Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Moon in Leo August 20th Tribal Drama, Grand Squares, Triple Conjunction and Yods

The Theatre is Open!
Sun/Moon Stage is Set for More Release and Healing?

The Joker face creeps up everywhere even Time Magazine on telephone poles and billboards and TV - OBAMA JOKER POSTER CONTEST IN THE NEWS In true Leo fashion - The Joker Contest ala radio personality and Aquarius Alex Jones makes center stage. All this is eclipsed by yesterday's Sun Opposing Neptune in Aquarius (Aug. 17th) On August 14th Sun opposed first Jupiter (our beliefs and sense of personal values)in orb of Chiron (need for true healing not medicine for profit) - So obviously leaders (Sun) are being challenged from the masses
The mask will soon be off.

Rebellion is in the air, filled with and today's exact Mars Square Uranus Transit (7:24 PM) will still be in effect for Wednesday's fiery NEW Moon @ 27 Leo. Smoke is still in the air especially on the West Coast where the he nearly 90,000-acre La Brea fire is almost over along with the Bonny Doon fire up in N. California. Not to be oudone Uranus in Pisces which represents sudden events and discoveries dealing with drugs
We are still in an unusually charged, nervous time when sudden, and unexpected events tend to occur like accidents and fights. This transit stimulates a tone of militancy and assertiveness. Besides earthquakes and radical weather from Typhoons to Hurricanes more strikes will come. Next shoe to drop wih Mercury first opposing Uranus
Healthcare reform is being both discussed and debated (with Mars in wordy Gemini) the need for care/nurturance (Moon in South Node into Cancer Aug. 21st) is currently augmented by Venus-Vesta Trine to Uranus adding to innovative, intuitive and artistic solutions. In the chart set for Vancouver, BC Uranus is almost in exact meeting with the MC for some truly unexpected events on the West Coast of North America.
Venus in Cancer sits on the Ascendant and adds beauty, feelings and sentiments directed toward our own family and all our relations. Vesta-Uranus is about dedication to spiritual, revolutionary or is it evolutionary visions championing causess of sexual liberation.
More importantly having Venus sextile Saturn (Aug. 19th) and still within orb. Like all Saturn/Virgo time to face reality be practical and confront the solid facts now. Also when the planet of Aphrodite is in easy aspect to Cronus we can reach settlements, formalization and solutions to many problems which surfaced during the whole mutable, monkey wrenching TSQ which surfaced when Mars changed signs back on July 11th right after
the first Lunar Eclipse (July 7th) of the Summer Series.

Grand Square- Increasing Potency.
An Anatomy of this configuration:
Saturn/Mercury in Virgo are in a close opposition to Uranus in Pisces (Aug. 21st). When Mercury-Uranus are in hard orb unusual and sudden weather changes are possible especially with all the hurricanes out there on the Atlantic. Mercury in Opposition to Uranus also deals with mental pursuits, scientific efforts of an innovative nature to say the least (also UFO's sighted). The other arm of the cross is represented by Mars in Gemini in in a close T-square to the intensifying Saturn/Uranus opposition (Sept. 15th). Pluto in earthy Capricorn is opposite Mars in Gemini (Mars will move into Cardinal Cancer on Aug. 25th) So all this forms a transformative grand square. Pluto, plumbs the depth as we all face our darkest wounds with Chiron another Chthonic (from chthonios, "in, under, or beneath the earth" - quakes and volcanoes are under pressure set off around the time of the July 7th Lunar Eclipse @ the critical 15 Capricorn. So here we have Pluto as the only planet in a cardinal (initiating) sign. Looking back to the final Aug. 5th Lunar Eclipse in volatile Aquarius we view the Aug. 3rd quakes in the Gulf of California and Baja (6.2 Magnitude) to three in the Gulf from 6.9 Magnitude to 5.0!

Nodes Change and Yods Appear

The August 20th lunation is more than just a gateway for earth but offers a ceremonial point for all the elements/elementals who crave to let loose from earth to air to water to fire getting us ready for the Cardinal Climax on July 2010 when Uranus takes the first impulsive step in Aries. Systems have disintegrated and pandemics of over protection will also dissipate into new frontiers. With the Moon's True Nodes moving from Aquarius/Leo to Capricorn/Cancer on August 21st this lunation will set the tones for the next 1.5 years. Perhaps more relevant to the next couple of weeks are the formation of
a YOD (finger of God and fate) from Saturn-Mercury (serious news) now in Virgo and Sextile the planet of pleasure Venus now in Cancer pointing to Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune all in Aquarius. Whether we look at the chart above set for the West Coast and Vancouver, BC
where the apex of the Yod is in a dangerous 8th house - we will all have to accept the healing changes in mass.

Sabian and Mayan World Tree
Thus tomorrow's New Moon takes place on August 20th. @ 3:02 AM PDT or 6:02 AM EDT at 27 degrees 31 minutes Leo

Sabian Symbol for this degree of Leo : "Many little birds on the limb of a large tree" The question arises will the birds fly away before the tree breaks.
A much more mystical Sabian might elucidate: "A mystic in an underground cell meditates on the Tree of Life, pictured as a tree with smiling Suns and frowning Moons as fruits. When he emerges into the sunlight the world seems strangely transformed. " This tells of the interface between dreams and reality especialy with Sun/Moon still in orb of an opposition to Neptune. Besides references to the Cabala, we are reminded of the Mayan World Tree - Its roots were in the underworld, its trunk in the middle world, and its branches in the highest layer of the other world. The tree represents the Milky Way. The tree had a physical counterpart for MesoAmerica - and was represented by the tall and majestic flowering tree, the Ceiba.

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