Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pt. One: After the Solstice, the Lunar Eclipse on June 26, 2010

Part One: Fixed Stars for the Lunar Partial Eclipse

The Summer Solstice on June 21st has set in motion a rapid-fire series of events
leading up to an incredible Lunar Eclipse on June 26th
@ greatest elongation on 11:38:29 UTC or 7:38:29 EDT or 4:38:29 PDT
Before I delve more deeply into the upcoming line up of primal, cardinal points, I will examine some of the Fixed Stars which are rising, culminating and setting in paran and aspect .
This Full Moon eclipse is not only explosive but totally life changing.
We have already seen how the Sun now in Cancer is butting heads with Jupiter-Uranus in "Martial-Militaristic-Mars" ruled Aries all fighting the lord of the underworld and deep
recesses of the earth/ocean - Pluto.

McChrystal's resignation of course reveals how fast Venus opposing Neptune is about abdication and defeats. A rapid-fire chain of events led to Gen. McChrystal's downfall
This sure sounds like Mars-Vesta together in service (Armed services) oriented Virgo
trine the Moon and N Node of destiny.
Preview: Bellatrix is rising as the Sun is Rising orb 01 mins 49 secs -
Remember that Bellatrix is the Female Warrior, the Amazon Star in the left shoulder
of the constellation Orion.
Successful, but via the hard or physical route - Arising and lying hidden
The process will not be an easy transition per Robson:
Bellatrix with the Sun (rulers-leaders): Vacillating, changeable, indecisive in business, mechanical ability, riches and honor but final ruin, blindness by accident, disease, extreme sickness, fevers or violent death.

Even though Neptune-Pisces correspond and even rule Oil and Oceans, it is Pluto that is connecting with the deep, hidden fluids of mother earth's seismic terrain.
As above so below is personified in this event when : A solar wind stream is due to hit Earth's magnetic field on June 26th, possibly sparking a new round of geomagnetic activity. Sky watchers above and below should be alert for auroras.
It will be visible after sunset from Australia, and eastern Asia. It will be seen before sunrise setting over western North and South America..
Back to astrology and how the Cardinal Crush will progress
Looking at the Sabians:Sun @ 5 degrees Cancer "An automobile wrecked by a train."
5 degrees Capricorn: "Indians rowing a canoe and dancing
a war dance."
Lots of action but not all doom, gloomy and negative.
In fact both eclipses (July 11th too) are from Saros Series 12 South
which is about resolutions and successful outcomes...
Per Brady:
"This Saros series will bring successful outcomes to long term worries and
illness. An issue which has worried or drained the individual for some time
will at first seem worse, then clear with successful outcomes."

So how will this happen?
We are witnessing possibly the greatest environmental event - possibly an extinction event
that mankind has dealt with in the last 300+ years. Calleman says that time has accelerated and all the underworlds are converging reflecting not only this accident during the planetary and industrial age. We are moving toward the Seventh Day and end of the Galactic Underworld in November 2010. But first we are heading toward the Conscious Convergence Event of Awakening on July 17-18, 2010.
Calleman: The current fragmentation of both individuals and groups is a critical point. It is here I believe the Conscious Convergence will enter into the picture to give hope and visions for the future.

Heliacal Rising Star is Aldebaran, the great "red giant", war-like Aldebaran and one of the four "Guardians of Heaven" sentinels watching over other stars. Aldebaran a pale rose star marking the right eye of the Bull four royal stars of Persia as "Watcher of the East". Also correlates to Michael - Military Commander of the Heavenly Host.
Per Robson - With Sun: Great energy and perseverance, high material honors but danger of losing them, danger from quarrels and the law, honor and riches ending in disgrace and ruin, liable to disease, fevers and a violent death.

Heliacal Setting Star is Arcturus, a golden red star situated on the left knee of the Herdsman, the 4th brightest in the sky. Like the herdsman, Arcturus is always seeking a new pathway

Algol (that terrible Ghoul) is not only strong but exaggerated meaning catastrophic accidents and violence connected with decapitation...
Algol, the demon star is rising with Jupiter
"An obsession with power, whether political, physical or spiritual"
We see from Afghanistan: Taliban behead 11 Afghan civilians

Hamal, is a yellow star on the forehead of the Ram. is culminating as Venus is Rising orb 01 mins 25 secs -
To seek different ways of relating; to be creative in a unique way we hope.
There is a confrontive even pugilistic spirit with Hamal.
Keep in mind per Elsbeth Ebertin: Hamal has a quality of Mars-Saturn combination. This combo appear to be fighting each other for domination, and this influence could be a dangerous one in the material sphere. If connected closely otherwise, life may be repeatedly in danger,
With Venus, Hamal's influence should be benign but often is the opposite.
Think in terms of envious, jealous, domestic trouble, ill-health to native or family

Capella is another prominent star in the Eclipse lineup.
Capell in the constellation Auriga is a white star, 6th largest star in the sky marks the goat that the Charioteer Auriga is carrying on his left shoulder.
Now that the startling messenger Comet McNaught C/2009 R1 is a magnitude two comet, predicted to be a 4.7. The comet nears the Sun and becomes as bright as the stars in the familiar pattern known as "The Big Dipper". So McNaught is seen in morning hours in the northeast near the star Capella, in the constellation Auriga.

Capella is on the Nadir as Mars is Setting orb 00 mins 28 secs -
Explorer or activist; a person who is willing to take risks
Capella With Mars: Intellectual, learned, talents wasted on low subjects

Looking at the cardinal cross formed by the outside planets of Saturn-Uranus-Jupiter and Pluto...We view the background themes which can be seen for several months.
Uranus the planet of the unexpected and first time events - Public opinion, Public expectations
Culminating when Ras Algethi is Setting orb 00 mins 45 secs -
A sudden upset in the political balance of power - Curtailed passage

Neptune - The Hopes and Fears of the Nation
Setting when Mirfak is Culminating
The spiritual warrior, or the fallen sports hero
Pluto - The Crises or the Changes that Occur
On Nadir when Deneb Adige is Setting orb 01 mins 30 secs -
The paranormal realm takes a high profile - Curtailed passage
Rising when Altair is Rising orb 01 mins 32 secs -
Believing the end will justify the means