Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Princess Diana Returns with the Aquarian Blue Moon and Other Parallel Transits


"Once in a blue moon..." means seldom or absurd and in the case of yesterday's or today's if you are in the GMT/Universal Time mode like in London an unusual yet psychic coincidence.
You may have heard this weekend about new allegations in the "murder" of Princess Diana . This celebrity murder case is no longer just a persistent conspiracy. The revelations come from a former SAS black-ops soldier, who let slip how his hit squad was behind the murder of the engaging and well-loved Princess Diana. Interestingly enough Princess Diana had an Aquarian Moon @ 25degrees 2 minutes in the sign of the Water Bearer But there are a lot more parallel transits which is the subject of another whole blog. Anyway this new information which has a decidely transiting Saturn in Scorpio, investigative theme and Diana's natal Neptune will be conjunct Saturn in mid September - adding a a darker twist to her mythos. Actually before you look at the Bi-Wheel chart below with the Aug. 21st Full Moon over London in the center and Princess Di's natal chart on the outer wheel. Note different standpoint, this second Aquarian Full Moon exact @ 28 degrees 11 minutes is almost exactly conjunct the S. Node for Princess Diana which in personal charts relates to past lives, gifts and remembrances. The real story here is that Princess Diana's natal Uranus (the shocker) in Leo along side N. Node (future destiny) and Mars in early Virgo @ 1 degree are all conjunct the Royal Lion's Stellium of Vesta-Mercury-Ceres and the Sun and will all be growing closer into September. In fact I expect a major announcement to (happen by August 24th.when Sun-Mercury are conjunct in Leo)about new circumstances in her death. Bi-Wheel Chart with Princess Diana natal chart on outer  wheel - Blue Moon over London August 21st set for UT. @ 1:45 AM