Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Fields of Ardath are Calling on this Full Moon

In my last Full Moon report I discussed some of the rumors of drastic earth changes
which are manifesting in Arkansas and the New Madrid fault. (More on this in another entry.)
We also touched massive sunspot 1158 and the X Class flare that triggering some serious geomagnetic storms. We are now fully open to major cosmic impulses from Solar Cycle 24. Witness this time-lapse movie of the X2-category explosion on Feb. 15th that spawned tonight's CME. The effect of this solar storm has been anything but quiet - Huge solar flare jams radio, satellite signals: NASA! We have already have had disturbances in radio communications in China shold expect some major disruptions to more electrical power grids and satellites in the next two days of this full moon.
Looking at the chart for this Full Moon set for UT in Greenwhich we see Jupiter
near solar Aries rising moving into opposition with Saturn on the 7th.
Pluto TSQ's both of these social/political planets at Mid-Heaven.
Pluto the lord of the underworld and power player supreme at 7 degrees Capricorn:
"A veiled prophet of power. " or more apt. "The populist hero tried for a capital offense, delivers an emotional appeal.." which describes how the passions of the underdog are being voiced in this current rebellion.

Also I delineated how the last solar eclipse crossed the Middle East on Jan. 4th. nurturing
an uprising of the spirit of revolutions from Baharain to Egypt to Libya to Tunisia and continuing to fire up the stargate in Yemen/Aden.

Magical Moon and the Fields of Ardath.
Before I discuss the Fixed Stars over San Francisco and DC, lets look at remarkable and poetic Sabian image of the Sun @ 29 degrees Aquarius 20 minutes:
"Moon-lit fields, once Babylon are blooming white." or even more profound from
that master of the Sabian: Blain Bovee - "The field of Ardath in bloom"
Blain goes on to say: 'Ardath' is an ancient name for mystic meadows that carry enduring rewards and blessings...Ardath is also related to the Goddess ‘Maia’,
ne of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. Maia was also the mother of Hermes (Thoth). The akashic records reveal a connection to the ancient Lemurian ‘Rites of Myaea. From this website speaking of May Day and Beltane: " Myaea was seen as the stellar frequency which opened the way through the portal of the Pleiades and into the ‘Fields of Ardath’." Since we are officially in the Universal Underworld where
all insights are unifying - lets open that unsealed letter, the image for tonight's
Full Moon @ 30 degrees Leo to integrate this revelation -"Field of Ardath is a symbolic name for the Hidden Heart, or a place of wisdom reached only through the activation of a center in the heart which Thoth calls the “Heart of the Lion”.
While we ponder the implications of this portal opening, let's listen to some
music from an Irish group called the Eyes Of Blue -Fields of Ardath”

Time to open our hearts to a new dimension of reality to help us weather the
storms lashing our emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.