Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Wright Man for a Cardinal Crisis Astro Connections between Obama Wright

Media Deception: Obama and Wright North Node and Mars
The media is fixated on Rev Jeremiah Wright's Message as his fiery oratory reflects a natal Mars @ 22 Aries which TSQ the Cardinal Crisis Mars in Cancer-Jupiter in Capricorn as Conservative Justice challenges the family-tribal energy. the Obama Wright Controversy As tornadoes sweep thru Suffolk VA and earthquake swarms continue in Reno, NV. Aleutian Islands and many more places. Disneyland ready to open up in Bag
Supported by the Pentagon, an unknown Los Angeles based holding company C3 of private equity investors, will be developing the "Baghdad Zoo and Entertainment Experience". The park will be designed by Ride and Show Engineering (RSE)

Obama and Wright North Node and Mars

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