Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fiji Coup Goes Down as Moon Rises High - An Astro Deconstruction

In what has turned out to be one of the most publicized military coup's in history (Sun-Jupiter-Venus in out front Sagittarius) with a Mars ingress - Military strongman seized control, installed himself as President, sacked the PM Qarase, named his own man as PM and sent soldiers onto the streets with police. All this occured with much fanfare at 6pm (7pm NZT) on December 5 with the Full Moon brightly shining.
Let's deconstruct this top news story which has all the earmarks some of the powerful Sagittarian, cowboy over the top antics hitting the worldwide press.
View Chart Below set for 7:00PM NZT with 20 Gemini 12 Rising and Moon @ 16 Gemini Opposing Venus (debilitated and weak) in Sagittarius

When we began to look at the ensuing events which unfolded in the next 24 hours then
began to compare them to the event chart, things began to fit.
* Fijian media is censored - some refuse to publish because of interference
Ruler of event chart (20 Gemini Rising) as ruler Mercury found in Scorpio conjjunct Mars in the 6th - putting heavy emphasis on military control of all communications.
Mercury is SQ Saturn indicating a censure "n the Ingress, Lunation or Eclipse charts an afflicted Mercury can bring censorship,"

* New Zealand, Australia, the United Nations, European Union, Commonwealth, United States and Britain all condemn the military takeover. * Venus is applying to a conjunction with Pluto (destructive power from foreign sources) in the 7th. We may see even more retaliation from surrounding neighbors in immediate future. Currently New Zealand has extended sanctions against Fiji following Tuesday's coup, suspending aid and banning sporting (Sagittarius) contacts.The 7th is the house of foreign relations, treaties and/or disputes, business relationships, agreements.
This house rules our relations with other societies or nations or organizations. It rules treaties, alliances

* Josefa Iloilo says the military action was illegal meaning that he is still president. * Since Josefa is represented by the Sun in this chart: In an Ingress, Lunation or Eclipse chart the Sun represents the executive head of the nation And the Sun placed in the the sixth (rules the armed forces and the police as well as issues concerning national defense) is opposing the Moon and SQ Uranus which in an Ingress, Lunation and Eclipse charts an afflicted Uranus can bring upheavals, revolution, anarchy,

* The police refuse to follow military orders. * This one is easy with Mars (in 6th) SQ Saturn (authority) and applying to catastrophic SQ to Uranus in the 9th. Now that Mars has just entered Sagittarius we need to pay attention since in the Ingress, Lunation or Eclipse chart Mars can be said to be the chief troublemaker of the zodiac. Its position by aspect, signs and houses will show the areas which are under stress, and in an Ingress chart Mars is used as the timer to the action of what is indicated in the chart as a whole. Mars rules males and signifies all who dispute or fight.

* Prime Minister Qarase is flown out of Suva to his home island of Lau. * All we have to do is look toward the MC @ 27 Pisces SQ Pluto in Sagittarius a significator of political exodus or forced migration...
For the meaning of the 10th house - the president, prime minister, the sovereign and their government, prestige of the country, parliament, aristocracy.

* Soldiers surround the Police Tactical Response Unit headquarters and hold discussions with the Acting Police Commissioner Moses Driver. * Mercury is applying toward a conjunction with Mars so their is a meeting of the minds under some force. By the time Mercury ingress into Sag. on Dec. 8th @ 6:06 PM NXT we might see more restless, impatience to reach a settlement.

* Soldiers ask Fiji's Senate to adjourn its sitting and the House complies. * All we have to do here is look at the 11th house cusp @ 25 Aries with the ruler Mars sitting in that Military catbird seat. Saturn is trine this point in fiery Leo and also has gone stationary Retrograde to prolong the operation of the Fijian Senate since: The 11th house rules the institutions of government such as the legislature, Congress, Senate or the House of Commons or Politburo, as well as local governments.

*Parliament grounds are sealed off. * Here again we look at the 10th which rules Parliament and most obviously Pluto and Venus are applying to a SQ - It is well known that Pluto is synonymous with power struggles and obsessions with power In the case of Venus, in an Ingress, Lunation or Eclipse chart an afflicted Venus may indicate cultural or artistic suppression, or censure.

What's Next?
As Mars applies toward an upheaval of major proportions with a SQ to Uranus circa December 22nd and 23rd we may see interference from either Australia or New Zealand along with another major quake which could put parts of Fiji into some real jeopardy. Ultimately it will be the economic plight of the Fijian population constrained by sanctions which will help end this situation. In fact AUSTRALIA has urged the people of Fiji to passively resist the military takeover of their country.
With a new moon in the last degrees of Sagittarius quickly moving into Capricorn along with Venus on 12-12 and Saturn the Lord of Capricorn ruler now retrograde, the pressure will be on! We will see pressure to right the imbalance caused by this Coup, this influence will be catalyzed both internally and externally since Venus is connected with the nations resources and finances. Yes the people (Moon in Lunation Chart above) will speak loudly as to the kind of government they really want to have.

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