Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hillary Takes Cartagena By Storm as the Venus Transit Approaches


this photo taken at the salsa hotspot, Havana next stop. Mrs Clinton showed her fun side earlier this week and made headlines when she poked fun at her alter-ego that is the subject of an internet meme that plays on her tough-girl image.

Ahead of the influential Venus Transit on June 6, 2012 @ 1:10 AM UT - we should expect a boost to all things involving Venus and women. Mars now direct will be transiting in orb of a square with Venus, Goddess of Love in Gemini. On the last Full Moon in Libra (Venus ruled) Mars and Venus were square. We have seen how Mars-Venus in hard aspect amplifies unbridled passion and desire to succeed with stimulating a liberal amount violence, jealousy and mistrust. The Venus tranis which is a rare, twice in a lifetime occurrence. This transit always happens in pairs, 8 years apart, but those pairs can be as much as 105.5 to 121.5 years apart.
Venus is connected with a nations resources and finances through bankers, financial institutions and farming. More importantly Venus relates to the 7th House where Hilary's N Node resides in Taurus. This relates to foreign relations, treaties and/or disputes, business relationships, agreements.
The chart below has the outer wheel as Hillary's natal chart Oct. 26, 1947 with Scorpio rising at the powerful 22nd degree along side Mercury and S Node in Scorpio. The inner wheel dipicts last Full Moon in Libra over Washington DC.
Notice that Hillary's power packed Saturn-Pluto-Mars all in dominant Leo in the 12th house of hidden secret groups, secret government entities and enemies within.
More importantly her Moon @ 22 Pisces is conjunct transiting Mercury getting her more publicity
and changing her image.

There are many predictions and prophecies from Mayans to Mystics, that the Venus transits change the course of history. In the following article by Richard Giles, he look back at the last several occultations: in 1518/26, 1631/39, 1761/69 and 1874/82 and the patterns presage great shifts in human consciousness.
The transit of Venus over the Sun in tropical degree 15 degrees. Gemini 41 minutes
The Sabian Symbol: A woman agitator makes an impassioned plea to a crowd. with the obvious reference to a woman who is forceful as a leader. Some one like Hillary Clinton - It appears that she is letting loose while her star is shining with her Natal Sun identity - leadership @ 2 degrees Scorpio is now opposing Ceres in sensuous Taurus when she was in her photo op.
Livin' la vida loca! Hillary Clinton knocks back a beer and dances the night away at a Colombia nightclub
You may remember that on April 3rd right after Venus entered Gemini,
Venus met fixed star Alcyone (the principle of inner vision but judgemental which enhances poetry, music and theatre. Alcyone, aka "The Central One", Alcyone is themain star and also the largest star of the Pleiades or Seven Sisters, the seven stars that are situated on the shoulder blade of the Bull.
Per Robson: Alcyone causes love, eminence, blindness from fevers, small pox, and accidents to the face.
Looking at the other really big news out of the Summit of the Americas - the Sex Scandal which mars Obama's wooing of Latin America
Notice that the interpretation of Venus in conjunction with Alcyone stimulates immoral, erotic passions, disgrace through sex and sometimes sickness, loss of fortune.
Are we seeing a changing of the guard? Will Hilary be able to move her chess pieces further since this "prostitution scandal involving U.S. security personnel in Colombia and an unprecedented regional push to end the isolation of Cuba threatened on Saturday to eclipse President Barack Obama's charm offensive to Latin America."

Hillary dancing (her natal Mercury trines transiting Mercury in Pisces) dancing into the VP position and taking more power in this faltering administration.