Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Solar Storms and the Baja Easter Quake - TSQ's Tighten with Pluto Station

The heavens are literally raining down water and a stream of charged particles hitting first as we get hit by the tail end
of the last series of solar storms. This last solar eruption created geomagnetic storms that can knock out power grids on Earth.
GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A sharp gust of solar wind hit Earth's magnetosphere on April 5th and sparked the strongest geomagnetic storm of the year (Kindex=7). Although the storm is subsiding now, it is not over. We stare in wonder at this incredible gallery of images of auroras.
After today's 7.7 Temblor in North Sumatra activated another spot were the earth is continuous active, many people on the West Coast of the USA are nervous to say the least.
The Sumatra quake which occurred @ 05:15:02 AM at epicenter had Uranus (unexpected quakes) on the Ascendant opposing Saturn on DSC. Saturn moves into Virgo on April 7th
so this opposition is getting closer and closer.
This mega quake in Northern Sumatra was timed with the Sun-Moon square and Pluto stationing retrograde in Capricorn.
A strong after shock of 5.1 hit within an hour reflecting the current fixed transits of Mars in Leo in hard aspect to Venus-Mercury in earthy Taurus.

A Little History about the Easter Baja Quake which appears to be a major precursor of
things to come.

The magnitude 7.2 Sierra El Mayor earthquake of Sunday April 4th 2010, occurred in northern Baja California, approximately 40 miles south of the Mexico-USA border at shallow depth along the principal plate boundary between the North American and Pacific plates. This is an area with a high level of historical seismicity, and also it has recently been seismically active, though this is the largest event to strike in this area since 1892. The 4 April earthquake appears to have been larger than the M 6.9 earthquake in 1940 or any of the early 20th century events (e.g., 1915 and 1934) in this region of northern Baja California.

At the time of the Baja quake (3:40 PM) Virgo was rising with chart's ruler, Mercury near Venus in earthy Taurus in an applying square to Mars in Leo as triggers
Moon in late Sagittarius was square Uranus in Pisces
Saturn Retro in the first house ready to move into Virgo and applying to another opposition to Uranus, the earthquake planet of unexpected tremors.