Friday, February 20, 2009

81st Academy Awards: Redemption and Underdogs Soar

Picking the Oscar winners for Sunday's 81st Annual Academy awards is easy and really a big deal. Slum Dog Millionaire the Golden Globe Best Picture pick has all the elements of a winner - a Dickensian Drama and a love story of trials and tribulation.
On a night when compassion and empathy meet as Sun-Uranus in Pisces are in the 7th house and Venus Sextiles Neptune not just creativity shines but so does caring.
The academy will be dramatically remembering the Mumbai killings is part of this process.
Despite all the oceanic emotional response it has been said about Slum Dog and it's location in this excellent article - From City of God to Slumdog Millionaire: Filming ‘underbelly’ of nations… "Now, fast forward 30 years to the present. At one point in the British-Indian movie Slumdog Millionaire, we see a young girl being blinded by a gangster who shelters and feeds a small army of children — all unleashed on Mumbai on a daily basis to tug at the heart strings of its teeming millions."

No it really is not about who will win the Oscars, like the stunningly beautiful Kate Winslett (born Oct. 5, 1975) whose natal Sun-Pluto-Moon conjunction in Libra are well aligned via a lucky trine to transiting N Node-Mercury-Jupiter-Moon and Juno on Oscar Night. No the winners are to a great degree mirrors of humanity's current struggle
to express powerful emotional journeys and tales. Her performances in The Reader and Revolutionary Road reflect our Chironic wounds which desparately need healing as chiron and Neptune meet this year. Of course having Mercury Sextile Venus on Sunday night will focus on the beauty and semming innocence of Kate.

This is a night of the unexpected reveling in the faces of humanity undergoing redemption.
Phillip Andre "Mickey Rourke" Jr. (born Sept. 16, 1952) whose natal Saturn-Venus-Neptune conjunction in Libra is also favored by the Aquarian alignment also has made him sort of the serious romantic/idealistic victim. Despite his Mars in risky sports loving Sagittarius he is back on top of his game with the Wrestler. It has been said that his portrayal of the once Number One TV wrestling star Randy 'The Ram' Robinson, reduced to working behind a supermarket deli counter and living in a trailer, is nothing less than astonishing. It seems that Mickey Rourke has won the redemption contest reflecting our current powerful transit of Jupiter moving towards a conjunction with Neptune in May.

He may pretend to act surprised about winning Sunday night but having transiting N Node/Mercury @ 9 degrees Aquarius (Sabian: " A popularity that proves ephemeral.") almost dead on on his natal asteroid of partnership Juno. Also his natal SNode-Pluto-Moon in theatrical Leo opposed by transiting Neptune belies his recent statement of feigned incredulity.
Mickey Rourke: I've hacked off so many people in Hollywood, who the hell would give me an Oscar?

I would be totally remiss not to mention Sean Penn, who is in the running for best actor and also a favorite.
It has been said that Sean did an "uncanny job channeling of Milk's nasally eloquence, his skill in replicating Milk's puckish intelligence and his striking physical resemblance to the former San Francisco supervisor. " Of course the movie Milk and in many ways the milestone performance of Harvey Milk symbolizes the Uranus-Pisces side of of the historic synodic opposition to Saturn/Virgo representing the straight establishment and supporters of Proposition 8. From a purely astrological side since Sean's natal Sun-Uranus in Leo dramatic persona is at the time of the awards show opposing transiting Chiron-Neptune which could give him the nod. Also for Sean's own natal Mercury in Leo is opposed tonight's Aquarius Moon conjunct Jupiter which if not a lucky transit a chance for him to really speak his mind about current political issues.

The chart above for Oscar Night has all those Aquarian planets intercepted in the 6th house (set for 5PM PST). The 6th house which is connected to the sign Virgo relates to not only health but workers, the laboring classes, unions, labor organizations, wage conditions, employment and unemployment - the servants of the world. With the ongoing Saturn-Uranus synodic opposition this normally glitzy evening will reflect the battle between the haves and have nots. There will be a revolutionary energy both electric and demanding of a more egalitarian system and we might even be on the threshhold of the much anticipated screen actors guild strike which would be more devastating especially with so many out of work then last years WGA walkout.

Sunday's award presentations will be unique, emotional and much deeper than the usual glamour ridden ego fest with stubborn fixed signs on all cusps of the opening ceremonies. The modern ruler of all those electric planets in the sixth Uranus now in Pisces is direct yet in an unconventional, radical and highly volatile Void of Course position. The ghost of Heath Ledger will be around when he wins posthumously for best supporting actor in "The Dark Knight". Health Andrew Ledger (born April 4, 1979) will not only receive an oscar but be an integral part of this 81st annual emotional and mystical drama. Undoubtedly tears will be shed in sympathy with Heath's natal Piscean stellium of Hygeia, Venus, Ceres, S Node, vesta, Mercury, Mars tuned into the sensitivities of the audience. Perhaps his wife Michelle will step on stage and say a few choice words about how he was driven to his death by this crazy industry?!
No matter how wet the tears on Sunday night this Oscar love fest is really a celebration of creative drama mimicking life with Venus Sextile Neptune (ruler of the Pisces Sun).

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