Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mutable Grand Cross Means Sudden Changes Especially with Uranus-Mars Coming Together

A Tsunami of Energies Coming At Us Can be Positive or Negative, depending on how we perceive their flow...

This is an exciting time for all of us and most significantly Mutable signs:

Gemini (which represents the Cosmic Principle of Conscious Mind, Thinking, Communication)ruled by Mercury or Quicksilver thought, short journeys, writing, data, siblings, language and so on.
Virgo (which represents the Cosmic Principle of Discernment, Devotions and Self-Fullfillment)co-ruled by Mercury and Vesta touching health, service, crafts, domestic pets and small animals
Sagittarius(which represents the Cosmic Principle of Expansion, the Search for Truth, Wisdom and Going Beyond Horizons) ruled by Jupiter inspiring Far away Journeys, Religion, Deep Space, Philosophy, Large Animals like the Horse and so one
Pisces(represents the Cosmic Principle of Imagination, Dissolution and Trancendence) ruled by Jupiter and Neptune - the higher octave of Venus filled with music, dance, poetery, hallucinogens and so on.
The above chart (set for 4-29-07 in DC) shows both a Mutable TSQ using only planets and a Mutable Grand Cross including Moon's Nodes. This spinning, highly changeable, adapting astrological cross has been forming since Venus entered Gemini on April 11th. On the specific date Mars-Uranus (known for unexpected accidents), in the sign of universal, watery-oceanic Pisces, are together perfecting in exact orb. In simple terms Grand Cross is said to occur when four planets (or points or asteroids) are all separated from each other by square aspects (90 degrees apart). A grand cross can also be viewed as two oppositions (180 degrees apart) separated from each other by a square. With mutable energies it is said to be especially difficult to overcome problems of maintaining focus in communication and focus.

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It should be noted that usually mutable signs: Gemini (Mental Air), Virgo (Practical Earth), Sagittarius (Active Fire) and Pisces (Emotional Water) are normally able to go with the flow, accept the norm or use their versatility to adapt. So with the TSQ or Mutable Cross we have major difficulties in going with the flow which will come hard and fast incorporating all the elements.

Jupiter in Fiery Sagittarius is not only about the thunder-god Zeus, which has been in expansive Sagittarius since November 2006, is a touchstone when in Sagittarius for pirates. We hear stories of modern day brigadiers who are sea thieves of the Meditterean or Arabian seas. With Uranus and Mars in Pisces (ocean accidents tragedies will increase)we willundoubtedly have some Millenium Pirate Myths created during this upcoming period. With the expansion of aviation, air disasters roam not only the oceans but skies. Note that Jupiter was joined by the dedicated, true believer Vesta back in March.
Jupiter in adventurous Sag. is not only about forest fires but sky news like NASA astronauts doing crazy stuff, employees going postal at JSC, more comets, near flybys of asteroids, UFO sightings and releasing those old top secret files on UFO's (at least by France and Chile). Way too much news about Britney Spears (Sag. born 12-2-1981), Anna Nicole Smith (11-28-1967 to 2-8-2007), Keith Richards (12-18-1943) snorting his Dad's ashes and many more examples.
By April 28th Jupiter will oppose Venus so these two normally benefics will be watching each other for the next move.

Venus in Talkative Gemini (starting on April 11th till May 8th ) Gemini is an Air sign which means data collection of multiple kings. In Gemini, words have power (whether it is Don Imus or NBC speaking those words), communication networks & journalists are under scrutiny, celebrity phone conversations are all now volatile and endlessly recorded by the proliferation of cameras, video equipment and internet tools.

Mars in Wavelike Pisces along with Uranus
Mars is the action Jackson of the Zodiac, the instinctual warrior within now in confusing, no boundaries Pisces meets Uranus the ultimate trickster in universal Pisces. Uranus always is about movement towards freedom using innovations along with sudden, unexpected events and mixed with Mars always is a reference to Oceans and yes Tsunamis.
South Node in Analytic Virgo
A simple way to look at Virgo which is an Earth sign is that it lends itself to self fullfillment by using discernment in other words building form while analyzing those details.

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