Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Virgo New Moon - A War Chart or Time of Red Lines and Fog? Pt. One


So here we are at the darkest part of the moon in the Balsamic Phase right before a New Moon in Virgo tomorrow morning (Sept. 5th.) @ 4:36 AM PDT or 7:36 AM EDT or 11:36 AM UT. The Balsamic Moon Phase is known as a time to tie up loose ends, journey within/contemplate, and prepare for new beginnings ahead. This phase can also signal psychic, intuitive and mystical understandings and in Virgo a certain ability to solve mysteries. Yet because their is an impassive, methodical, even a narrow-minded side to this rather tenuous, on the edge type of attitude. Today when the moon entered adaptable, earthy and conscientious Virgo this morning it may have felt like a New Moon but there were clouds of confusion from an oppositon to Neptune. Since the last massive Full Blue Moon (August 20th/21st) more and more leaders/authorities have been pushing their agendas with Mars entering Leo (August 27th) heading into a dangerous square to Saturn in Scorpio
Mars-Saturn squares are about the desire to GO out of impatience with Mars in Leo while Saturn always screams STOP and in Scorpio with over-active passion. The drumbeat for war in Syria has become stronger and stronger since Saturday August 31st even though Americans widely oppose Syria strike despite drumbeat in Washington  

The New Moon Chart for Sept.5th.  is not necessarily a "War Chart" but more of a prediction of war with Mars-SQ-Saturn...and of course the Uranus-Pluto waxing square exact again on Nov. 1st. and Pluto, the Lord of Destruction stationing direct on September 20th. in Capricorn and also in a 90 degree angle to the rebel Uranus in mad and hyper-active Aries. Yes the chart set for Washington, DC for 7:36 AM EDT attempts to State a Case for War ostensibly a strike on Syria. The chart has Mercury rising in Virgo @ 23 Degrees 29 SQ Gemini at Mid-Heaven @ 22 Gemini 22. Which as you will see relates directly to the 13+degree of the Sun-Moon in Virgo. And the Sabian Symbol for this lunation"Finely lettered names and mysterious lines are seen, it is a family tree." which relates to our ancestral roots and those of the United States.
But First
 Mercury is the ruler of the New Moon chart tomorrow and the ruler both Virgo and Gemini - So Communications of all kinds are is the US. Historical blind spot for WAR or the point which represents the Fog of War. Below is a Bi-Wheel Chart with Tomorrow's Virgo New Moon over DC posited in the Inner Wheel making the cusps On the Outer Wheel - the US. Sibley Foundation Chart set for July 4, 1776 @ 5:10 PM LMT
Jupiter is the ruler of this Sagittarius rising chart for the USA.
Notice that Neptune in the Sibley Chart is conjunct the Asc. Mercury for the Sept. 5, 2013 lunation.
Yes Neptune , planet of illusion, delusion, fog and confusion sits right on tomorrow's rising Mercury in Virgo
And in the US. Sibley Foundation Chart, Mars @ 21 Gemini 22 minutes sits right on the Mid-Heaven for tomorrow's Virgo New Moon - Holy Shit!

Skipping ahead and viewing with new eyes, the chart set for tomorrow's Virgo New Moon in DC. (a time when a voice of reason is desired). Virgo is rising so Mercury, the messenger of thoughts and announcements is this chart's ruler. In fact speaking of selling the Syrian War,
helped by Barack Obama (born Aug. 4, 1961)  and his natal Mars  @ 22 degrees Virgo
which is conjunct the ascendant of this chart for DC and Neptune in the Sibley Chart - hope and illusion goes a long way in the USA. Obama  said recently that "I didn't set a red line in Syria, the world did."  President Barack Obama insisted Wednesday that Congress and the world will lose credibility if Bashar Assad’s alleged chemical weapons massacre goes unpunished.
 From the "War is Peace - Peace is War" meme  of 1984 per Barack Obama (born August 4, 1961) with natal Mars @ 22 Virgo in opposition to Pallas @ 24 Pisces. When Mars-Pallas are in hard aspects like an opposition, there can be blockage in the ability to manifest creative intelligence. (Note: asteroid Pallas Athene, known as the "protectress of the state" represents creative intelligence and political strategy in a horoscope)
Also Pallas in Pisces represents a diffusion of perception where techniques involving
subliminal messages, guided imagery and even fantasy are used to achieve their ends.   9/4/13 - President Barack Obama flew to Sweden on Wednesday for a diplomatic meeting ahead of a two-day G20 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia. Obama held a wide-ranging press conference in Sweden relating to the White House's effort to build support for a strike on Syria

Virgo is rising in the New Moon chart especially with Mercury @ 23 + degrees indicating  time of debate, a changing vote, resolution(s), endless chatter, Rand Paul, the lone wolf  but nobody really asking Who benefits from a war between the United States and Syria? Along the line of Cui bono or literally "as a benefit to whom?" Looking with more detail: from the article above and the chart below where Jupiter in Cancer (Jupiter representing foreign powers) is intercepted in the 10th house representing the leadership class besides the the president, prime minister and the sovereign and their government.
Yes Jupiter now in the sign of Big, Powerful Families The party that stands to benefit the most is Saudi Arabia, and they won't even be doing any of the fighting. They have been pouring billions of dollars into the conflict in Syria, but so far they have not been successful in their attempts to overthrow the Assad regime. Listen to this from Democracy Now which describes how Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud — Saudi’s former ambassador to the United States — is leading the effort to prop up the Syrian rebels.

  Jupiter also in a mundane or political chart represents religion, the clergy, bankers, judges and the high court Also Jupiter corresponds with all ruling bodies that ratify treaties. From the article again: "Now the Saudis are trying to play their trump card - the U.S. military. If the Saudis are successful, they will get to pit the two greatest long-term strategic enemies of Sunni Islam against each other - the U.S. and Israel on one side and Shia Islam on the other"
As I remember that last time Jupiter was in Cancer was July 2001 to August 2002 when 9/11 marked the biggest False Flag of All and the build-up to the Iraq war took a while. This year with Jupiter entering Cancer on June 25, 2013 an active, highly volatile and dangerous TSQ with Uranus (Aires) and Pluto (Capricorn) began things are happening much quicker! First and foremost, this is a chart about making everyone feel comfortable with the TPTB, blank faces decisions about starting World War Three or is it Four? The Sabian Symbol for 24 deg. Virgo - "Mary and her white lamb." speaking volumes about dependence/codependence and a sense of innocence and naivete. Will Americans be lead to another catastrophic, mire of war just like Iraq back in 2003?
This is also a symbol of the compulsive need for reassurance that everything is OK.
In the chart below the Sun/Moon together in Virgo @ 13+ degrees are posited in the 12th house of hidden motives when there can either be great sensitivity or an emotional numbness and both Sun-Moon in the house of Pisces are opposing Chiron, that ancient wounded healer in the house of Virgo adding a deeper and mysterious pain to all of this along with a Sabian Symbol elucidating something deeper from ancestral roots:"Finely lettered names and mysterious lines are seen, it is a family tree."
Of course with Jupiter prominent in Cancer and sextile the Sun- powerful families, elite voices are behind much of the desire to strike Syria. Mars the willful warrior in Leo:
Mars (the Warrior) now in aggressive, impatient Leo is posited in the 11th. house which represents the institutions of government such as the legislature, Congress, Senate where a vote is being held today just ahead of the New Moon in analytical Virgo.
Breaking News - Senate Foreign Relations Committee approves Obama's plan to strike Syria Here is just the solo chart for the New Moon over DC

Using the Virgo qualities of analysis and details It is time to get a solid, realistic and down to earth idea of what the next war will be create. All we need to do is  look back with ancestral knowledge  per the current Grand Earth Trine involving Sun/Moon (Virgo)-Pluto/Astrea (Capricorn)  and S. Node/Hygeia (Taurus) Note that Astrea (asteroid of justice is now closely trine the Sun-Moon and Hygeia (health concerns) And with Pluto in mutual reception to Saturn expect revelations or messages depending on your alertness about
Per this article from the MailOnline out of the UK: Revealed: Pentagon knew in 2012 that it would take 75,000 GROUND TROOPS to secure Syria's chemical weapons facilitiesThat estimate comes from a secret memorandum the U.S. Department of Defense prepared for President Obama in early 2012. Here is a video which brings up even more concerns to say the least:

More on the Virgo New Moon and the Grand Fixed Cross led by Mars in Leo relating to Solar Maximum One thing about Virgo, which relates to day to day activities, job, scientific research and practical details being a Mercury (mentally) ruled earth sign they love solving problems especially those involving weather, earth changes and even solar activity

September 4th. here on Terra Firma where the Grand Earth Trine is felt most along with the Cardinal TSQ's >and the unrelenting Grand Fixed Cross involving both power planets and "malifics per traditional astrology": Mars and Saturn expect major vulcanism! Fixed signs in hard aspects all signify continued explosions.
Like in Peru recently
Peru’s Ubinas Volcano erupts five times in 48 hours: awakens with strong activity

Or in Japan where: Sakurajima volcano (Japan): large explosion damages cars

Stay Tuned my next blog entry deals with the Fixed Stars for the Virgo New Moon.