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Come Together out of the Shadows - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Come Together

He roller-coaster he got early warning
He got muddy water he one mojo filter
He say "One and one and one is three"
Got to be good-looking 'cause he's so hard to see
Come together right now over me

The second in this year's eclipse season, a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
on February 9th may not appear as dramatic as the solar twin on January 26th. but the effects will be literally earth shocking. Best visibility for this lunar event will be over most of Asia, the Western US, Mexico and throughout the Pacific region which includes Australia where the horrific bush fires are racing through towns and farmland near Melbourne. An electric, revolutionary stellium in Aquarius marks this eclipse event for every location especially with Mars the ideological warrior in the sign of Aquarius catalyzing the group and the masses. Every location in the world has this surprising, innovative group passing over some cusp from San Francisco to New York. In San Francisco and the West Coast, Juno and Mars start the trek over the ascendant followed up by Jupiter, N Node, Sun, Chiron, Neptune - anything is possible from earthquakes to protests. In fact the entire western hemisphere is activated
This is one major eclipse filled with signs and wonders which have become prominent since the last January 26th Annualar Solar Eclipse. From Comet Lulin, the ever brightening messenger touching the the constellation Libra without a tail to cracks in the magnetosphere to icy lunar coronas, formed by spherical droplets of water in clouds to much more ET/UFO disclosure and spiritual revolution.

Leading up to tomorrow's lunar eclipse in Saros Series 11 North was the historic Feb. 4th second passage of Saturn Opposing Uranus then a Venus in fiery Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Besides a deadly escalation of the fires combined with a massive heat wave, Feb. 4th saw the dashing of Daschle’s bid for Health and Human Services and Barack Obama’s struggle to push an economic stimulus bill through Congress. In space other events were coming together to create some real change of cosmic proportion. Lunar eclipses are usually reflect events that we have been contemplating, pondering and are associated with our thoughts and feelings whereas Solar events are not always consciously created. As we will see, lots of events that have been "perceived" to from out of the blue (like the current manipulated economic crisis) must be handled as we reach this Lunar Eclipse and Feb. 14th when Mercury joins the futuristic group of planets and enters Aquarius.

As Amitakh Stanford said: "Obama campaigned on the promise of change, but the composition of his “new” cabinet shows that somebody is dictating that things stay the same. Obama has also selected a myriad of bankers who are significantly linked to the economic collapse. He has further chosen the former First Lady as his Secretary of State, whose husband oversaw the demolition of Yugoslavia and the massacre at Waco." Tomorrow's eclipse which has the moon @ 21 degrees Leo for
an apt. Sabian Symbol: "Drunk chickens make giddy attempts to fly over the barnyard fence." We see that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is using the same failed strategies as Paulson hoisted on us last year. Geither is doing the same thing expecting different results: on Feb. 10th he will ASK FOR $1.3 TRILLION FOR BANKS. Now with Obama riding high on a most idealistic wave (Jupiter applying toward a conjunction with Neptun in May) crossing his ascendant, for some it is impossible to believe that Obama will become the scape goat. Incredulity will fade when he blamed for many things that are out of his control and many things that his predecessors have wrought upon him.

Relationships Declare Fierce Independence

Chart set for Feb. 9, 2009 @ 9:49 EST in DC has Aries rising at 24 degrees 39 minutes
with a curious Sabian Symbol: A double promise reveals it's inner and outer meanings. Or a more romantic Sabian image from Goldsmith: "Five red roses and an ornate valentine have been placed outside a woman's door." Expressions of desire, courtship and romance will be involved in persuading those stressed out lawmakers into passing the stimulus bill. Here we have Mars-Juno-Jupiter-N Node all intercepted in the 10th house in Aquarius. As we know the 10th house rules the government, the leadership or the ruling class. In a nation's chart it rules the national reputation and prestige, world opinion, the party in power, the chief executive. Focus will be on how cooperative efforts in as the world investment community gains confidence in the future dealing with world trade and business agreements.
Juno now in Aquarius speaks of an overwhelming desire to experience freedom in relationships and with Jupiter present a close by a philosophical and adventurous tone dominates. This stellium with Juno in the center will lead to cooperation in the short term. Sun-Chiron and Neptune in the 11th represent not only our national purpose which is wounded but more importantly the institutions of government such as the legislature, Congress and Senate. These are hopes which are opposed by the people (Moon in the 5th) the people who are still hypnotized by bread and circus or the demand for fun, entertainment, theaters, sports and social functions. Note that the economy through speculation and the Stock Exchange may have a slight boost after this eclipse at least until Venus turns retrograde. The heavy weighting of Aquarian planets could also mean
cooperation of energies which originate off world too.

Signs: Solar Wind Streaming Inside the Earth's magnetosphere and Comet Lulin
On the night of Feb. 4th as Mars made an ingress into Aquarius, the sun's magnetic field near Earth tipped south, opening a crack in Earth's magnetosphere and allowing solar wind to stream inside. Promptly, the skies over northern Russia turned green revealing the aurora at the top of the page. Also on Feb. 4th, a team of Italian astronomers witnessed "an intriguing phenomenon in Comet Lulin's tail." Team leader Ernesto Guido explained... While we were looking, part of the comet's plasma tail was torn away." Guido and colleagues believe the event was caused by a magnetic disturbance in the solar wind hitting the comet!

As I described in Exopolitics and Revolution as the Egg Cracks on the Ring of Fire Eclipse: "Brady is delineating a revolutionary scenario which will play out for millions of people during this Saros Series eclipse window which ends with a Lunar Appulse Eclipse on February 9th when Jupiter joins the futuristic N Node as the teachings of ascended masters brought in for everyone to understand..

WingMakers are Here
Recently since the Solar Eclipse a memo from the group WingMakers has surfaced concerning a mysterious archaeological site called the Ancient Arrow Project. This later became a property of the US Government ala the Roswell incident. "In 1972, in a remote section of northern New Mexico, a group of hikers discovered an unusual artifact and pictographs within an obscure canyon. An archeologist from the University of New Mexico analyzed the artifact and searched the area where it was discovered, but found no signs that a prehistoric culture had established any permanent site in the canyon." It gets much deeper as we find out: All but one of the artifacts could be dated to the 8th century AD. The exception, known as the "compass" artifact, appeared to be an unusual form of technology, and was found among more typical artifacts like pottery and simple tools.
"Because of these two anomalies, the artifacts and the entire project quickly became the property of the US government, or more specifically, the National Security Agency. The ACIO, an ultra-secret, unacknowledged department of the National Security Agency responsible for reverse-engineering recovered extraterrestrial technologies took charge.
Now right before tomorrow's eclipse where Sun conjuncts Chiron (teacher of ancient revelations) and far out Neptune more is being brought to light in the world of exopolitics. The paintings found at this site bear a consistent sign of the constellation Taurus and of particular interest, the 7th, or the lost cluster, of Pleiades is represented. The ACIO team, led by Jamisson Neruda, finally succeeds, and determines that the creators of the site call themselves WingMakers. The WingMakers are thought to be representatives of the Central Race, the most ancient race of beings in the universe, and the legendary Creator Gods of life on all of the other galaxies. This background information is leading us to more disclosure right after this eclipse.

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