Thursday, January 18, 2007

Capricorn New Moon 2007: Sky Gods and Myths Return Amid Fire and Ice

Tonight the US West Coast still caught in chilling temperatures experiencing a New Moon in late degrees of Capricorn is poised on the abyss. California and the rest of the world are about to experience one of the most revolutionary Aquarian periods in history. You might retort, oh you mean the unstable weather? Yes the climatic changes ala Global Warming have been bizarre - even the conclave of Hollywood VIP's, Malibu getting hit by a devastating fire on January 8th just five days after the Wolf Moon reflecting all those Sagittarian planets in mutable fire. And yesterday a freak snow storm that snarled traffic with confusion and black ice. No that is not the brunt of it my friend...just hang on.

Perhaps today you have heard that Professor Stephen Hawking and his colleagues have moved the famous Doomsday Clock two minutes closer to midnight due to intense Climate change and nuclear proliferation. This type of pure Saturnian news is not easily swallowed by humanity. Saturn is not just the Lord of the Rings but is well known in esoteric circles to represent the Lord of Karma where debts are repaid. Despite our transiting Saturn in Leo representing the massive use of personal power to control the environment, it has spun out of control and something must be extracted.When we examine Greek myth of Cronos or Kronos we began to see parallels Even though Cronus (Saturn Roman) was able to devour the Omphalos stone (wrapped in cloth and proferred by Rhea, Cronus' wife) in order to save Zeus (Jupier) met his fate after eating his immortal children. Jupiter now in Sagittarius (sign most connected to outer space) is expanding our conciousness of celestial sights. In the case of Zeus brother, Poseidon (Neptune modern ruler of Pisces) Cronus was fooled again swallowing a goat (Capricorn) as opposed to a rock. Back to the myth which is a parable for our current lunation - variations of the story tell how Zeus (Jupiter) was saved either by the nymph Adamanthea hid Zeus by dangling him by a rope from a tree so that he was suspended between the earth, the sea, and the sky or raucous clapping noise made to distract Cronus from hearing his son's cries. Ultimately Zeus overthrew his father and the other Titans after Cronus had disgorged the children he ate - Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Hestia.
When we view the new moon chart below set for Los Angeles, California - Saturn is in the 12th house (Neptune is lord) ready to pierce the veils of glamour and illusion. With a powerful 6-12 axis set up, we ultimately wil see the responsibility for redeeming some of the collective karma of humanity even some amazing discoveries of substances to heal illness and chronic disease. Alongside this soul empowering change there will also be some Huge, unexpected surprises in the area of public health, sanitation, food and food service, mass illness and yes police-armed forces. Sun-Moon are entering Aquarius by tomorrow to join Mercury, Pallas, Chiron (wounded healer), Neptune, Venus and Hygeia (goddess of health) all in the 6th House of health and service. I would be remiss to predict a mass epidemic but another food scare is possible.
Chart set for Los Angeles

Tonight's lunation at 28* 41' Capricorn along with Mars (planet of action) recently entering Capricorn along with Mercury, Venus-Neptune(conjunct)all in Aquarius we have powerful themes involving breaking structural boundaries. As I mentioned the second exact opposition of Saturn to Neptune on 2-28-2007 will pit the power of Saturn's Authority vs. Neptune's dreamy visions and power to dissolve in futuristic Aquarius. In this case it will not just be the ringed planet Lord of Karma who will be featured since Aquarius is ruled by the original sky god Uranus (the Latinized form of Ouranos) the son and husband of Gaia, Mother Earth. As the legend says, after being castrated by Cronos, the blood which spilled from Uranus onto the Earth produced the Gigantes, the three avenging Furies—the Erinyes— Meliae, the ash-tree nymphs, and according to some the Telchines. Most notabley with this lunation, the genitals which feel into sea spawned Aphrodite (Venus is together with Neptune tonight). Some say the bloodied sickle was buried in the earth and from this was born the fabulous Phaeacian tribe - a fabulous seafaring people fond of the feast, the lyre, and the dance. Ouranos As you may know Uranus always foreshadows sudden change and an overwhelmeing drive toward freedom.

More on Sky Gods and Earthly Entertainment
The ancients considered comets and other celestial phenomenon messengers and portends of catastrophic events and in January 2007 we have some incredible manifestations visible in our solar system. Comet McNaught the brightest comet in 40 years has captured our imagination in sightings from Northern to Southern Hemisphere. Discovered on Aug. 7th 2006 by R. H. McNaught at Siding Spring Observatory, Australia with Sun-Saturn conjunct at 14* 47'Leo. The Sabian symbol for this degree is: "Amid a riot of music and costumes, the host of a variety show introduces the next act." In may ways the idea of a ringmaster keeping us all guessing as to what the next performer or multi-faceted personality will create tends typifies
our current situation - except that this is about to change radically. With the predominance of Aquarian planets taking over in the next two days - the average person will finally see that he has democratic saying how the universe is enfolding. Metaphorically we all can become the Ring-Master! If we wakeup to innovative solutions, we don't need a doomsday scenario!

Recently another Omphalos type stone, a round egg shaped object has come into view heading for a close encounter with Neptune. This dwarf planet 2003 EL61 is a large, dense, rugby-ball-shaped hunk of rock with a fast rotation rate. This giant orphic egg is coming into our solar system just as new pictures of UFO's over OHare have surfaced. As Jupiter-Zeus in starry Sagittarius is moving into an exact SQ with Uranus the original Sky God now in karmic, oceanic Pisces on January 22nd contact with ET forces are inevitable. Yet more realistic the same sex marriage law will be dramatically tested in California courts since Uranus sits in an angle in the 7th house representing - alliances, marriage and divorce issues. All in all it will be the weather with Jupiter planet of major excess in the 4th along with Pluto still at the GC grinding those ominous changes in the area of agriculture, farming, crops (big citrus freeze in Cali) land, houses, real estate.


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