Monday, August 31, 2009

Dangerous Harvest - Pisces Full Moon 2009

Wind and Fires Cross the West Coast as Evacuation Plans Move Forward

Are we heading for a Harvest Moon of despair or natural change as we approach the Sept. 4th Full Moon in Pisces ruled by both Jupiter/Neptune combining excess and hysteria?
Parts of the West Coast including Baja California are under potential evacuation orders.
Just in on Sept. 1st: Californians told to prepare for mass evacuation
California's Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has urged the residents of Los Angeles to prepare for a mass evacuation in the event of a public call to flee raging fires.
Down in Baja with Thousands Evacuated as Hurricane Jimena Swirls Toward Baja California

The doom keeps growing dramatically as we approach Friday's Full Moon @ 12 Degrees 15 minutes Pisces. Perhaps the fact that Venus/Vesta in Leo is applying to an opposition to expanding Jupiter in collective Aquarius could have something to do with our expectations and movement our of harms way. We astrologers are aware that even though things appear out of hand and perpetual, like a 6+ day fire that seems to never end, we can count on change especially as planets changes signs and triplicities. Even today with Moon now in cooler Aquarius, temperatures will drop in the fire zone. By the time the Pisces Lunation (the first Harvest Moon) the fires may be under control. Mars-Pluto-Juno-Nercurcy (moving retrograde on Sept. 7th) have formed a Grand Square on the solstice points it seems like new
catastrophes are generated everyday.

Another Financial Meltdown

So besides raging fires and hurricanes we are also hitting a crash in the financial markets with the Pisces Full Moon marking a year's anniversary of the economic meltdown
back on September 15, 2008. Last year the Full Moon was closely conjunct Uranus with Pluto in the last degrees of Jupiter ruled Sagittarius to form a mutable TSQ on Nov. 4th
(when the first Saturn-Uranus Opposition brought Obama's version of change with the eleciton.) Now we have Pluto in financially transformative Capricorn stationing and moving direct on Sept. 11th (how perfect is that...) Already today we are starting to see
change in the markets coming quickly. Sept. 1st: Banks Lead Decline in U.S. Stocks on Concern Over More Losses

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