Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trumpet Blaring and Nodes Changing

Today AQUARIAN SOLUTIONS is out in FLA. far from the BP oil disaster or the Macondo blowout. I happen to notice the Sabian for today's Sun in 7+ Pisces
"A girl blowing a bugle" 8 Pisces which reminds me of the awakening trumpet
played by Gabriel or that girl who sounds the alarm. Also from Bovee Astrology
"Today: Tremendous resource and rich fomenting power is available. One may feel compellingly called to something as if a bugle call resonated from deep within."
My thought is that many people around the world have been feeling the clarion call
from around the time that Mubarak resigned around Feb.11, 2011 when the Universal
Underworld commence.
He goes on to say:
And within is the space from which good things will come, as opposed to an external agent answering a call."

Today's capricorn moon is hosting stories of gas climbing in price along with
Uranus @ extreme 29th. degree speaking of Cap.
Economic collapse and environmental destruction marching hand in hand
with yesterday's exact Jupiter-Pluto square illuminating greed - Per this latest from BP. trying to shirk their payments after causing catastrophic loss. Let's not get ahead of ourselves but with Uranus at the last and most extreme degrees of Pisces just like April 20, 2010 when explosion of Deepwater Horizon began and with Uranus entering Aries on March 11th will explode.

Find hope "beyond" information now that the moons nodes are changing signs on March 3rd. right before the New Moon @ 14 Pisces @ 12:46 PM from Capricorn(government-structure)
Cancer(mother-nurturing) changing into Sagittarius (travel-boundary breaking)
and Gemini (learning and beyond data Notice this story from George4Title about
protests against CPS as the shift occurs

Or since raw milk relates to cancer as does breast milk this story from Natural News
Raw Milk
Several states consider loosening raw milk restrictions as FDA tries to tighten them

Then we got Libyan refugees streaming into Malta or Sicily or wherever they can travel. Because with Jupiter-Uranus together almost in Aries and ruler Mars near Chiron The battle for Tripoli hits high gear.