Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Full Snow Moon Meets Saturn Retrograde


The Native Americans who of the north and east designated February’s full moon as the Full Snow Moon when heavy snow and ice accumulated. Some tribes even referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, when severe weather conditions in some areas made hunting difficult. I wonder if they thought that the extreme freezing weather which hit Europe recently would be this bad. Currently the plunging temperatures have claimed over 400 victims from Serbia to Greece and are causing widespread disruption.

This Full Moon which began @ 1:54 PM PST or 4:54 PM EST is anything but quiet and complacent.
Lots of swift, dramatic changes akin to the Aquarian New Moon on January 23rd. when not only the year of the Water Dragon commenced but Mars was exactly trine Mercury then a highly potent Mars station begin.
From the early morning, we will have various world leaders and the media making big announcements
while fighting in Syria reaches a fever pitch as leaders try diplomatic efforts to get them to stop.
Other announcements and reversals involving Leo the sign most connected to weddings is that Prop 8 OVERTURNED: Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down In California. Mercury meets the Sun in wild, unusual and internet oriented Aquarius @ 1:03 AM Pacific Time. Major technological breakthroughs are unveiled: Scientists develop biological computer to encrypt and decipher images.
"Instead of using traditional computer hardware, a group led by Professor Ehud Keinan of Scripps Research and the Technion created a computing system using bio-molecules. "
The future is here and really scary with the possibility of bio-borg controlled societies via wifi, most likely ran by the most advanced AI systems in the world.
In the evening we have the surprise political win for Rick Santorum in Colorado,Minnesota and Missouri.
(Santorum besides being a conservative fixed Taurus Sun with a square to Chiron in Aquarus
rode in with a natal Uranus (Leo) trine to Venus in Aries as Venus shifts from changeable, moody Pisces into cardinal and aggressive Aries this evening @ 10:01 PM PST.

Saturn stations before most of most folks in the Western US have breakfast, the taskmaster and ringed planet appears to be stationary @ 6:03 AM PST. This Saturn retrograde lasts till June 25, 2012, we are in for a time of increased responsibility, when declaring social and personal boundaries are essential.This is a time to understand karmic limitations, slow down, embrace discipline and to be aware of more efforts toward austerity. Another factor here on the West Coast is the potential for swift changes with cardinal rising and descendant. In other words it doesn't matter whether the chart is set for San Francisco or Los Angeles both cardinal Cancer rising opposing Pluto(Capricorn) in the descendant TSQ Uranus-Ceres (Aries intercepted in the 10th - meaning sudden reversals or earthquakes? Actually two quakes struck in the Gulf of Santa Catalina Region and both are E of Avalon, CA. Then just a couple minutes later another 2.7 Magnitude tremor struck 11 miles from Mt. Baldy outside of Glendora, CA

The Full Moon set for Washington DC @ 4:54 PM PST has Leo rising 12 degrees with this curious Sabian: "An other worldly costume party in a grove hung with Japanese lanterns. Nature spirits dance and carouse under a half-moon, each wear a mask painted with the face of human being."
Fixed signs on the rising and descendant reflects a stubborn polices with the unexpected on the horizon. A reflection of these intractable diplomacy is that the U.S. Maintains Embargo of Cuba After 50 Years, Despite International Condemnation started on 2-7-1962.

Fixed Stars and Their Effects
In the SF. Chart the Heliacal Rising Star is Rukbat a star in the foot of the Archer (Sagittarius Constellation). Rukbat is the symbol of steadiness and consistency. When rising Rukbat is all about leading a life that is unswerving from our convictions.

The Heliacal Setting Star is Castor a binary star in the constellation of the Twins. Castor is the mortal Twin famous for his skill in taming and managing horses sort of goes with the N Node in Sag. , Castor is the Northern Twin (western). The immortal Twin is Pollux, the Boxer.
Castor is the story teller who dedicates himself to research and ideas but fails to incorporate the shadow side of life. As the setting star, Castor
seeks the realm of opposites and usually has to defend his ideas and lifestyle.

Wherever the Full Moon occurs the Sun (Aquarius) conjunct fixed star Sualocin which is pale yellow star in the constellation Delfinus the Dolphin.
This relates to: Scientists mystified by largest dolphin stranding in northeast U.S. in 20 years.
More strandings are expected after 129 dolphins beached themselves on Cape Cod in the last three weeks, with 92 dying in "the single largest stranding" of dolphins in the Northeast since at least 1999, the International Fund for Animal Welfare reported Monday.
Saturn the ancient ruler of Aquarius is stationing retrograde adding to the magnitude of "this is the largest, most protracted stranding event in recent decades,"
These dangerous strandings on Cap Cod started on Jan. 12th 2012 right after the Cancer Full Moon when the Moon and Mars were in Virgo opposing Ceres in Pisces.
Now that Neptune has entered oceanic mysterious and more compassionate Pisces (Feb. 3rd) the news media is finally understanding the seriousness of these events and how they reflect the health of the oceans and continued earth changes.