC marking the start of the Winter Solstice @ 12:11 PM Notice that Aries, the warrior is rising in a close square to the Sun (executive powers) at mid-heaven and Uranus is in the first house ( the nation or group as a whole) opposing Mars/Vesta/Ceres in the 7th. The 7th house represents foreign relations, treaties and/or disputes per open enemies. We see that South Sudan is becoming the latest flashpoints, where US. troops will be fighting Is war is coming to the United States or Martial Law? Or Swift Justice for the corrupt... Mars symbolized as the red planet, is ruler of this chart and as we said posited at a powerful angle in the 7th. moving into an explosive position with 90 degree angles to the Sun-Pluto (Capricorn), Jupiter (Cancer) found in the 4th house signifying land, houses, real estate, mines, minerals, quarries, the weather...And today (Dec. 22nd.) a new phenomena appears as a mysterious red dust blanketing Southern Texas. "It's very strange to see all this red dirt on the cars, and I've seen on many cars in front of me," Naveed Saqiab said while waiting in line at an area car wash. Finally one of the prevailing theories of this another in a series of strange events that will continue into 2014: Is that it was mud showers from Mexico. And here's the clue that will likely crack this one wide open: a tweet was sent out by the National Weather Service in Brownsville just a few days ago. They noted a very large dust and sand cloud originating from Mexico, just south of the border.

When we look at yesterday's Winter Solstice in North America and we see shades of that Bad Ass Gemini Moon in this from The Severe Side of Winter Storm Gemini! Sounds like some dualistic, mutable but ferocious storms reflecting the sign. "A severe weather outbreak could cause headaches for the estimated 94.5 million Americans planning to travel by road or air during this holiday season. On the warm side of Gemini, tornadoes, heavy winds and thunderstorms are possible across a wide swath on Saturday."
In my last blog entry I spoke of Black Swan events and in just the last few days leading up to and beyond the Solstice, unusual and unprecedented have transpired.
 One of those type of events involved the element of fire since  fireballs or meteors relating to the Uranus station in Aries trine the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius . Huge Fireball Was Seen Over the Southern U.S. Concerning that Full Moon fireball seen over much of the southern U.S... this is from Bill Cooke of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville... "Definitely a fireball; time was Dec 18 at 02:20:40 UTC or Dec 17 at 8:20:40 PM CST. It started out 52 miles above I-24 just south of Manchester, Tennessee and moved to the north of west at 50,000 mph..."

In fact per, Earth is passing through a stream of debris from Comet 8P/Tuttle, source of the annual Ursid meteor shower. Forecasters expect the shower to peak on Dec. 22nd with as many as 10 meteors per hour streaming from a radiant near Polaris, the North Star. Yet the incidence and frequency of what is to come with meteors hitting the planet is increasing radically. It appears that a meteor fragment turned a 7 year old boy in Florida into an instant celebrity. It is natural to ask if this has anything to do with Comet ISON debris...

Another of those unprecedented Black Swan Events involved money and the elements of earth and water. In fact  Pluto (the destroyer)  and Venus (relates to currency)  in Capricorn opposing Jupiter in domestic, consumer oriented Cancer TSQ Uranus representing technology.  In fact this event where resulted in Forty Million Target customers hit in major credit card security breach
In fact this hack or rupture in the credit card system still has folks furious and frustrated.
Suffice to say with Uranus-Pluto continuing in a riotous waxing square moving into the fifth of the series  will occur circa  April 21, 2014,  expect more major hacks.

Over at the Bayou Corne sinkhole, with obvious references to the element water.
Surprise: Louisiana Sinkhole Slid Sideways Before Collapsing The Earth's surface slid sideways by as much as 10 inches (26 centimeters) before collapsing into a still-growing toxic sinkhole in Bayou Corne, La., a new study reports. "This was unusual for us," said Cathleen Jones, a radar scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. "Usually at a sinkhole, we expect to see vertical movement at the surface, some sort of subsidence," Jones said. "This horizontal motion is actually a new indicator..."
 I have discussed such anamolous activity at Assumption Parish  on my blog per example  this entry for October 14, 2012 referencing the Libra New Moon   In fact for that Full Moon over DC on 10-15-2012, Saturn was rising in murky Scorpio see the chart here. In the chart set for the Dec. 17th. Full Moon over DC, Saturn was also rising @ 19 degrees Scorpio as you see in this chart.

December 19th. another of those Blacks Swan type events:  This one involved roadway accidents (Mars-Uranus oppositions are a primary indicator of collisions.)
Here we have  bus accidents on the same road and involving casinos relating to the last full moon in Gemini, the twins opposing the Sun-Mercury in the sign of gambling and risk-taking.
1 person killed, dozens injured in 2 tour bus crashes on I-15

Holiday weather which has become rather weird will be discussed again but check this out from CNN. Severe and strange weather sweeps nation, threatens holiday travelers The weekend before Christmas, Mother Nature is gifting -- or, rather, clobbering -- the United States with a little bit of everything. Ice storms, snow, flooding, thunderstorms, tornadoes and record-setting warmth

In order to make sense of what has appeared and what is ahead in 2014, we should be aware that a Cardinal Cross will dominate the first six months of 2014. In fact this configuration  On December 7th. Mars entered Libra, sign of the scales, dragging us kicking and screaming into a shuddering and accelerated time period. Then on this last communicative, data oriented Gemini Full Moon, Uranus the shocker and trickster now in Aries stationed direct. Since Mars moves into a long retrograde cycle in Libra on March 1, 2014  he will continue to activate Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer
Forming a swift moving, justice oriented and life changing Cardinal Cross
As I mentioned in my daily forecasts it takes more than a few lunar transits to derail big systems like the world stock markets or create a world war.
From my daily forecast:
"Of course lunar transits are just a blip on the screen, so it will take a lot more planetary power to really shake things up. "  Well that planetary power is coming hot and heavy first with Mars entering Libra to oppose Uranus (exactly on Dec. 25th.)  The situation could turn drastic and prolonged, if the negotiating powers of Libra aren't used immediately.  I am saying this since,  Mars, the  will move into a difficult retrograde cycle starting on March 1, 2014. Then on June 25, 2014, a second exact opposition occurs after Mars finally moves direct in May 2014. These opposition could create triggers or  major precursor to a sudden event which could start Global Warfare. I say this because the situation in South Sudan is worsening daily as US citizens are evacuated.

So here we are one day after the  Winter Solstice (December 21st) as the Sun enters Capricorn, Venus (a planet connected to "world currency/exchange rates) stations to move retrograde till January 31st. 2014.
Pay attention since the Sun in Capricorn will square Mars, the warrior on January 2, 2014..
Also on January 2, 2014, Mercury also in reality-oriented Capricorn opposes Jupiter in emotional Cancer which could distort the truth via exaggerations.
Then on January 16th. Venus is Square Mars, a transit known for passions and anger that can get out of control. By January 31st, when Venus stations direct @ 14 degrees near Pluto both in determined business-oriented Capricorn and opposing Jupiter, now retrograde in domestic/house oriented and sensitive Cancer we will see more unstable financial conditions. Since Jupiter will move direct in March, we can expect enhanced recklessness in the markets and over-optimism,which should cause concern or even panic heading toward the next exact opposition in the middle of April 2014.

Let's switch to fixed stars by paran/angle, as we try to make sense to more of these events: First off: On the last Full Moon, Antares, the heart of the Scorpion Constellation was the Heliacal Rising Star over both DC and Lousiana. Also when the Sun entered Capricorn to start the winter Solstice, Antares was again the the Heliacal Rising Star. When rising Antares represents the twin forces of passion and obsessiveness. Antares is also one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, also called archangel stars. Antares corresponds to the angel Oriel known as Watcher of the West. Antares doesn't have a great reputation and is a double edged sword so to speak: Per Robson: It can cause malevolence, destructiveness, liberality, broad-mindedness, evil presages and danger of fatality and makes its natives rash, ravenous, headstrong and destructive to themselves by their own obstinacy. 
The Heliacal Setting Star over Washington, DC for the Solstice is El Nath, a double brilliant pure white and pale gray star, marking the tip of the northern or left horn of the constellation Taurus. El Nath being the horn of Taurus, is a weapon that can be used for good or for ill. El Nath is said to create a confronting attitude and a practical desire to deal with real life issues. When setting El Nath is about loving a challenge via a combative attitude. Echoed by Robson: El Nath has the nature of Mars and Mercury. It gives fortune, eminence and neutrality for good or evil. 
Since we don't have the time or the inclination to examine all the Fixed Stars in this Solstice reading, lets look at one obvious choice Aculeus, an open cluster of stars above the stinger of the Scorpion. Aculeus was closely conjunct Mercury by longitude in the DC Solstice Chart. Aculeus close to Mercury speaks volumes about harsh criticism and enduring attacks. Aculeus has a notorious reputation in astrology as one of 'blind stars' along with Acumen found in the Scorpio constellation and is associated with eyesight problems. Aculeus also tends toward a morbid outlook, seeing the worst rather than the best in everything. Dr. Morse goes on to say "If their religious views are affected, as so often with anything in Sagittarius, there is a tendency to be either the 'hellfire and damnation brigade' or to take up a fierce anti-religious and even anti-God stance" With this we can transition again and look closer at Mercury.

  Mercury Out of Bounds Before we finish this report, let's look at Mercury aka Quicksilver moves at an accelerated pace in fire signs like the current transit in risk-taking and changeable Sagittarius when passionate fires can start up quickly and then be quenched just as fast. Mercury in astrology represents, news, networks, media plus our point of view and what we think. When this Messenger of the Gods, Mercury transits in the sign of the archer, it is about candid, convictions many times along religious lines. When Mercury is placed in Sagittarius, he is traditionally at detriment and even mores so being close to the Sun in Capricorn. Expect some sudden falls from grace to occur. NOW ADD IN DECLINATION! Declination is one of the two angles that locate a point on the celestial sphere in the equatorial coordinate system, the other being hour angle. Declination's angle is measured north or south of the celestial equator, "When a celestial body goes beyond this maximum declination of 23°27', either north or south, it is considered out-of-bounds. In that position, the planet is outside the boundary limits of the ecliptic plane - that is, beyond the plane of the Earth's orbit around the Sun. " Currently Mercury is Out of Bounds (OOB) @ - 24 degrees 36' South. per declination and already Void of Course in outrageous Sagittarius when risk taking is ineffective, rumors, spread along with outrage considering that Mars in Libra (sense fo justice) opposing Uranus in Aries (internet anger) . When Mercury is OOB, not only celebrities/ leaders or just about anybody who has a platform to express (via Social Media like TWITTER) will tend shock their audience with audacious, unusual, sexually oriented and socially unacceptable topics per Phil Robertson of the Duck Dynasty. even the controversial #HasJustineLandedYet The entire Duck Dynasty Debacle and other manufactured controversies reflect this Mercury placement when we add in the Out of Bounds factor. Per Thor News: "the outrage I witnessed everywhere over A&E's firing of Phil Roberson of the Reality Television show Duck Dynasty. It was everywhere. All over the TV the Radio Twitter Facebook. You couldn't escape it" Thors Video below captures the essence of being able to look at the big picture, one of the positive qualities of Sagittarius. In other words don't get hung up in phony distractions and look toward the future. This is an important reminder about the way to interpret and utilize the power of Uranus stationing @ 9 degrees Aries: Sabian Symbol " A seer gazes into a crystal ball in front of him."

Enjoy the holidays and God Bless.