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Wolf Moon and Galactic Understanding Begins for 2007

January's brillant lunation has been called, according to Native American tradition the Wolf Moon a time when the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages...This year now that Pluto has finally entered the Galactic Center and is moving beyond the 26° 55' point into some unknown territory, the power of the vertical axis connecting the center of our Milky Way Galaxy with Gaia's iron core crystal putting a different, twist to all that is old and new.

The death of an infamous dictator has the Lord of the Underworld laughing since 30 years of overt and covert US military operations created Saddam. Saddam was executed in an expedited ceremony on December 30th at approx. 7:06 AM (dawn in Baghdad) with Capricorn rising and Saturn the Lord in the traditional 8th House of DEATH! Pluto one of the chief players in this drama was in the 12th House of Hidden Agendas.
Without question, Hussein was a brutal leader who deserved everything he got except that now the strident Neo-conservatives have turned him into a martyr. This series of ghastly political manipulations will stir up sectarian tensions, not only in Iraq between the Shia and the Sunni, but also in the Muslim world.
A dualistic aura (Sagittarius like Gemini can be super mutable) of this whole gristly drama is the fact that Saddam had many doubles and possibly was never captured in December 2003 in that famous spiderhole. So here one giant drama begins for Pluto in GC in 2007 who with laser beam accuracy incites violence between Suni vs. Shite as Hussein's "execution is captured on a cellphone camera" Jupiter-Sagittarius (expanded beliefs) SQ Uranus-Pisces (technology of images)

An old man of a different generation - Gerald R. Ford (born Leslie Lynch King, Jr. on Monday, July 14, 1913) the country's 38th president has been given another red-white-blue cum Reagen week of official mourning. Ford's natal Pluto @ 0* Cancer was almost opposing our current GC star but there is more, in fact Ford, whose N Node of destiny @ 27° Pisces is SQ Pluto's 27° Sagittarius, now merits the closing of the NYSE and Nasdaq, the second-largest U.S. exchange, would mean a four-day suspension of trading, including the weekend and New Year's Day. Actually the rabbit hole goes deeper when we find out that Ford tried to open up hearings re: UFO research and truth and was met the hard, cold facts that someone other than the President was running the UFO situation and possibly the country as well.

Back to our Wolf Moon metaphor, the wolf pack social order has an alpha male and female which would never stand for the insipid nationalism that the US. The social structure of the wolf pack changes from year to year not on a phony 4 year basis. Wolves in the pack move up and down in the "pecking order" or hierarchy. So with the glimmering orb over the snow on the plains and we listen intently can plaintive howling of the wolf with a deeper, ecological understanding. If we journey to the northern latitudes we may meet an organization - The Wolf Moon Coven home of the Enviro-Goth that reflects the Sabian Symbol for Pluto @ 27°07' at the time of this Wolverine Lunation: "A peasant leads a mob armed with pikes and torches across a stone bridge spanning the crocodile infested moat of the castle." This Moon in Cancer with Sun-Mercury together in Capricorn (Mercury passes behind the Sun in superior conjunction on 1-7-07) is about the tooth and claw of nature championed by socio-political organizations that are rather Saturnian about nurturing the environment. We are talking about what to the controlled media may seem like strange bedfellows.
Our wolf is baying at jewel like orb tropically at 12°48' Cancer sign of the Mother and Selene - Goddess of the Full Moon who brings Magick and protection. Incidentally the sabian symbol for 13° Cancer: "Approaching a stranded steamer, a tugboat captain sounds his horn and holds up his hand in a gesture of good will."
Besides reminding us of how Indonesian rescuers on 12-31-06 had found nearly 180 survivors from the tragic ferry that went down in stormy seas with close to 700 people on board, this is about alliances and the desire to connect which will set the precedence for 2007's energy of tumultuous change.

Saturn ruler of the highly political Capricorn Sun has been harbringer of hallowed change all thru 2006 even on the last day of the year...Spain, Dec. 31 A 67-year-old woman has become the world's oldest mother after giving birth to twins in a Barcelona, Spain - Moon was also in Gemini! Saturn will again add to an even stranger, more anomolous 2007 not only with an ongoing trine to Pluto but as part of the as the second Saturn-Neptune opposition approaches and is exact on March 1st 2007. This opposition which features two planets in the Signs of the great shift Leo-Aquarius sustainable in a fixed enduring way, has been called the great dissolver of institutions and other structures. On the fated evening of Nov. 9, 1989 with Saturn-Neptune conjunct in Capricorn @10* opposing Jupiter, the Berlin Wall came down both literally and symbolically. Saturn, the Lord of Karma, that old Devil could no longer hold on to such a rigid, repressive system. As the ancient ruler of both Aquarius and Capricorn, the 1989 date had Nodes in Aquarius-Leo @ 21 degrees close to the March 1st Neptune-Saturn opposition coming up quickly.

Full Moon Chart set for 1-1-2007 at 8:57AM in Washington DC

Analysis and Breakdown:
Jupiter now in truth seeking Sagittarius is angularly placed in the 10th (which rules the government, the leadership or ruling class and the national reputation and prestige, world opinion). In a national chart Jupiter rules religion, the clergy, judges and the high courts, the laws of the land - we should expect to hear more noise about those new rules passed and going in effect in 2007. As Jupiter continues to move into a SQ with Uranus (unexpected events even UFO's) on January 21-22 will precipate some incredible legal and religious turn arounds especially since Uranus is in the 1st. where we find first impressions, the image of the nation and outer persona of it's people. Also Jupiter like Mars and Pluto are in Sagittarius the sign of the sports figure and with the unpredictable Uranus challenging we are seeing athletes meet untimely fates. For instance: Details are still sketchy on what may motivated a drive-by shooting this morning in downtown Denver that killed Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams. But, police are saying an early-morning altercation (Mars) at a club may have led to the shooting. On Jan 1st Mars was Square the current Nodes of destiny (Pisces-Virgo) @ 19° Sagittarius.

More on the Secret Government
In the chart above Sun (president - head of state) is positioned on the cusp of the 12House representing the continued hidden government and secret societies which have the mental wheels of strategies working overtime. Especially with so many darker secrets starting to be revealed now that Pluto is pushing the envelope. Supposedly Clinton tried to lay his hands on secret UFO documents back in 1995 and was met with the same fate as Ford: In an encounter with long time White House reporter Sarah McClendon President Clinton made a similar statement, “Sarah, there’s a government inside the government, and I don’t control it"
The Sabian Symbol for 13° Capricorn: "Standing by a campfire,a general outlines the tactical situation to his aide-de-camp and discusses the upcoming campaign." With newly approved and democrat favorite, Robert Gates replacing Rumsfield and news of former General John Shalikashvili backing gay policy change, our puppet leader GWB is seeking allies to correct the course in Iraq. In an effort to stimulate the fires of patriotism and nationalism (Vesta SQ Neptune) with the hypnotic marathon of celebrating dead heads of state like Ford.

This highly manipulative plan which has worked like a charm to control the American populus in the past may be derailed with this Full Moon. Note that since Neptune - planet of fantasy/confusion sits in the first house of this lunation creating a malaise most citizens are totally adaptable. In our chart the 1st house represents the psychology of the masses and grassroots opinions. Well the Wolf Moon is different this time and the highly sentimental and susceptible Cancerian Moon (the masses, commoners and the population as a whole,women in the nation) sits in the house ruling police, military and service. News channels tell of the seven suspended police officers in the southern U.S. city of New Orleans in the state of Louisiana have turned themselves in to local authorities, days after they were charged with shooting two people to death after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
The tail of the dragon or past karma Moon's South Node @ 19° Virgo (sign connected with the 6th domicle) is now on the the cusp of the chart's 8th (house that also rules the death rate, suicides, state funerals). With the horrific milestone of 3,000 American Soldiers dead on Dec. 31st. our karma needs some real cleansing.

We have made reference to how Pluto is turning the known universe upside down or at least our view of reality is expanding in a more Galacitc mode. Coming up fast behind Pluto is Mars the lower octave now @ 20° Sagittarius applying toward a TSQ to US Sibley's 1776 Mars @ 21° Gemini SQ Neptune @ 22° Virgo (the John Wayne - Iwo Jima fantasy of Good Guys vs Evil Axis). Expect the White House to issue a communique about troop buildup around Jan. 5-6.

Chiron found in the 1st has been a wild card all of last year and now direct at 7°(that amazing Maverick healer) has Pallas now in Aquarius pushing farther towards an uncompromising, justice and rightness for the common people. Plus Venus enters Aquarius on January 4th and even though the veiled planet usually signifies arts and entertainment has a distince influence on achieving peace and righting wrongs or changing the balance of power. With both Pallas and Venus travelling across the ascendant of this chart in electric Aquarius, the illuminati power brokers will have a hard time controlling the Wolf totem shapeshifting and calling to the Moon.
On Thursday - Jan 4th the Democrats will take charge of the 110th Congress and their leader is the first woman Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Venus-Pallas conjunct) this will be one of the first symbolic shifts of power.

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