Monday, February 05, 2007

Full Flood Moon Hits Jakarta, US and Beyond?

Even though the last full moon (2-2-07 @ 5:44:28 AM in London) was either the Hunger Moon or the Snow Moon per Algonquin tribes from New England on west to Lake Superior, victims of the recent Jakarta floods call this Lunar Event; Full Flood Moon!
Rain Adds Misery to Jakarta's Watery Catastrophe
Three days of torrential rain have caused rivers to burst their banks, sending muddy water up to 3m (10ft) deep into homes and businesses. The aftermath is starting to sound like Katrina type conditions as over 25 people have been killed and 340,000 made homeless by massive floods that have swept through the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. All this with
View Chart Set for Jakarta 12:44:28 PM on 2-2-07
Neptune @ 19 Aquarius Sabian Symbol " a big white dove, a message bearer" near MidHeaven with Sun close behind at 13 Aquarius Sabian Symbol: "a barometer"
Loaded in 10th: Mercury @ 29 Aquarius ready to enter Pisces to join Venus, Ceres, Uranus and N Node all in wet ultra watery Pisces!
Jupiter @ 14 Sagittarius (Sabian: "ground hog looking for shadow" Interpreting life as a dream butts headon with all those Piscean-Aquarian Planets and that massive amount of water gets huge mass of people to migrate...
Saturn stations right on the IC @ 22 Leo adding to the opposition to Neptune
a perrenial dance between these two,s as Structure began to Dissolve in the Universal Solvent...Exact opposition on Feb.28, 2007

After the Lunar Tornadoes hit central Florida, North America is unable to rest with a cold spell bearing down on the Midwest.
AP) Literally a bone-chilling arctic cold (Saturn-Moon at MidHeaven) wave with temperatures as low as 42 below zero shut down schools Monday, sent homeless people into shelters and put car batteries on the disabled list from the northern Plains across the Great Lakes.
In the USA DC chart: all those planets in the Jakarta Full Moon now are reversed from 10th to 4th! with the Aquarian -Piscean stellium (unexpected H20 everywhere) occupying the 4th House - this house signifies the land, its values as real estate and agriculture, housing and living conditions and yes The Weather
It appears with the Ceres-Venus-Uranus conjunction there will be more rain, snow, ice and floods as the thermometer hit 42 below in Embarrass, Minnesota

In northern Minnesota, the temperature crashed to 42 below Monday morning at Embarrass, 38 below at Hallock and 30 below at International Falls, the weather service said. Yes and in Michigan: at least 30 water main breaks were blamed on the cold in Detroit, Michigan, city officials said. Another indication was that batteries were giving up the ghost in the wintry blast and 10,000 motorists called for assistance.
The next new moon occurs on 2-17-07 at 8:14AM PST and has been the trend at the end of the Sun Sign (Aquarius) as has been the trend since November with Sun-Moon @ 28* 36' - All those Aquarian-Piscean Planets and Asteroids precariously positioned in the 12th House of undoing with drought like conditions still evident.

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