Monday, November 05, 2007

Pluto, Pakistan and State of Emergency

As Pluto continues the inexorable march toward Capricorn moving past he Galactic Center and now in the last sensitive degrees of Sagittarius, more and more governments, leaders and business are under pressure as changes expand day by day.

Politcal situations are escalating with the latest flare up in Pakistan.
Nicolas Campion tells us in The Book of World Horoscopes that Pakistan's Independence Chart set for 9:30 AM on August 14th 1947 when Lord Mountbatten the British Viceroy addressed the Constituet Assembly. Indian astrologers decided to delay the official date till Midnight Aug. 15th.

As we can see Pluto (lord of the shadows and underworld) is applying to a close conjunction with the IC 28 Sagittarius 53 and TSQ the ASC-DSC of the Aug. 14th
independence chart tearing the country literally apart. Mars transiting the governing 10th in fearful Cancer reflects both martial law and President Mushareff's paranoia and attempt at his second coup since 1999.
When we examine this situation in depth we find General Mushareff (born 8-11-1943) with a an applying Pluto SQ to his own natal Neptune @ 0 Libra which when it perfects next January should have knocked him out of power.
This story is getting lots of attention from the US Press trying to scare us about nuclear weapons and Taliban over running the country at the same time that the USD is falling, inflation is rising and impeachment is now on the table for Cheney and Bush as Rep. Dennis Kuchinich!

The Players in this Drama: Pervez vs. Benazir
Looking at the chart below we see "Strong Man" Pervez (8-11-1943) is in the middle wheel with Mars at 22 Taurus creating Martial Law (Musharraf also suspended the constitution and dismissed the Pakistan Supreme Court's chief justice for the second time.) When we look at the outer wheel for Benazir Bhutto's Chart (6-21-1953) where her natal Plutonic Power @ 21 Leo which pushes buttons from hidden places with a close SQ to Pervez's aggressive tendencies. As we mentioned it is probably Mars-Cancer transit which is having impact on this situation especially with Mars going retro. on 11-14 and moving over Bhutto's Sun-Identity @ critical 29 * Gemini in early January 2008!
Only India will really have to worry about Pakistan as an enemy but for the US government this will act as a smoke screen especially by seemingly supporting Bhutto who represents the feminine energies supporting democracy - better to have her group without US intervention get the vote out.

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