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Aquarian Solar Eclipse Feb 7th Demands Freedom By Any Means

PART TWO: Super Tornadoes Strike on Super Tuesday (Mars ruled)
Will the Election Process Be Enough to Keep Us Safe ?.

Two huge stories filled the TV Screens on the morning of Feb. 6th as Mars in mutable Air-Gemini applying to another opposition with Pluto. (1) Devastating Tornadoes killing dozens (2)Hillary edging Obama in close vote count. All this occured as Mercury applied to conjunction with the Sun @10:19AM PT
This destructive path symbolized by Mars had lots of help from a trine with Neptune-Vesta-N Node From an Astro-meteorological perspective @ 3PM CST for Lafayette, Tennesses shows Mars one of the triggers moving from 11th to 10th and the Aquarian Stellium which packed the wallop in the 8th moving toward IC as fast moving Moon (trigger) recently in Aquarius joining them on a voracious path of destruction to the IC or part of the North-South axis. as points East represented by ASC which moved from Cancer to Libra SQ those Capricorn stalwarts PL-JU-VE then onto Scorpio to SQ the Aquarian wind-lightening swept group in IC by 12 Midnight on Wed.
View Video of Arkansas twister leaves 11 dead - from USA Today:

All day horrific footage was broadcast among comments of masses (Uranian_ turning out to vote. Negative side of Mercury's erratic motion in Aquarius touching Sun with 55 people were killed and hundreds injured Tuesday and Wednesday by dozens of tornadoes that plowed across Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama. It was the nation's deadliest barrage of twisters in almost 23 years. Yet in typical Saturn Retro. in Virgo, a meteorologist from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) was quoted as saying tornadoes were unusually lethal but not particularly rare...This is typical of 2008's most telling aspect Saturn opposing Uranus.

Bob Marley (born Feb. 6, 1945 @ 2:30 AM) epitomizes a drive for freedom and justice for the human collective. His Sun @ 17* and a potent aspect of musical genius and high energy led by Uranus. (Uranus-Gemini sextile Pluto and trine Pallas-Neptune in Libra

Aquarian planets literally scream for freedom, justice in today's atmosphere of control and anti-terrorism hysteria. This eclipse will trigger a climactic confrontation with some of the most draconian laws moving thru the House and Senate like the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 (1)
FISA has even created a secret court (established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA) (2) and now with Pluto in Capricorn
Wherever we turn, the two planets, the virtual underpinnings of this Eclipse and the subsequent geo-political events for 2008 are Saturn and Uranus.
Saturn is the mundane-ancient ruler of the Eclipse, with Uranus the modern-spiritual ruler of the Eclipse. Venus-Jupiter in Capricorn are in positive trine and sextile to these two giving a boost the motivation to end the age of war and create innovative methods to live. Currently these two are in wide opposition till they reach and exact aspect on Nov. 4th. So between now and then polarization between the these two will demand freedom and resolution. On Dec. 19th Saturn turned retrograde the same time that the Lakota Sioux declared sovereignty from the US Government (represented by Saturn). On May 3rd Saturn stations direct @ 2 Virgo and begins building the power of Structure vs. Freedom (Uranus) as this planet of erratic, sudden change finally moves backwards in August @ 22 Pisecs. The forces of supposed service and gross materialism will began fighting the most advanced, progressive Aquarian progressive visions and utopia. This eclipse and the lunar one that follows will revel in an anarchy of new thought and action.
The overall theme of the sign of Aquarius is rebellion against the established and more traditional is magnified with the 17-18th Degree so prominent in triggering power crisis where the old is vanquished in favor of the new.
Election themes that touch on 17th-18th Aquarius.
Since the major news element in the US besides the economy and domestic meltdown 4th and 10th axis is the Super Primary the day before let's look at some previous elections where this degree was featured and results were not decided by the people.
Manipulated/Glitch Filled Elections in US History

(Thanks to some great research from an article via ©Michele Adler 2008)
In the 2000 election the 17-18 Aquarius/Leo axis was prominent. Former US Vice President Al Gore who conceded the presidency to George W. Bush on Dec. 13, 2000 after a tug a war with Mercury retrograde. Gore had his converse secondary progressed Sun at 18 Aquarius 10. Transiting Uranus on that day was at 17 Aquarius 51, conjunct transiting Vesta was at 17 Aquarius 51. We recently had a conjunction of Chiron-Vesta-Mercury @ 14 Aquarius.

Another election back on Jan. 29, 1877, when the US Congress had to pass a law and form a 15-member electoral commission to settle the election of 1877, finally resolved when Rutherford B. Hayes was declared the winner, even though his opponent, Samuel Tilden, had won the popular vote. At the time, Hayes had a converse solar arc Sun at 18 Leo 23.
On Dec. 7, 1836, Martin Van Buren was voted US president after an election that was marked by the first time that a vice president selection had been thrown into the Senate. At the time, transiting Jupiter was at 18 Leo 06.
Feb. 9, 1825, John Quincy Adams was elected US president after the election was thrown into the House of Representatives. It marked the first election where a candidate didn’t receive the majority of the electoral vote. (Adams ran against Andrew Jackson who was elected president some years later.) Adams at the time had a converse secondary progressed Ascendant at 18 Leo 27. (Andrew Jackson did not have any planets or angles in 17-18 Aquarius/Leo but did have a solar arc Jupiter and solar arc Pluto at 13 Scorpio, the solstice point of 17 Aquarius.)

The two eclipses preceding the 2008 General Election for a candidate to finally replace Bush have Nodes @ 18 Aquarius/Leo 31
Respectively the Total Solar on August 1st @ 10 Leo and the Lunar Partial on Aug. 16th @ 25 Leo with Nodes 18* Aquarius/Leo 34'.
Sabian 19* Aquarius : A Forest Fire Quenched and 19* Leo: A Houseboat Party.


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