Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shadows Converge Before the Light Returns


Since the "Big Lunar Eclipse" on Saturday Dec. 10th, risks and reverberations have been felt
from the Philippines where the death toll from Typhoon Wali now tops 927 to Egyptian violence to a volcano erupting west of Yemen near Saba Island in the Red Sea happening on Monday.
In fact we even had Giant Tsunami-Shape Clouds Roll Across Alabama Sky on Friday (Dec. 16), their crests surging forward in slow motion.

Brace yourselves things are about to get even wilder as we head toward the Winter Solstice
and Capricorn New Moon (Dec. 24th. Just tonight at Candlestick park there were two power outages
at the SF 49nr Pittsburgh game
- one at 5:20 PM and the second at 6:43 PM. Both times Cancer was rising with the ruler the Moon moving closer to Saturn in Libra TSQ Venus and Jupiter. The first time Cancer rising was square Uranus in Cancer at Mid-Heaven. Uranus is associated with unexpected power outages and as we move toward the Sun's ingress into Capricorn (Dec. 21st/22nd depending on time zones, we should expect more electrical shockers since the Sun SQ Uranus exactly
@ Dec. 22nd @ 2:15 PM PST.
Here on the West Coast Leo is rising @ 28 degrees when the Sun moves into Capricorn
The Sabian is a mermaid rises from the ocean.