Monday, January 08, 2007

Princess Diana and the Dark Fires of Sensation or Truth?

What's going on today ? This morning a British Judge Orders Public Inquest Into Death of Princess Diana. Considering the Princess of WAles died on August 31st 2007 almost 10 years ago, you might ask what's up.

Then this afternoon a blaze erupted about 5 p.m. PST and turned into a fast moving wildfire whipped up by Santa Ana winds has destroyed four seaside homes and damaged two others in the celebrity enclave of Malibu. What do you expect with mutable fire like Sagittarius predominant and challenging Virgo Moon and trine fixed fire - Saturn in Leo (celebrities)!
Earlier today Jupiter-Mars-Pluto were catalyzing a Headline Frenzy around the world:
U.S. nuclear sub, Japanese oil tanker collide Pisces rules the oceans for sure especially with Malibu near the Pacific Coast.
A bird scare in Austin (Neptune in Aquarius moving into opposition with Saturn adding to more exaggerated hoopla) Where officials said preliminary tests showed no air quality problems and the area reopened around 1 p.m.
Or this morning the Mystery Smell over Manahattan (Neptune ruled with Sagittarian Sensationalism)that had the boroughs buzzing and perplexed.

Still all in all with Pluto hitting the Galactic Center last month and dredging up all that repressed dark matteer - Diana's Inquest (a search for Hades Henchman) tops everything.
Diana's life and death has drawn massive media coverage film portrayals - most recently the Movie The Queen, multiple novels, chronologies and a funeral watched by a Bilion People, Diana seems to have awakened even though she was pronounced dead at 4:00AM CEDT Paris time see the chart above. She died the day of Hecate As journalist Sue Reid of the Daily Mail said in her supposedly revelatory article on 6-6-2006! Millions of words have been written about the moment that Diana, with her Muslim boyfriend Dodi Fayed, smashed into pillar 13 of the Pont d’Alma road tunnel as they were being driven from the Ritz Hotel in a black Mercedes at 12.20am on Sunday, August 31, 1997.
Sally goes on to say goes on to say in typical tabloid fashiion eye-witnesses have emerged in the past few weeks with explosive testimony which raises profound questions about the influence of the House of Windsor and the Establishment over events surrounding the Princess’s death.
My first thought was Pluto finally getting to the core of one of the Greatest Conspiracies of our time? When we view the chart above with time of Death at 4:00AM on the outside of Diana's birth chart. we see that the Nodes were opposite current transits at Virgo-Pisces @ 20 degrees. Our current Dragon's Tail or South Node denoting the past as in lives is at 19* Virgo with the rising at
So today with Virgo Moon opposing N Node @ 19* degrees Pisces after a SQUARE to Uranus (modern ruler of Diana's Aquarian Moon) things start to add up. Plus the ancient lower octave Mars(God of War) who is chasing the Duke of Destruction higher or is it DEEPER OCTAVE PLUTO is transiting Diana's first house or face to the world.
So here you have Scorpio's twin rulers catalyzing a Headline Frenzy around the world Yet the astrological truths are synchronistic: At Diana;s death Neptune @ 27 Capricorn was applying to a conjunction with her own natal Saturn (elevated in rulership) thus dissolving or we might say spiritualizing her for posterity.
Looking at the chart of her death Saturn was his Fall at 19 Aries and the most debilated planet in MidHeaven opposing Venus in 4th just as Uranus conjuncted Circe the sorceress who cast a spell on Odysseus' crew was on the 7th (domicle of open enemies)

You might also be aware that we are due another galactic-cosmic meeting of (Jan. 12-13th) with the Heart of the Galaxy this time with Mars (known as the lesser malefic beside Saturn) joining Pluto - News becomes Myth and headlines bespeak legends.

After a humiliating demotion to Planetoid, Pluto the Roman-Greek God aka Hades is getting an award and "Plutoed" was chosen 2006's Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society at its annual meeting Friday. Now this 117-year-old American Dialect Society is comprised of linguists, grammarians and historians But Not Astrolgers! Their definition for Plutoed is to demote or devalue, well maybe somebody should inform the current God of the Depths. Pluto was originally not the god of the underworld. Pluto is cognate with the Greek word "Ploutos" (wealth, cf. plutocracy), and, under the original name Plutus, was considered by the Romans as the giver of gold, silver, and other subterranean substances.

Pluto takes now prisoners these days including the Windsor bunch. Notice that Queen Elizabeth mother in law to Diana is experiencing a totally transformative exact transit to her natal Uranus @ 27* 21' Pisces from that Sagittarian bad boy at 27* 21' - The Sabian for this degree is self explanatory: "A peasant leads a mob armed with pikes and torches across a stone bridge spanning the crocodile-infested moat spanning the castle." We could not find a better image for the Balmoral Bunch especially with Elizabeth's Saturn @ 24 Scorpio right on the throne of her chart accounting for those astral lizards that David Icke always talks about... She may not be ready for a Neptunian dissolution coming hard and fast this summer with Saturn SQ Neptune setting up a killer TSQ. Pluto's transit in 2008 will also help in that inevitable demotion in the next two with Pluto entering Capricorn. Pluto then which will began a series of difficult SQUARES to her Vesta, Pallas and Pluto all in Cancer and yes her mind: Mercury @ 4* Aries natally.
Things will get a lot more sensational especially with Jupiter SQ Uranus in the January 23-24th time zone but the coup d’├ętat will began in earnest in May after her 81st Birthday!

Birth Chart for Queen Elizabeth set for April 21, 1926 at 2:40AM BST in London, UK

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