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Solar Eclipse Feb. 6-7, 2008 -An Unexpected Degree

Part One Eclipsing the Masculine - Unmasking the Thin Veneer of Reality
One of the most important series eclipses of the decade will begin with a New Moon @ 7:44 PM PT @ 17 Aquarius 44' then at 8:20 PM the annular eclipse will begin ending at 9:31 PST. Unlike the picture above of a total eclipse in Romania 1999, the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun and only partially obscuring Earth's view of the Sun. Symbolically and literally the feminine (moon) will strike a blow to the masculine (sun). As far as Super-Tuesday, a Clinton victory is possible depending on how many women turn out. Most importantly this lunation replete with massive weather changes, economic free falls, rebellions demonstrates how quickly unexpected
changes can occur and the only stability is change.
The 17-18 degree of Aquarius is featured as magnificent catalyst disseminating truth from the bottom up-grass roots era of Pluto's recent arrival in Capricorn (Jan. 25.). Sabian for 18 Aquarius:"An ominous silence falls, as the last man at a masquerade prepares to unmask. Outside , a thunderstorm is brewing." This potent Sabian symbol of unmasking of falsehoods, poltical corruption (what else is new?), clearing the air after a rightous thunderstorm, spiritual truths and shocking revelations thrust in the open. Famous people with this degree prominent include: Madam Blavatsky-Medium of Theosophical Society (Jupiter), Frida Kahlo-Artist (Chiron), Grace Slick of the Jefferson Airpland (Mars)Joseph Campbell (Saturn) This eclipse degree has a multitude of connections which I will cover later in Part Two.
Solar eclipses are know more for external effects centered around people and events as lunar deal with internal and emotional energies. Solar eclipses are also associated with the unexpected especially with the current fixed stellium already resonatiing euphoric results of Super Tuesday as Mercury and Sun join @ 10:19 AM on the day of the event then the messenger separate for a meeting with the Maverick Chiron on 2-7-08.
Form and Function work together as Saturn-Uranus the co-ruling planets of Capricorn (the most material utilitarian sign) helps bring the visions of Aquarius even with a Venus separating sextile to Uranus. Nevertheless this is one of four potent events all touching the Nodes in Aquarius-Leo as Dragon's head brings the visions of the water bearer to all humanity as a collective. The highly personal Dragon's Tail in royal Leo has already began to unravel the elite's position especially with help from Saturn ruled Capricorn in Pluto.
This Annular Solar Eclipse occurs at 7:44 pm PST, 10:44 pm EST on February 6, 2008, and 3:44 am February 7, GMT/UT. Starting wmid-Virgo (16) rising in California, 22 Libra rising in DC, 13 Sag rising in London, 16 Sag rising in Amsterdam, and 22 Sag rising in Estonia. Istanbul has 20 Capricorn rising, Bagdad has 14 Aquarius rising, Johannesburg has 17 Aquarius rising, N. Delhi and Trivandrum both have 30 Pisces rising, while Bangkok has 28 Aries rising and Tokyo has 22 Gemini on the Ascendant. W. Australia has early Taurus rising, Melbourne has 25 Taurus rising, while Brisbane has 6 Gemini on the Ascendant.

This Solar Eclipse on Feb. 6-7th just like it's partner a Lunar Eclipse on Full Moon Feb. 20th @ 2 Virgo are part of Saros Cycle 10 North. Bernadette Brady says that this eclipse cycle first began with an eclipse on April 25, 944, at 9 Taurus. This foundation eclipse set's the tone and template with New Moon = Mercury and Saturn = New Moon/Neptune. Brady points out that the first eclipse’s New Moon is conjunct Mercury, and Saturn is on the midpoint of the New Moon/Neptune. She says that “there is a very strong emphasis on communication, and, at the same time, frustrating or inhibiting events may come into the person’s life via news, paperwork or a young person." With the Sun-Combust Mercury @ 1:19AM on Feb. 6th. The brilliance of the Sun may even overwhelm Mercury based on reason. Brady goes on to say that The person may feel tired and drained, and this therefore a good time to take things quietly and work through the difficulties one at a time." With Neptune (merging and blurring energies) close to Sun-Moon we may actually see a dream like state that tends to drain vitality.

The Chart Below Set for San Jose, CA
Has a huge 6th House with Chiron @ 15 Aquarius on the cusp. So the Maverick healer who in Aquarius is bringing innovations to the world's of health-emotional, physical and mental. The 6th house of service touches public health, sanitation, food, national service, army, navy, police, civil service, trade unions, working class. Of course here in the South BAy and also down in LA. connections to rules workers, the laboring classes, unions, labor organizations, wage conditions, employment and unemployment will be prevalent. Unfortunately with today's Dow plunging based on a survey by the Institute for Supply Management, which reported that activity in the nonmanufacturing sector (SERVICE) contracted in January for the first time since March 2003. Here in Silcon Valley, service along with technology provide the lion's share of the jobs. Housing, represented by Sagittarius on the cusp and Pluto intercepted in the 4th along with a most limiting Jupiter also in the sign of the goat, is finally starting to feel the effects of the bursting bubble.

Continued to Part Two.

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