Sunday, December 11, 2011

West Coast Port Shutdown 12/12/2011 or The Empire Strikes Back?


I mentioned in my latest blog entry that Antares and Algol the Heliacal Rising and Setting stars
for yesterday's eclipse over the Western States will engender a type of obsessive passion that will burn like a forest fire. What form will these passions take? Undoubted with Uranus now stationing direct in Aries, there will be new technologies, discoveries and efforts to promote freedom/independence. Also in line with Uranus applying to an exact square to Pluto, their will be some massive protests, dissent and rallies.
One of the major protests after yesterday's incredible Lunar Total Eclipseis a blockade or planned shut down starting with the Port of Oakland We are in a time of major upheaval and populist movements like the Occupy Wall street group or the Tea Party have symbolized a time dangerous confrontation and contentious politics.

Let's backtrack and take a look at how the current Uranus (radical) square to Pluto (transformation-power struggles) is similar to the last transit in 1931 to 1934. Back then their also was a depression when survival needs and self-preservation took a back seat to the loss of liberties. In Germany, one of the most famous tyrants of all time, Hitler moved in to restore order amid chaos. Today we could be on the threshold of more staged events where the Latin expression ORDO AB CHAO drives the the Hegelian Dialect better known as Problem-Reaction-Solution. Below is a video make by George4Title when over 200 were arrested at Occupy LA on November 30th. Mars entered Virgo on Nov. 10th and Mercury stationed retrograde on Nov. 23rd. and the first square occurred on Dec. 4th First Mars was square the Sun in Sagittarius (Dec. 2nd) a time when leaders opt for takeovers like S 1867 the indefinite detention bill Passes Senate 93-7.

So tomorrow @ 5:30 AM PST, the West Coast Occupy movement (Seattle, Oakland, Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tacoma, and others) has called for a shutdown in solidarity with ILWU Local 21 in Longview, Washington in their struggle against EGT, and the port truckers’ struggle with Goldman Sachs. Will this action end in a similar fate that the Nov. 17, 2011 attempt to shut down Wall Street met? Take a look at the chart set for Oakland, CA. Scorpio is rising @ 27 degrees 23 minutes Scorpio adding the energy of revenge, retribution and obsession. Mercury ready to station direct is intercepted in the first house with the N Node and the Sun in expansive Sagittarius with over zealous missionary zeal. Right at Mid-Heaven is that critical and cutting Mars in Virgo closely TSQUARE the Nodes of destiny. Pisces on the IC relates to ports, ocean travel and ships and with Chiron right on that point, both physical and psychological wounding will occur. I suspect that a massive police action will be in store for the demonstrators. Mars is in a wide opposition to Ceres (letting go) and Uranus (unexpected-explosive events) at ground zero, the port of Oakland.

Occupy Wall Street Shutdown on Nov. 17, 2011 - Similar Event
Back on Nov. 17th. the police foiled attempts by the OWS to shut down Wall Street. On Nov. 17th a chart set for 7:00 AM EST when the protest began, Scorpio was rising @ 27 degrees and Mars, the ancient ruler was near Mid-Heaven in Virgo. Notice