Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sagittarian Convergence 12-7-2006 Adds Bursts of Energy at GC as Scorpionic Power is Transmuted

In the past 17 days we have gone from the climax of a dark Scorpio Convergence
on a Cold Winter's Day to an explosive Sagittarian Convergence starting at 9:52PM PST and set for November 20th. This lunation which had Sun-Jupiter-Mercury-Venus-Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune-Pluto all in South Declination and only Saturn-Leo in the north presaged wild and cold weather - this is also the precursor for covert an spying scandals to be settled. Today's business headline: HP to pay $14.5 million to settle spying scandal Or Alexander Litvinenko Buried with Muslim Ceremony in London
Spy vs Spy International poisoning
Scorpio is about spies, detectives and research and Sagittarius is about adventure, sporting attitudes, out of doors and literary lives. Scorpio cherishes privacy, even darkness to create in a slower more fixed modality which eventually erupts in some time of powerful reacion. Sagittarius is explosive more changeable and tends to get what they want off their chest.
Our past new moon mirrored the previous year's Jupiter in Scorpio obsessions with poisons and spies Spies like this most famous victim of radiation (Pluto modern ruler of Scorpio poisoning Alexander Litvinenko (born 12-4-62), with mutable wounded Chiron-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces opposing Pluto-Uranus in Virgo who was buried today 912-7) in London, where officials believe he was probably infected with polonium-210 last month when he met with several people. During the Scorpio Lunation the ancient ruler Mars was applying to highly dangerous SQ to the most malefic Saturn.

Investigation into the causes of Livinenko's death (at 9:21PM UT 11-23-06) has Pluto conjunct Fixed Star Aculeus telling of Enduring Attacks that are Successful in killing him Also Uranus (ruler of radiation) in the 8th House of Death. More remarkable is that Merc-Mars-Jupiter-Sun are all crowded in the 4th signifying the End of a Matter. And on this day his most expansive majesty Jupiter entered Sagittarius and the arrows now are out of their guivers. On on the day of his internment, Mercury has joined Mars-Sun in Sagittarius. Expect to hear a few exagerrated stories with so much Sag. energies dominating. Current clandestine theories still make facts around this case filled with air of an international mystery with several proposed solutions.
One of the prominent explanations is that Litvinenko's death was the work of Russia's secret services; or that rogue elements within the Russian power structure were responsible; or that exiled opponents of Putin killed one of their own to make Russia and its government look bad.

Galactic Center where Gamma Ray Bursts Emanate
Recent observations have shown that somewhere in this crowded region known by the Ancient Mayans as Hunab Ku there is a source of intense energy -- gamma rays -- that astronomers are struggling to identify. Some say an exploded star, or possibly it is a signature of mysterious dark matter.
Pluto moves into GC on 12-30-06 Enter Deep Space Objects
Deep Space Objects and UFO's will mark this transition as radio bursts from Milky Way's Galactic Center. Even though we have already seen NASA practically admit there is life on Mars due to discovery of water on the Red Planet.

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