Monday, February 19, 2007

Aquarian Moon Opens Stargates to Eclipses of IMAGINATION, TRANSCENDENCE, DISSOLUTION

On February 17th @ 8:14 AM PST a gigantic door to new worlds dancing forth was opened to earth and our solar system. The Sun and Moon where together in the late degrees @ 28° 36' Aquarius following a magical pattern that began on September 22, 2006 with the Annular Solar Eclipse @ 29° Virgo. This pattern climaxes with Total Lunar Eclipse March 3rd at 3:21PM PST or 11:21PM UT at 13° 01' Virgo.

With this lunation set for PST and an Ascendant 27° Pisces surrounded by oceanic energy (Pisces) with the seeds of power in futuristic Aquarius, a foreshadowing of change is WAY TOO evident. Two hours hence the Moon enters Pisces, then the next day the Sun enters Pisces beginning the Lunar New Year - thus Sun-Moon-Mercury Retrograde-Uranus-N Node-Ceres-Venus all swimming with the fishes- considered a preponderance of Universal Signs when adding Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter means expansion and it is not just too much Anna Nicole or Britney Spears both Sagittarian diversion from a GALACTIC WAVE OF ENERGY.
Some folks may have heard rumors of a WALL of Space-Time distortion from extra-galactic sources almost a Super Galactic Tsunami or is it the PHOTON BAND? Others have spoke of "Paul La Violette's Galaxy Center explosions occur exactly in intervals that Earth makes 1/2 of its precession, i.e. every approx 13000 years." Precession into an Aquarian Age (No Doubt!)
Looking back at the December 26, 2004 Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami, was it
Caused by a Stellar Explosion 45,000 Light Years Away?

Yet this lunation is like the quiet lamb that just ambles into the meadow peacefully, whereas ferocious RAM will be pushing against all conventions on 2-21-07 when Venus (feminine principle) changes sign into Aries. Then when Mars (masculine principle) enters Aquarius from stable Capricorn on February 25th things will began to shift. Our lunation hinted at spiritual changes and major destiny markers with Mars sextile Venus in exalted signs then creating a Yod or finger of God pointing at Saturn the Lord of Karma.

As I mentioned the those two planets symbolizing Structure or Crystallization - SATURN AND NEPTUNE the cosmic principle of Dissolution exactly face off in opposition on February 28th WAR will no longer be considered sustainable or viable on this planet.
Other dimensions will began to leak into our 3rd. seemingly physical world and strange occurrence will be commonplace. Most significant will be the extreme and often bizarre weather phenomenon along with multitude of quakes and volcanic eruptions.


Anonymous said...

i know this will sound stupid, but anyway, is this good karma or bad?

Art Gianfermo said...

Good or bad Karma (work) depends on your own personal efforts to understand and flow with this new energy coming into our solar system.