Friday, April 09, 2010

Powerhouse Aries Lunation Hits the West Coast April 14th.

The Earth and Heavens Awaken!

Now that the moon is in more mellow Pisces and has separated from a fated Neptune-Chiron conjunction we can briefly catch our breath. No doubt things are getting hotter on all levels especially with earth and Sun awakening. The Sun is exalted in Aries and will be meeting the Moon soon.
Lots of action from the Sun even a surprise Sungrazing Comet shown above. "With no warning, a new comet has appeared and it is plunging toward the sun." Today's Moon-Neptune-Chiron combo in the sign of totally shocking events
seems to translate these energies. BTW this is the third bright sungrazing comet of 2010. Like the others, the comets reach their demise with fiery close encounters.

From Spaceweather.comINCOMING CME: Decaying sunspot 1060 delivered a parting shot on April 8th. The active region's magnetic field erupted, sparking a B3-class solar flare and hurling a faint coronal mass ejection (CME) almost directly toward Earth. Geomagnetic disturbances are possible when the cloud arrives on April 11th or 12th.
I created three charts for the next lunation (Aries ) set for these cities on the
West Coast: San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle.
Each chart shows Sun and Moon in the first house in an explosive position.
In all three charts Uranus is near the Ascendant both SF @ 25 Pisces and Seattle @ 24 Pisces also have mutable angles making for a mutable cross with Uranus TSQ MC/IC an descendant. The chart set for Los Angeles steps up a notch with Aries rising @ 2 degrees
building a dangerous Cardinal Cross square MC-IC with Pluto-Ceres in the sign of earth upheavals Capricorn - also conservatives. The Sabian Symbol for 3 Aries: "The profile
of a great patriot, framed by the outline of his country."
This image echoes the good and bad in our cultural traits it also reflects certain leadership. There is an underlying sense of destiny and personal mythology. We are also referencing political and social quakes.

New Moon set for San Francisco with January 15th Solar Eclipse on the Outer Wheel

Moving toward the Aries New Moon with a square the Solar Eclipse degree of January 15th.eclipse @ 25 degrees Capricorn. Looking back we see below the Solar Eclipse on Jan. 14th with Sun-Moon together in Capricorn @ 11:11 PM (highly symbolic in itself.
So as we rush toward the first Cardinal square to the January Eclipse the earth is awakening along with the inhabitants. Multiple quakes in the Baja California desert are continuing from Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico to Seeley, CA. In fact this swarm hasn't stopped since Easter increasing to over 2600 separate tremors per this Map and list.