Friday, April 20, 2007

Saturn Stationing in Leo on April 19th - Leaders, Celebrities with Children are Accountable

Saturn tends to stabilize, ego-crystallizing form onto any sign even in Leo. The difference is that in Leo, the ring-planet can restrict and block all that vibrant fire. Sorrow thru children is the expression of Saturn in the sign of the Lion. When Saturn - Lord of Karma stationed direct, moving forward on April 19th, 2007 @ 2:26 PM or 5:26 PM any normal patient, cool-headed style of Saturn suddenly was engulfed action orientation. Simply put, when Saturn was retrograde, it was impeded or hindered and was interfering with the smooth flow of the planet's energies. Perhaps it is best to view the Sabian Symbol for 19* Leo all about "a cruise ship, where the captain chats casually with the passengers and directs them to their destinations while turning momentarily to bark orders at the crew." Saturn asks us if we are captain of our ship and willing to launch a mythic persona while running a tight ship based on responsibility to our own soul's divine plan.

From a worldly standpoint, we have Saturn now rushing forward burning off any excessive energies in an incredible mutable soup composed of quickly changing astral-emotional-physical elements. I will leave the discussion re: Mutable Cross composed of Venus-Gemini opp. Vesta-Jupiter, SQ Mars/Uranus-Pisces and the Nodes with Virgo as South Node. This spinning, highly changeable cross reflects dualism and polarities: positive and negative.
Saturn in Leo and Leaders Facing Accountability
Saturn in Leo is about leading not following but how one leads is under the magnifying glass...
Breaking News on April 22nd: GREAT WALL OF CHENEY CONSTRUCTION HALTED as Iraqi PM Orders Halt to Baghdad Barrier - hmmm...Saturn is doing his best to restrict a structure which is not being built to secure but to isolate!
Also the EU group is saying that the Wolf is at the Exit Door as articles like Germany expecting Wolfowitz to resign
The most strident example of how Saturn stationing can effect careers of leaders: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (born 8-4-1955) is a classic case of what happens when Saturn turns direct and demands accountability for one's actions. General Gonzales of course has a major stellium of Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Mars,Vesta and Pluto all in Leo putting him on the Hot Seat... Saturn doesn't take any prisoners whether Republican or Democrat - Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said "The attorney general's testimony was very, very damaging to his own credibility. It has been damaging to the administration,"
Children not only of Rich and Famous in tough situations
Saturn was stationing @ 18 Leo 13 (Sabian Symbol: A Houseboat Pary on 4-11-07 when Venus entered Gemini all about gossip, phones, conversations that go on -
the same day Larry Birkhead, was officially declared the biological father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby Dannielynn. Besides Dannielynn, we also found Alec Baldwin admonished for calling his 11-year-old daughter, Ireland, a "rude little pig". Saturn-Leo is always about tough, restrictive situations that children find themselves in - and in this current astro phase, celebrity children.

Back to Jupiter which has been trine Saturn, and tends to expand any sign it touches and in Sagittarius where it is most comfortable everything is bigger, over the top and mythical. In the last few weeks Sun, then Mercury and now Ceres also in Aries have completed the Grand Fire Trine where Saturn is taking the lead.

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