Sunday, May 04, 2008

Earth Resounds Below with Taurus New Moon as Winds Carry Neptune-North Node Above

Passions Move as Transformations Cry Out.

Even with a lovely Venus-Moon conjunction today (May4) the dark of the moon with rising images of Balsamic Visions has not been calm. Juno (goddess of relationships both fair and squre) is applying to a conjunction with the dark lord Pluto recently retrograde back on April 2nd. That day just three short days before the last New Moon in Aries also had a spiritual signature of Moon occulting Neptune (happens once a month now with Neptune in collectively, revolutionary Aquarius). So today we had Neptune exactly meet North Node of destiny @ 10:56 AM PDT gathering all the souls for a massive spiritual thrust both within and without.

Mystery of Mary Magdalen and Jesus Revealed?

The new moon occurs on May 5th at 15 Taurus 22. Per Dr. Edmund Jones in his book The Sabian Symbols (page 194) the Sabian for 16 Taurus: "An old man attempting vainly to reveal the Mysteries". This speaks loudly (Taurus rules throat-larynx) of an unwavering integrity and higher vision, and an strong determination to dramatize it. On May 9th a new movie premieres in New York then the West Coast on May 16th. and it deals with recent finds which prove Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and they had a child.
A recent ABC interview with Bruce Burgess (born Feb 15, 1968) with an Aquarian Stellium that is conjunct current North Node-Neptune and a Mars-
Chiron Pisces conjunction opposing Uranus in Virgo which is substantiating the proof of this claim. Othe ther press conferences are starting to get the word out.

You will see below in this article a that the current trines to Uranus are breaking lots of the ancient taboos and walls around the sacred...

With excessive, expansive belief oriented Jupiter stationing in Form Oriented
Capricorn @ 22 degrees matching a time in 1993 when Uranus-Neptune were brining crop circles in tremendous regularity to the UK.
Again with the combo of Pluto's Cap. ingress and Jupiter moving backwards to sacred geometry merging with sacred art. Again the mighty circular and harmonious forms will be visible.

Tornadoes and Cyclones
Mercury ingress into Gemini and Capricorn's Ruler stationing direct to trine
Pluto-Venus in EARTH.
Arkansas deadly tornadoes during a Mercury Void of Course period with a prominient
Neptune-NNode Quincunx inundating, wet and moody Mars in Cancer.
A physical manifestation: tremendous damage caused by a tropical cyclone in Myanmar on Saturday which has South Node culminating on Monday's New Moon west of a Mars Line. So what does all this have to do with tomorrow's New Moon in deep, earthy fixed Taurus? Everything...

Early am the eta Aquarid meteor shower peaks and is visible on Monday, May 5th, and Tuesday, May 6th. Best visibility is during the hours immediately before sunrise.
So the Aquarius is represented with Neptune-North Node and Chiron all opposing the royal dominion of Leo representing the Dragon's of generosity are coming from the past along with a fading of the old dominance of kings and queens.

Pluto and Juno culminating among other Astro Cartographic Lines out West

Using astrocartography we find these two unlikely partners culminating way out to sea between 137 W to 139 W all the way from Antarctica to the Arctic.
Folks up and down the west Coast are nervous to say the least as multiple quakes have hit off the Oregon Coast primarily 158 km ( 98 mi) W of Bandon, OR and in the last three days literally swarms of tremors in the ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA...Not to mention the literally hundreds of quakes in the Reno: Verdi-Mogul, NV region around 39 N to 120 W. right around where Venus-Hygeia-Sun-Moon are crossing Jupiter culminating in MC and stationing retrograde on May 9th.
New Madrid is marked by Chiron running right thru this fault line and North Node culminating on the East. The epicenter of the recent S. Illinois/Missouri quakes right in the middle at 38.450°N, 87.860°W

The chart above set for San Francisco shows Venus-Hygeia-Sun-Moon all together in the first house perhaps reflecting a movement to build true health after some rough economic hews caused by the wholesale price index moving up with the price of oil.
Well one thing is for sure the Mars transit thru Cancer now in the 4th house of domestic values has not only brought a stoppage to the movement of goods thru the West Coast as ILWU (International Longshore and Warehouse Union) was successful in Shutting Down West Coast Ports May 1, Demanding End to War in Iraq, Afghanistan.

The great restructuring of earth, reflected in our socio-political and economic upheavel, begun in earnest after Pluto entered Capricorn back on January 25th. In esoteric astrology, Taurus works with Pisces, via Vulcan and Pluto (secret ruler of Pisces), in order to channel the first ray of Will and Power. Ideally this combination should lead to the transmutation of desire into sacrifice, and of the individual will into divine will; but we do not live in a perfect world.
Yes as Pluto continues to retrograde the Galactic Center all the way to 28 Sagittarius 29 to station on Sept. 9th we will have crossed over many of those same areas of abandon as we did in 2007 yet Juno pushes buttons faster to transmute emotional, sexual and power urges towards regeneration. The other part of the Fixed Cross is Scorpio the empty part of the chart were jealousy and possesive nature is met head on The ritual murder-suicide of the DC Madam won't stop the revelation of
Washington and Global leaders sexual escapades.

Uranus the Trickster Strikes again.
Modern ruler of Aquarius pushes the envelope...
This chart has three Uranian aspects moving forward towards the Wesak Moon on May 19th @ 7:11 PM but this time with South Node at 22 degrees Leo. Speaking of the Wesak Moon and that degree for SNode near MC: "a bareback rider in a circus thrills excited fans." Mars @ 5 degrees in performance oriented Leo is in an out of sign trine to Moon now @ 29 Scorpio plus parallel Sun, semisextile Mercury and for the topper Sesquiquadrate or a 135° angle(a square [90°] + a semisquare [45°]). to Uranus. Which can be a bit stressful or having evil portents when falling between two important planets.

(1)An Applying Sun Sextile Uranus which perfects on May 12th for more innovative thinking and unusual conditions (2) Applying Venus Sextile Uranus perfects on May 18th
Hailing even more incredible events and First Time Happenings which will occur. Plus Uranus which symbolizes group activities and the masses or throngs bringing about behaviors are highly erratic to say the least - stimulated by the Internet. (3) Applying Mercury Square Uranus which doesn't actually perfect till June due to Mercury moving retrograde on May 26th @ 22 Gemini. This has a nice happy sabian symbol: The barn dance which symbolizes not only a gregarious mood but taking a new step in the dance of life.
Of course we may find communications are interrupted and subject to some breakdown along with weather changes. Unquestionably transportation will also have glitches and be unstable. Media will seize on hocking news, more then likely some attacks on governmental and authority figures around the world. Plus a nice heavy dose of controversy, innovation, and protests will ring in this aspect.

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