Thursday, April 19, 2007

Victim /Perp Driven by Obsession and Dualistic Personality Changes


Two days after the VA Tech killing spree, a hypnotic, morbid, rabid media feast is in full swing with the same repetetive tempo of images similar to the aftermath of 9-11 event. All the networks are gouging themselves on murder mayhem and ratings but now there focus has transformed into psychological analysis of the Nation's single worst killer Cho Seung-hui. His DOB given as January 18, 1984 somewhere near Seoul, South Korea and no time given. When I pulled up the chart last night, even with the inability to find ASC-DSC-IC-MC with an exact time, I was at immediately struck by his MARS-PLUTO conjunction within in 1 degree of exactness in
vengeful, intense Scorpio. Looking further we see the other malefic, Saturn (ruling his Capricorn Sun) also in the sign of the Scorpion but this is only the first layer of the onion...Mars along with Pluto (ancient & modern rulers of Scorpio) is in close opposition to Juno in Taurus which speaks of the desperate need for stable partnerships - Juno in difficult aspects to both Mars and Pluto was a Giant Tip Off of compulsive power struggles, deep felt resentments and the anger to act out against whoever Cho perceived to be the negative partner.
Cho's mental state has already been established as shaky to say the least so when we examine his natal Mercury (conciousness-mentality) earthy @ 3 Capricorn (look toward Saturn ruler in Scorio) and realized that there is close out of sign conjunction to Neptune/Jupiter @ 29 Sagittarius totally expanded in what is called the critical Anaretic Degree allowing Cho to being influenced and used for such a horrible task.
With Neptune in this Karmic degree just seeing what is real or a video game is difficult for Cho, those natives born with this placement also have never learned how to face any issue head on. They always tend to escape their problems or pretend they don't exist - big time denial turned outward into revenge.

Cho was also born with a close conjunction of the asteroid Vesta (describes sexual repression) and N Node (destiny's call to go forward) in highly dualistic Gemini which needs to embrace skills of communication especially with words (his plays).
Besides sexual compulsion, Vesta is also associated with sacrifice, service, scholastic efforts a certain devotion yet with an opposition to Venus we see a psychological withdrawal, a certain frigidity, even a certain puritanical attitude
which allowed his personality to be modified. Uranus also opposes Vesta in another dualistic sign, Sagittarius so that both erratic, deviant and unexpected conflict
involving dangerous accidents would occur.

Again with Jupiter and Neptune at 29* Sagittarius in his birth chart indicated a real powder keg in light of their proximity to the Galactic Center and current transits of Pluto now retrograde at 28* 54' Sagittarius. Jupiter is in close aspect to brutal fixed star Acumen known for "Enduring attacks that weaken."
Antares, Sirius and Algol were all rising in paran to his totally aberrant Uranus.

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Anonymous said...

Have seen different birthdates for Cho over the net, one being Jan 18. Before I start examining his chart,where did you find this birthdata for him? Thanks a bunch!