Friday, December 09, 2011

Obsessive Fixed Stars Over a Blood Red Eclipse - Part Two


We are only a few hours away from tomorrow's Total Lunar Eclipse on Dec 10th @ 6:36 AM PST or 9:36 AM EST. Most people can feel that something huge is building up or is just hype as we move towards this monumental sky show on the Sagittarius/Gemini axis. This is the axis of expansion vs. discrimination. On one side the "war horse" and on the other the "twins or lovers."
The image of the "War Horse" will capture the imagination of movie goers and is fitting for this
eclipse framed by the Sun-N Node of destiny in the sign of the centaur, Sagittarius.

Approaching the eclipse, the earth seems to be shaking a little more with three earthquakes striking Gorda plate near northern California. It is a crazy time and with Mars particularly strong over the last couple of days, we are seeing weird attacks from VA Tech to a gunmen in Hollywood, CA. shooting at cars.

Whether the eclipse chart is set for the West Coast where Sagittarius is rising with the North Node or in Jersualem @ 4:36 PM EET - 2:00 where Gemini is rising, both charts have the warrior planet Mars is at the apex of the mutable grand cross. On the West Coast, Mars is In the chart below Gemini is rising with the Moon and S Node (past history) opposing the Sun-N Node in the 7th with that TSQ arrow point down to the 4th house which represents this ancient land, its values as real estate and agriculture, housing and living conditions. Uranus, the wild card of sudden events is stationing direct in the 10th house.
The 10th house in this case rules the government, the leadership along with national reputation and prestige, world opinion... In both charts Antares is the Heliacal Rising Star thus events are driven by passion and obsession. There is a strong potential for ruthless behavior. We can only pray that this combination won't set off the Israel-Iran-Syrian powder-keg and the planned war via will be derailed. In this video George Galloway nails the misconception and destroys the premise
that an "Orwellian" strategic strike against Iran is a good thing.

Visibility and Self-Proclaimed Prophecies Abound
Even though the eclipse is visible here on the West Coast Alaska, northern Canada, Australia, New Zealand, it is central Asia and eastern Asia. where the eclipse can be best viewed and photographed. That would include Jerusalem for those rather obsessive prophets of the apocalypse and progenitors of an armageddon like Paul Begly.
One thing is for sure with the mutable cross is that volatility is the rule along with instability. Don't believe everything you hear and see especially when religion is involved.

Fixed Stars for the Eclipse Over the West Coast.
When we look at the chart set for the Full Moon on the West Coast we see that Facies, the eye of the archer is rising with Jupiter (the chart's ruler). Since Facies is said to have the penetrating stare of a lethal, deadly weapon. With Jupiter there can be abrasive religious or philosophical views that relate well to religious zealots of all kind.
Let's take a second look at the main stars over the West Coast and DC.
Antares - the Heart of the Scorpion is the Heliacal Rising Star. Antares reflects a time driven by passion, obsession and compulsion. Antares is said to have the nature of Mars and Jupiter. Per Robson, Antares causes malevolence, destructiveness, liberality, broad-mindedness, evil presages and danger of fatality and makes its natives rash, ravenous, headstrong and destructive to themselves by their own obstinacy.
Algol in the constellation, Perseus is the Setting Star which will also whip up passions which can either create or destroy. Algol when it is setting also refers to how to calm hysterical situations in the time of ultimate crisis. Algol is also in aspect to the rising degree in the Total Eclipse set for London, UK.

Other Fixed Stars on the West Coast include Zosma, the back of the Nemean Lion, near the tail that was crushed by Hercules in legend. This star is synonomous with victimization. (Zosma is the Persian word meaning "the Girdle", "Enzonement" or "Loincloth".) Zosma is is culminating with Mercury which puts a special focus on both injustice and the underdog.

In the chart set for Washington DC besides Antares and Algol as the Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars, Deneb Adige is rising with Mars. Deneb Adige is a brilliant white star in the tail of the Swan or constellation Cygnus. According to Brady, this represents a noble warrior, who acts from their principles. Since Deneb Adige is also called the shaman's star relating to the spiritual warrior we might infer that whoever this person or persons is will have a mystical or transcendental quality. My guess is that this "noble warrior" will not be from the ranks of the DC elite. Another star that will play a big part in the communication style arising from this eclipse will be Markab which is rising as Mercury is culminating. Markab is a white star on the wing of the flying horse Pegasus. Markab is also known as the saddle of Pegasus and represents some stability which is sorely needed. This combo is said to value a logical argument, to build on one’s knowledge per authority. Per Robson and an older interpretation of Markab with Mercury: "A good mind, yet rash and headstrong, quick in speech, diplomatic, capable writer, criticized, friends become enemies."