Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Libra Full Moon Comes Swiftly with Venus-Mars Continuing the Dance


It seems that in this year of 2012, things keep building toward one big events to the next. We are even seeing similar events cross in kind of a multi-dimensional wave. One of those big events will occur around the Libra Full Moon on Jan. 6th and on Jan. 7th with Mars in an exact square to Venus. God of War in a battle with the Goddess of Beauty. From early January 2012, the anticipation built on MSM propaganda for the Iowa Caucus on Jan. 3rd. to the Concordia Disaster which happened this year the One Hundredth Anniversary of the RMS Titanic disaster the night of April 14/15, 2012. Yes we continue to move from large event like yesterday's Tornado swarm in Dallas/Ft Worth. Since January 23rd the day the Year of the Black Water Dragon began and when Mars stationed and moved retrograde controversy and revolution have jumped the graph's limits.
On January 27th for instance there was an X-2 Class flare and by March, both X and M-Class flares were commonplace. In fact just yesterday the destructive power of tornadoes was filmed and broadcast to millions.

So as we rush toward this coming Full Moon with Moon-Saturn together in Libra to cool things off and demand tough negotiations...But the opposition to Sun-Vesta-Ceres in wild, chaotic Aries a dangerous turning point might be looming. In my previous blog entries like this one for the Aries New Moon on March 22nd. I have mentioned the power of the Super Moon and its theorized
effects on the earth's tectonic plates. Synchronized with this Paschal Libra Full Moon aka the Pink moon of the Phlox flowers a perigee point is reached.
The moon will arrive at its perigee point on April 6th @ 10 PM PDT or on April 7th at 17:00 UT (1 p.m. EDT.

The chart below is set for Washington, DC @ 3:19 PM EDT on 4-6-2012 two months away from both the Venus Transit and the Lunar Eclipse.
In the chart below, Leo is rising @ 26 degrees 26 minutes with the chart's ruler the Sun in the 8th house of death and taxes. Strikingly Mars is intercepted in "critical" 4 degrees Virgo
opposing Neptune and Chiron in Pisces (relating to water and oil) in the 7th. The descendant or 7th house relates to open enemies and trading partners - all of this will involve the oceans and waterways around the USA.

Consider that Libra is co-ruled by Venus, and Venus now opposes Juno in adventurous Sagittarius. So the nodes of destiny (future and past) are in play and crossed by the sign of the prepper, Mars in Virgo. Mars in this highly analytical sign fo the Virgin is retrograde and frustrated. Mercury has finally stationed and even in his fall in perplexing Pisces it is getting better. It won't be long before, Mars, the warrior and athlete can finally move direct on April 12th. Except that Mars will be in orb of an opposition to Neptune and Chiron for awhile as more news of the Elgin Gas Leak in the Atlantic surfaces with the help of Greenpeace. Greenpeace Observes 'Oily Sheen' Miles from North Sea Leak Site Thus with Mercury also in Pisces now direct the truth about the serious environmental impacts of this ongoing gas leak are coming out. This is a leak which has been ongoing since March 25th off the coast of Scotland in the North Sea. Also news of more dolphins dying off the coast of Peru is finally being revealed with Mercury direct in Pisces. 615 dead dolphins found on Peru beaches; acoustic tests for oil to blame?

The complimentary and oppositional qualities of Venus and Mars are in play. Here we see themes which concern the feminine and masculine aspects of desire and sexuality being in played out with the mutable cross. Consider that Venus representing the force of attraction and Mars representing the force of assertion and Mars move direct then Venus moves retrograde on May 15. setting up these same dynamics into June 2012. In the chart above all four angles are covered with Venus and S Node at the apex (past gifts and themes). Venus in the sign of the Twins near the S. Node and all that implies from twin events to physical twins and other reflections of duplicity.

Fixed Stars for the Full Moon set at 3:19 PM EDT in DC:
Algol is culminating at Mid-Heaven - the passionate of the Ghoul is featured in a life of fighting against injustice, either for yourself or for others. The attempt to "achieve justice" in the Trayvon Martin case will continue with highly obsessive and fanatical mass movement.
Note: Saturday April 7th will be a crucial day as the Moon begins in Scorpio, the sign of retribution hosts a Mars-Venus square in mutables: Virgo-Gemini.

Deneb Algedi is the Heliacal Rising Star again dealing with judicial and legislative issues.
New laws and an outcry for justice with shades of fantacism.
While Venus is conjunct Mirfak by degree and Mirfak the warrior in the constellation Perseus whose sword is raised in victory holding the head of medusa. Mirfak with Venus is about challenges
Denebola is the Heliacal Setting Star.
Denebola the fixed star in the tail of the Lion represents non-conformity and connects with goddess worship form ancient myth. Since Denebola is the setting star over DC, more and more people will start to move beyond the restrictions of the established system.
Another portend relating to Denebola (now transiting in Virgo) involves sedition and the deaths of great men. Since Regulus has also been prominent in the last few lunations, we should expect something regarding some great leader passing during this Full Moon.