Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Neptune into Pisces - Setting the Stage for the Transcendence of Boundaries


It seems as if people have been on edge, waiting for something big to happen since 2011. The excitement has been growing since January 23rd. the day of the Aquarian New Moon and the commencement of the year of the Water Dragon. It is no secret that Neptune, the archetype of transcendence, dissolution and wild imagination will be enter Pisces his home sign on Feb. 3, 2012. This is only an introductory article to set the stage, more will follow in the next few days. After all the qualities and things relating to Neptune range from abdications to alien to adultery to angelic entities to boats of all kinds to clairvoyance to divination to mediums to melodramas to paranoia to ports to religions attitudes to sleeping disorders to theurgies to wizards to zeniths.

Timeline: last year on April 4, 2011 Neptune made a brief appearance in Pisces till Aug. 4th. 2011. Yes this giant gas planet ruling dreams, hallucinations, heightened sensitivity, altered states and the paranormal among a few states. Neptune the planet is huge being 17 times the mass of Earth and with an orbital period of 164.79 years. In astrological terms, Neptune signifies he strange or weird and with 12 Moons and severe weather patterns this makes sense. These weather anomalies are driven by the strongest sustained winds of any planet in the Solar System, with recorded wind speeds as high as 2,100 km/ Neptune who is god of water and the sea in Roman Mythology is connected to the symbols of the Trident, Fish, Dolphin, Horse and Bull. Poseidon in Greek Mythos. Poseidon was known as an "Earth-Shaker" In his benign aspect, Poseidon was supposedly able to create new islands and offering calm seas. When he became angry from being offended or ignored, he struck the ground with his trident and caused chaotic springs, earthquakes, drownings and massive shipwrecks. In fact we are seeing the water theme proliferating or should we say flowing? We are hearing about aquataxis, interviews with with Occupy Oakland Lake Merritt Aquapiers, water taxis for visitors to the America's Cup or wild theories about the USS Enterprise heading to the False Flag?
Finally all the waiting is over, Neptune will enter Pisces, his home sign for a 14+ year stay on Feb. 3, 2012. Neptune stays in Pisces till January 26, 2026 when the next stop is Aries. On that day there is also a grand earth trine forming. This will be the first long journey since Feb. 17, 1948.
Chart below is set for Greenwhich UK @ 7:04 PM UT, when Neptune enters Pisces:
Virgo is rising @ 8 degrees 26 with this appropriate Sabian Symbol: "A man making a futuristic drawing." The Ascendant is opposing Neptune-Chiron-Vesta in Pisces as the Virgo analysts leave their skepticism at the door. Mercury the ruler of this ingress chart is in Aquarius moving toward the Sun reflecting a major news announcement.