Sunday, April 25, 2010

Scorpio Full Moon April 28, 2010 Part One

Scorpius Constellation and the Milky Way

Today, Sunday the 25th. of April 2010 on the cusp of major transits heading into the next FULL MOON on April 28th at 8:19 AM EDT and 5:19 AM PDT with the Moon @ 8 degrees 07 minutes of Scorpio. Note that the Moon is applying to a conjunction with the asteroid Pallas which represents fearless an ruthless political warrior who prides himself on controlling the masses. So just a couple of hours after the full moon, Sun-Mercury are conjunct in very physical Taurus (9:44 AM)in the 11th house of friends, groups, brotherhoods both spiritual and tyranical. Of course the 11th also represents the Senate and Congress. Since Mercury is retrograde, this is a time of urgent matters or impulsive decisions. Transportation-related issues are active as are more network glitches.
Sabian Symbol for Sun @ 8 degrees Taurus 07 minutes: "A Christmas tree decorated. " or a more modern deeper version relating to Chiron now in Pisces and Uranus : "A homeless shelter on a Christmas day . Volunteers pass out presents while a folk musician sings a song about social justice." This also corresponds to spiritual nurturing and rituals.
Sabian Symbol for Moon @ 9 degrees Scorpio: "A dentist shows a patient an X-Ray of his teeth before drilling and filling his teeth. "
So ruler of the Taurus Sun is Venus now in playful Gemini and finally in a positive aspect A sextile to theatrical Mars in Leo - exact on May 7th. This Venus-Mars (Ares-Aphrodite passionate love fest occurs simultaneously with a Sun-Mars square on May 4th. Sun-Mars in discordant angle deals with aggression, impatience eruptions of biblical proportions from mountains and men and with concurrent Fixed Signs expect both...We may see some hot heads over react with bombings, murder or even assassination attempts.

On this intense and somewhat obsessive lunation, many people will investigate the true meaning of some major announcements by leaders and TPTB (The World Mgt. Team) (1)Expect an economic shake up with more regulations and least two major earth/volcanic shift and weather disasters.
Mercury ruled Gemini is rising @ 14 degrees with Venus-Juno now in Gemini in the 12th
making Mercury the chart's ruler near the Sun in the 11th.
Preview into Major Fixed Stars.
Fomalhaut (Fomalhaut, is a reddish star in the mouth of the Southern Fish, Piscis Austrinus) Is Rising 48 mins 11 secs before Sunrise -
One of the Royal Stars - corresponding to the Archangel Gabriel (Fomalhaut) watcher of the South. Fomalhaut can signify Idealism, illusion, and even deception, abound
We would say amid all the altered perceptions, scandals with both Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces, the main actors even all of us need to stay grounded and be realistic concerning the admiration of others.

Denebola, the rebel from the constellation Leo - sometimes Deneb (meaning "tail") is Setting 57 mins 32 secs before Sunrise -
Pursuing an alternative life.
The 'Tail of the Lion' has a Uranian nature and it is supposed that, in mundane horoscopes, major catastrophes are triggered off by it. Depending on the position and aspect to other stellar bodies in a personal cosmogram, either preferment or fall are credited to this star. Found on the Ascendant and especially in company with Mercury, a quarrelsome nature, with a liking for legal action is attributed to Denebola. It could also mean that this star is the cause of very exciting events. Badly placed in a map, with Mercury or Uranus, mental diseases - and those mostly incurable ones - are indicated. Fine aspects however, will further work connected with matters of reform and progress. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.56.]
Clashes with the Establishment

We will look deeper at this Full Moon for Washington, DC @ 8:19 AM especially with fixed stars in the next blog but first..Some annual themes compounded by a 10th house with Neptune @ 28 Aquarius 24 at Mid-Heaven. (Sabian for 25 degrees Aquarius: "A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis." Transformations - metamorphosis and instant shape shifting."
So many Piscean themes are dissolving and swirling from oil to water.
Oil Rig, Deepwater Horizon, Leaking Into Gulf Of Mexico
Oil prices are so volatile too that we see news like this: OIL FUTURES: Crude Higher In Asia On Stocks, Economic Optimism.

Fixed Stars and Thems
Neptune is Setting when Vega is Setting orb 00 mins 46 secs - to describe
The Hopes and Fears of the Nation
Setting when Vega is Setting orb 00 mins 46 secs -
Propaganda, the incorrect use of a leader's influence, or position
Neptune is Rising when Deneb Algedi (from Capricorn Constellation) is Rising orb 01 mins 30 secs - Obviously the justice of the legal system (Supreme Court) or the law is challenged to say he least.
Neptune is then Setting when Ankaa (Ankaa, is a star on the neck of the mythical Phoenix. ) and is Setting with an orb 01 mins 45 secs -
A time of ritual, spiritual or theatrical - Ankaa is Arising and lying hidden
Per [Robson*, p.57.]: It is said to give a pioneering disposition, ambition and power, together with a long life and lasting fame. With Jupiter-Uranus together in water
we should see some huge discoveries dealing with the world's oceans.

So the primary transit on the 6th/12 house axis or Virgo/Pisces which has been triggering many geo-political emergencies from unexpected explosions to landslides is the highly anticipated Saturn opposing Uranus tomorrow at 4:27 PM. This opposition occurs for the fourth and final/fatal time starting on Nov. 8th 2008, when Obama was elected in a sweep. The Financial worlds have already felt the shock waves of this coming trans.
First with SEC lawsuit against Goldman Sachs - SEC Charges Goldman Sachs With Fraud in Structuring and Marketing of CDO Tied to Subprime Mortgages.
Tornadoes which relate to Uranus are reflected in all the mutable oppositions/squares ending an 84 year cycle of Uranus.
Quakes have rocked us from Haiti to Chile to China/Tibet and NOW in Taiwan right from USGS: Magnitude 6.9 - SOUTHEAST OF TAIWAN for Monday, April 26, 2010 at 10:59:50 AM at epicenter with a location: 22.247°N, 123.733°E
Depth in line with HAARP: 10 km (6.2 miles) set by location program
With Jupiter exaggerating everything that are Uranian including Tornadoes.
News today: I wrote: "Tornado season is compounded today with Virgo Moon opposing Jupiter-Uranus
While Saturn in Virgo moves closer towards an exact opposition with both Juptier (magnification) and Uranus (unexpected events) in Pisces - Religion
While Mercury ruler of Virgo is both retro. and square Mars in Leo for accidents.
Whoa - Emergency Official: 10 Killed by Miss. Tornado
Expect more tornadoes coming with the next Full Moon

Looking even further ahead to a Major Event Day on May 22nd with the Law-Giver, Jupiter in Uranus an exact perfecting opposition to Saturn in service, health oriented Virgo the Jupiter @ 10:43 PM on May 22nd. May 22nd not only has major cardinal squares but also represents the sustainable fixed signs Taurus and Leo. Now with Mercury in the Sign of te Bull and constellation Pleiades direct as of May 11th and Mars direct and strong in roaring

Pleiades and Hyades Dominate May 2010.

Just yesterday April 24, 2010: Venus The Pleiades or Seven Sisters
From Myth - Alcyone - Seduced by Poseidon. The Central One. The Hen.
Using ALCYONE The central star of the Pleiades and Longitude for 2000: 00GEM00 so Venus will conjunct Alcyone circa 10:06 PM on April 24th.
Alcyone, "The Central One", is the central or main star and also the largest star of the Pleiades or Seven Sisters,
Pleiades with Venus: Immoral, strong passions, disgrace through women, sickness, loss of fortune. [Robson*].

Venus and the Pleiades Weekend (April 24-25)
VENUS AND THE PLEIADES: Sometimes, dazzling and subtle go well together. This weekend is one of those times. Dazzling Venus is passing by the subtle Pleiades for a lovely conjunction in the late sunset sky. Last night, Jerry D. Chab caught the planet and the star cluster converging above an active thunderstorm in Falls City, Nebraska.
We will talk more about those weeping sisters as we approach this not so subtle and extreme Full Moon ruled by the destroyer.