Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Full Moon to 11-11-11 Portal of Awakening- Part One


Folks despite the seeming let down after the Oct. 28th date which came and went, there is a dynamic process in effect. On Oct. 28th, the Universal Underworld came to close, a new frequency is being felt on the planet. This powerful frequency is manifesting in a chaotic and dynamic process - actually a four stage metamorphosis (an actual biological system). This type of change resonates well with the Sabian Symbol for Neptune stationing direct @ 28 Aquarius 08. A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.
In order to make sense of such a huge transformation I am writing about the
entrance into Friday's Stargate 11-11-11 portal in two parts. Tonight is the about the buildup
involving the Mars Opposition to Neptune -
7-11-11 - Mars Opp. Neptune
8-11-11- Asteroid Flyby
9-11-11- Neptune Station
10-11-11 Full Moon in Taurus
11-11-11 Stargate Portal

7-11-11 - Mars Opposing Neptune
In the past I have said that things will happen quickly now that the 9th Wave has ended and it
all kicked into high gear today. Starting with the somewhat confusing yet dynamic energies of Mars Opposing Neptune on the axis of the new wave Leo/Aquarius. This particular opposition known to increase or more likely enflame the imagination while generating visions of a unified wordl. So here ya have it 7-11-11 is integral in our leap into 11-11-11. Today with the hep of a pioneering Aries Moon keeping the pace in to the future. Everything is becoming way too bizarre and yet real in your face. Neptune can be like a dense fog that you can't ignore or
also the disinfo. agent and master at psyops like this story:
Correcting the ‘fairy tale’: A SEAL’s account of how Osama bin Laden really died
Yeah right why not reinforce the original false meme that Bin Laden was still alive.
Mars representing the military and in Leo the attention getting story of the former Navy SEAL
who sets the record straight about the fantastical account of Osama Bin Laden's assasination.
Of course mainstream media is not going to tell the whole truth - Was this really Osama Bin Laden - the Boogie Man?

November 8, 2011 Asteroid 2005 YU55 Flyby
The official story from Space Weather:
2005 YU55, an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier, heads for a Nov. 8th flyby of the Earth-Moon system. There is no danger to our planet. At closest approach on Tuesday at 3:28 pm PST (23:28 UT), the 400m-wide space rock will be 324,600 kilometers away, about 85% the distance from Earth to the Moon.
Even wikipedia admits that their is a potential hazard with this Asteroid.

The symbolic path by the constellations: this asteroid will peak in brightness at magnitude 11.1. Say What. That’s roughly 100 times fainter than the limit of human vision.
Except that Neptune has aided in all kinds of theories about 2005 YU55

This mysterious object will traverse the 70° of sky eastward across several constellations, from Aquila to Pegasus, in just 10 hours. And light from a nearly full moon will brighten the entire sky somewhat, making faint stars and the asteroid somewhat more difficult to spot.

CAPRICORNUS (The fish-goat). Spiritualized structure meets atonement.
1. SAGITTA (The Arrow). The arrow of God sent forth.
Mercury and Venus transiting in Sagittarius, on the Full Moon will be conjunct Antares which is ed binary star, combined a fiery red and emerald green located in the heart of the Scorpion.
One interpretation is "Success which canb be obsessive"

YU55's path then goes by
Pegasus - the Winged Steed.
The constellation AQUARIUS (The Water-Bearer).
AQUILA (The Eagle) abd DELPHINUS (T he Dolphin).
Pallas is conjunct Aquila
Below is a chart set for the asteroid flyby on the West Coast of the USA.
Aries is rising with the chart's ruler Mars now Void of Course and applying to an opposition with Chiron from 5th to 11th house. Mars VOC relates to either a progressive movement or to panic. Mars in Leo VOC is about taking risks where personal survival comes before group cooperation.

Neptune Stations direct November 9th @ 10:55 AM PST

Neptune moving direct
The top story broke at Mid-Day and involved Saturn in Libra and some serious verdicts. Another high profile trial reaches a conclusion as the Moon in swift Aries opposes Saturn in Libra (serious justice)
Dr. Conrad Murray Found Guilty in Death of Michael Jackson (UPDATES)
In a statement to TMZ, Michael Jackson's parents Joe and Katherine said, "We have been waiting for this moment for a very long time and we couldn't hold back tears of joy in the courtroom..."
This trial puts a focus on the insomia epidemic since Neptune and Pisces relate to sleep and sleep disorders.
This epidemic was amplified when Neptune stationed retrograde on June 3rd. @ 00 Pisces 55
Now as Neptune stations direct @ 28 Aquarius 08 on Nov. 9th.

November 10-11-2011 - a Full Moon in Taurus

Chart below is set for 3:16 PM EST at Washington,DC where:
Aries is rising @ 11 degrees 01 minutes with the Sabian: "A flock of wild geese"
which relates to a unified flight pattern seeking freedom. The Sun @ 18 Scorpio is posited in the natural house of Scorpio the 8th dealing with debt, collapse, international finance with the Eurozone events. The Sun opposing the Moon @ 18 Taurus in the natural house of the Bull with the
appropriate Sabian Symbol: "A new continent rising out of the ocean." Symbolically this deals with new potentials which can be fertile like the local agricultural movement. Yet on a literal side we are talking about real earth changes from more earthquakes to volcanoes.
Just today we see the rise in quakes that are M5.0+ in the world.
Mars the chart's ruler is
still Void of Course till 11:15 PM EST or 8:15 PM PST when he enters more grounded Virgo.
Virgo relates to not only health but the rise in power of women and the feminine.

As I said above, Mars the ancient ruler of Scorpio makes an ingress into Virgo - the Virgin. She is often drawn with a staff or rod in her right hand and an ear of wheat in her left hand. A symbol of fecundity abundance gifts of earth. In latin virga, 'a young shoot, twig', virgate", virgate (shaped like a wand or rod, also an early English measure of land area)

11-11-11 Portal
Here is Galactic Tone 11 which relates to manifestation and also fitting into the Universe
not as an isolated planet on the edge of the Milky Way but a full Universal Citizen

The Video below might be a little New Age and airy fairy for many but it is the higher level
of these portal openings which have come full circle since Jan. 11, 1992.