Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pt. Two: The Gates are Open-Lunar Eclipse June 26, 2010

In my last blog entry describing the coming Lunar Eclipse on June 26th which is part of Saros Series 12 South which first started on Sept. 19, 1541 and ends on Oct. 27, 2785: (The Saros cycle is based on the recognition that 223 synodic months or 242 Draconic Months - he draconic or draconitic month refers to the mythological dragon that lives in the nodes and regularly eats the Sun or Moon during an eclipse. Actually the Draconic month refers to Interception with ecliptic plane or Node (ascending or descending)
"This Saros series will bring successful outcomes to long term worries and
illness. An issue which has worried or drained the individual for some time
will at first seem worse, then clear with successful outcomes."

Yes things seem to have gotten worse on many levels where it is the weather with Mercury-Juno two bodies which trigger weather and severe weather when in a TSQ to Uranus-Pluto. Storm developing into tropical depression in the Gulf!
Or the latest doom from the Oil Volcano - Drilling Expert Says Leaning Gulf Oil Spill BOP May Fall

Undoubtedly by the time this eclipse's counterpart on July 11th. we might be in the worse part or dramatic third act. The next event is a Total Solar Eclipse with maximum eclipse at 19:34:38 UTC. The 2Sun-Moon @ 19 Cancer 23 or close to the critical 20th degree signifying Castor the " mortal Twin" in the constellation Gemini. Yes opposed to the immortal twin, Pollux. Caster was famous for his skill in taming and managing horses. The critical 20th degree relates to: Violence, sudden fame, followed by prison or disgrace. Weakness of the eyes, injuries to the face. Visible over the southern Pacific Ocean, touching several small islands including Tuamotu in French Polynesia and Easter Island, as well as the southern tips of Argentina and Chile in South America.
The June 26th event has the Sun and Mercury in the emotional, nurturing sign of Cancer relating to food, family and the rights of the abused.

Before we talk about the Cardinal Cross note that the Sun (identity) and Mercury (Mind) conjunct Juno or Hera which is an indicator of one to one relationships but is also associated
with the atmosphere, weather and climate. Juno is also conjunct N Node also in Cancer adding a strong influence of floods, storms and just a lot of water. In fact

The Gates of Men and Gods - Cancer/Capricorn

Calling all ancestors to set us straight...
According to Porphyry (per On the Cave of the Nymphs in the Thirteenth Book of the Odyssey)
From and article by Deborah Houlding of
"the sign of the Sun's greatest elevation, Cancer was considered nearest to the highest point of heaven - thus the constellation was recognized as 'the Gate of Men' through which souls descended to Earth from heaven. The opposite constellation, Capricorn, represented the 'Gate of the Gods', where souls of the departed ascended back to heaven. This ties neatly with Hermetic Philosophy, which regards the sphere of the Moon, the planetary ruler of Cancer, as the final realm in which incarnating souls acquire shape and form in birth."
Hmmm speaking of the Gates of the Dead we get breaking news that former VP Dick Cheney
had been hospitalized.

An entrance, a portal even a stargate as these two eclipses echo Solstice Points.
It has been said that this neo-plantonist myth has a babylonian origin.
Cancer/Capricorn are obvious sighs which relate to the historical hall of records.
More to follow on Bablyonian symbolism but first..

Thus souls descended from heaven into human bodies, or into creation...then departed ascended back to heavens.

Mehserle trial another symptom of Cardinal Crunch needing resolution.
Today on the eve of the Eclipse, both Mercury and the Moon have been triggering all the
symptoms of weepy , emotional Cancer and overly dramatic Venus in Leo it has been a roller coaster. When we set tomorrow's chart for Los Angeles @ 4:38:39 AM we see the
Cancer grouping in the 1st house. Yes in LA where the Johannes Mehserle trial is moving towards a close. Today on the stand: Mehserle weeps: 'I didn't think I had my gun' This morning back to back aspects of Mercury square Uranus (for this surprise outburst or calculated?) Uranus in Aries relates to a show o force Mehserle testified that he had accidentally shot and killed Oscar Grant. WTF this testimony might supposedly show his soft side . But keep in mind that Sun in domestic Cancer was opposing Pluto explicating a secret agenda. Except with the tensions high and impulse control at a super low with those cardinal gates wide open - A bystander Killings, 24, stood and yelled, "Maybe you should save those f- tears, dude. Cancer is a fear driven sign and in opposition with Pluto-Moon we look back to April 29, 1992 when the Rodney King verdict sparked some of the worst riots in LA
The Moon's Nodes were also in Capricorn/Cancer with Mercury-Juno and the Moon in fiery Aries.
Oakland: Road To Riot? Rumors, Speculation Fuel Fear
Sun-Mercury-June Cancer opposing Pluto/Moon in authoritarian Capricorn TSQ Uranus/Jupiter (court case) is a powder keg. The publicity, rage and years of frustration about the police has been building.
Watch video reflecting public sentiment in Oakland where
Did BART Officer call Oscar Grant "Bitch Ass Nigger" before being kille
Oakland PD is expecting riots (to the degree of the LA/Rodney King riots) if/when a not-guilty verdict is read. This is not an exaggeration. Every law enforcement agency in the area is preparing for large scale crowd control and vandalism.

Babylonian Starlore
Symbolism concerning the Gates of Men can be found among the following Babylonian constellations: The Crab (Cancer), which has magical associations with raising the dead and making offerings to ghosts. The Serpent (Hydra), which is sacred to Ningishzida, a prominent god of the underworld. The Great Twins (Gemini), who seem to be posted, weapons at the ready, guarding the entrance to the underworld.
The tradition of the Gates of the Gods is found in the lore surrounding Pabilsag (Sagittarius), who represents the 'Forefather' or 'Chief Ancestor'. The Eagle & Dead Man (Aquila & Sagita) which together either represent the soul spirited away into the ancestral realms or more specifically the soul of a tyrant being removed from the ancestral realm altogether.