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Culmination - Penumbral Eclipse August 6, 2009

Moon, Sun and Solar Winds Set the Stage for More Drama and Flash Transformation

Unlike the picture above of a lunar eclipse that took place on August 28, 2007, the August 6 eclipse will not be visible to the naked eye as its magnitude is only 0.402, In contrast to the Total Solar Eclipse on July 22nd, there is little chance of seeing more than the slightest hint of the earth's shadow passing over the moon.
Visibility or not, the astrological transits as enumerated below from the chart set for San Francisco the point of greatest eclipse occurs at about 00:39:11 PT will be awesome!

Pluto @ critical zero degrees void in Capricorn and retrograde sits on the ascendant and opposes Venus in the 7th to cross Juno-Aries Opposing Ceres-Libra in the 3rd-9th axis
describing a threat from a foreign land. Pluto as an authority is showing outright power. Some form of mandatory rule or just explosive destruction where our needs to be patience are pushed aside in favor of drastic actions. Lots of Bay Area and Southern California residents are naturally nervous regarding all types of potential disasters including those that nature sets off.

In the last 48 hours, both the Gulf of California (with a 6.9 and 6.2 Magitude quakes topping off four powerful after shocks). Just today another magnitude 6.1 hit near the Ryukyu Islands, Japan - this quake had a preliminary magnitude of 6.5.

California a state in the grip of debt mirrored by the Sun in the 8th opposing the Moon in the 2nd. If we add the influx of so many immigrants with Saturn the 9th house position and square to Mars in the 6th. we have a recipe for disaster. Saturn signifies stress can bring defeat or indicate survival of the fittest. The 9th house rules the courts and judges, as news came out today via U.S. judges who told California to prepare to release more than 40,000 of its 150,000 inmates to reduce overcrowding in state prisons, which suffer from massive healthcare problems.

Like Mayan Sun Sign for August 5th Cimi - The Transformer there is a correlation to Pluto. Cimi deals with the cycle of life or death or rebirth and can bring strength and spiritual guidance. Cimi will be accompanied by the Galactic Tone 5 signifying empowerment which manages communications. Cimi also connects with our ancestors to enhance psychic abilities and telepathy.

Just as the crop circles in July predicted solar storms for the first Lunar Eclipse on July 7th when the Capricorn Full Moon was strong at critical 15 degrees,
talks of a solar wind stream flowing to Earth from a coronal hole. In fact this furious solar storm could reach Earth on or about Aug. 7th

Will the third eclipse this summer act like a charm or mystical magnet for something beyond the aethers? The Sabian for the Sun's degreee @ 13 Leo 43 connotes spiritual desire for 3D. "Cherub-like a human soul whispers, seeking to manifest."

History of the 11 South Series of Eclipses
As I have mentioned this trio of eclipses are part of the 11 South modified Saros series (no. 136 of the standard Saros). They describe reform, sudden even "flash" change, sometimes violent or tragic. The inaugural eclipse the 11 South series took place on an Aries point (0 Cancer) in 1360 and it ushered in a period of instability in Asia, Skipping to more recent times in 1901 the NYSE had one of its first crashes, there were racial tensions in the US South too. Since the next Saturn-Uranus Opposition on September 15th could be timed with another financial crisis lets take a peek at the Panic of 1901. This was caused in part by struggles between E. H. Harriman, Jacob Schiff, and J. P. Morgan/James J. Hill for the financial control of the Northern Pacific Railroad.
The eclipse of 1919 in this series coincided with the eruption of Volcano Kelut in Java, which killed 16, 000. This eclipse also was at the time of Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which revolutionized the science of the day.

More recent times saw the 11 South eclipses of 1973 triggered the beginning of impeachment proceedings against Nixon, the death of Juan Peron. The 1973 eclipse corresponded to violent actions like the Weather Underground bombing of the US State Department and the Haicheng quake in China, killing 2,041.
In 1991, this family of eclipses occurred along with the start of the Gulf War with Iraq, the Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart prostitute scandal or Mikhail Gorbachev formally resigning as President of U.S.S.R.

Perseid Meteor Showers.
Regarding a more astronomically physical events, the annual Perseid Meteor shower it seems like there will be some fiery outbursts this year...This year's Perseid meteor shower could be even better than usual. "A filament of comet dust has drifted across Earth's path and when Earth passes through it, sometime between 0800 and 0900 UT (1 - 2 am PDT) on August 12th, the Perseid meteor rate could surge to twice its normal value,"

On the inner-emotional planes the big story is the transition of the Moon's True Nodes into the Cardinal Signs Capricorn/Cancer on August 21st. as symbolized by the Aquarian/Leo axis where the Full Moon sits in the 2nd house of the SF chart and the 12th house of the DC Chart.

Fixed Stars
HELIACAL RISING STAR is Phact known as the bow of the Argo (Dove) which is all about exploring, seeking the unknown and taking risks.
Mars is culminating when Denebola (the tail of the Lion) is rising to emphasize non-conformity, wag the lion style. When in paran with Mars, Denebola is about championing non-mainstream causes and shocking actions.

Saturn is culminating when Murzim, the announcer from the constellation Canis Major. which is about making a Big Noise and getting noticed.
When Saturn is paran iwth Murzim, it is about the ability to influence others with words.
With Obama's birthday merging with lots of media disinformation about everything to his birth place to his Obamacare plan, TPTB will help to capture the benefits of Murzim.
The eclipse chart for DC not only has transiting Pallas-Mercury in glib Virgo transiting Barack's natal Pluto which should spur words of authority directed at the many people who are waking up what is really being offered.

Whether we look at the nearby chart or one for DC or Greenwhich, the dangerous Mars applying to a dangerous and conflictive even accident prone square to Saturn (exact Aug. 10th)is apparent. In the SF chart Mars is in the 6th and Saturn in the 9th. In the 6th Mars could touch the realms of health to police to military to unemployment. Mars usually represents aggression or aggressiveness in some form, nations with military governments (Saturn) who use the threat of war as a way of controlling their people. Yes Mars will translate the light for the upcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition especially when he is in exact square to Uranus on August 17th. Saturn which represents eeks control, order and structure, in the San Francisco chart is found in the 9th. The 9th house connected to foreign relations and long distance travel - Clinton just was in N Korea helping with the release of the two UIS journalists captured by the N Koreans.

In the DC Eclipse Chart when we look at Fixed Stars we find that most of the stars are the same as SF except:
Mars is rising when Deneb Algedi from the constellation Capricorn is Culminating.
Deneb Algedi is known as the ancient law giver and when in paran with Mars, we are talking about taking the law into our own hands. In the last few days we have began to see a real rebellion foment against many of the proposed laws that Congress and the administration want to pass. Mars in this configuration with Deneb Algedi can represent an outlaw mentality and most likely represents HR 1207 which is picking up momentum in the halls of Congress. HR 1207 is Ron Paul's baby which calls for a true audit of the FED.

The Full Moon Eclipse Chart for Washington, DC set for 8:55 PM (ecliptic conjunction)
has Mars in the 4th with Saturn in the 7th making the threat of outside interference
even more imminent...This of course is not written in stone even though the 7th represents foreign relations, treaties and/or disputes. From a positive note toward resolving and reaching accords and agreements, both Mercury and Pallas are together in Virgo in a flowing sextile with Venus in Cancer (5th.) for enhanced creative expression along with mergers, agreements and successful business deals. The 5th is not just about creative arts, leisure and fashion but linked to the economy through speculation and the Stock Exchange. The market will go higher before sinking at least till Mars also trines the Aquarian Conjunction. in the Chart below that crazy, deceptive, expansive hopeful conjunction is found in the 12th house along with the moon and N Node. The 12th house represents hospitals, prisons, institutions and any place of confinement to secret enemies. With Uranus in emotional and imaginative Pisces in strong mutual reception found in the 1st. expect many qualities and features of the 12th to be touched. Examples of the preceiding include many things that have been hidden or secret. This house can rule terrorist activities, hostage situations. behind the scenes manipulation, slavery, human rights issues, criminals and crimes.

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