Friday, March 04, 2011

Pisces Moon of Distractions, Disinformation and Eccentricity - Waves Overwhelm

I deliberately held off from righting about this emotional and highly sensitive
New Moon in Pisces (exact @ 12:46 PM PST) Pisces is known for dissappointments, tragedy, defeats, fantasy, deception but with this lunation we have a double whammy. Mercury now in Pisces will meet Uranus @ the most extreme degree the 29th.
(Sabian: "A crystal gazer" invoking the supernatural. Also Uranus, the cosmic trickster is TSQ to the Nodes in risk-taking sign of travel Sagittarius N Node
and data gathering S Node in Gemini. Looking at the Ascendant in polite, negotiating Libra we see Saturn Sesiquadrate (135 deg.) to Neptune and Chiron.
We are in strange times where science and fantasy cross - China's 'Two Suns' Video Unexplained By Science Just like Mercury-Uranus leading the illusion parade - The double sun image is an effect of optical refraction, Kaler said, but it's a "pretty darn rare" one, and one not fully explained by science.
Talk of Nibiru or the Brown Dwarf
is commonplace as are warnings of major poleshift to began on March 15th.

Everything is about to open up big time whiile
freedom of thought (Mercury-Uranus) brings the innovative, eccentric and enlightened energies together. Except in Pisces, things can go wrong Per EX:
where the four-stage Taurus XL booster was carrying NASA's $424 million Glory satellite to study Earth's climate.
Rocket Carrying New NASA Climate Satellite Likely Crashed Into Pacific Ocean
Interesting that today around 2:10 AM there were two plasma clouds that billowed out into space .
of course Chiron-Mars-Sun-Moon all in the fishes sign added to the faulty perceptions leading to this crash
Sag. was rising @ 2:10 AM PST near the N Node TSQ Uranus and Mercury in Pisces

Much of the news is still dominated by volatile Charlie Sheen's Virgo Sun-Uranus-Pluto combo (born Sept. 3, 1965 @ 10:48 PM EDT in NY.)The martyr/service axis of mutable Pisces/Virgo is putting Carlos Irwin Estevez aka Charlie Sheen right in the center left of Libya Rivers of Blood. His Mercury ruled Virgo combo is closely opposing today's lunation with Sun-Moon conj. @ 13 Pisces 55 (Sabian: "The lady in the fox fur")
which is all about revealing things a little at a time by hiding.
It seems like some new shocking episode is revealed in the Sheen saga. We alternately feel sorry for him on one hand and are fascinated with the Dionysian craziness that he seems to represent. (Distractions). Women's nurturing abilities are aroused both with transiting Mercury now exactly conjunct his natal Chiron in Pisces.
Everyone loves a winner no matter how seemingly the disturbed underdog. After all
Charlie's magnetic yet intense Mars in Scorpio near Neptune can seem fanatical.
Charlie Sheen is Winning